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Ashes of Creation website redesign preview (WIP).[1]

Ashes of Creation takes place within a medieval fantasy setting, blending imagination with cutting-edge graphics. We are putting the word massive back into massively multiplayer with unique and novel mechanics that will bring meaning to player action. Ashes of Creation will incorporate the best parts of traditional MMORPGs with innovative sandbox concepts. You will choose your fate at every opportunity. Questlines will open and close based on the interactions of the players with their world, because this is a world where choice is consequential. Monsters will roam and grow in ferocity as civilization disrupts the natural order of things. From the location of towns to the size of cities, you will determine the landscape of your world. It will be unique in culture, ecology, and economy.[2]

Ashes of Creation es un futuro MMORPG ambientado en un mundo de alta fantasía donde las elecciones de los jugadores darán forma al mundo que los rodea.[3]

Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMO experience. Our world structure is dynamic and built to react to the actions of our players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real time, players will have the ability to destroy what they’ve created, paving the way for new development, new populations, and real change. Political strife and intrigue will play a very real role in the structure of your world. Gone are the days of static worlds, change is here to stay.[2]

We will refine systems, we will iterate on systems, but we will never change the core identity of the intent and philosophical approach to what Ashes of Creation as an MMO brings to the MMO genre space... What we want to do is express that Ashes of Creation is endeavoring to build a risk-versus-reward centric PvX style game. And that intent and purpose will be delivered upon, and it will not change.[4]Steven Sharif

El calendario de lanzamiento de Ashes of Creation está sujeto a cambios.[7]

Fase Tipo de lanzamiento Fecha estimada/Actual
Pre‑alpha Alpha-0.[8] December 15, 2017.[9]
APOC Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress test (NDA).[10] September 7, 2018.[11]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress test (NDA lifted).[12] October 19, 2018.[12]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale open beta.[13] December 18, 2018.[14]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale early access.[15] September 24, 2019.[16]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege mode PI closed testing.[17] December 19, 2019.[17]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale testing ends.[18] March 10, 2020.[19]
Alpha Alpha-1 early preview livestream.[20] March 27, 2020.[21]
Alpha-1 limited QA testing (NDA).[22][23] May 28, 2020.[24][25]
Alpha-1 preview pre-test 1 (NDA).[26] Dec 18 - Dec 21 2020.[26]
Alpha-1 preview pre-test 2 (NDA).[26] Feb 19 - Feb 22 2021.[27][28]
Alpha-1 preview intermittent spot testing (NDA).[29][30] Mar 19 - Jul 9 2021.[29][30]
Alpha-1 preview weekend (no NDA).[29] July 9 - July 11 2021.[31][32][29]
Alpha-1 (no NDA).[29] July 14 - August 15 2021.[33][34]
Alpha-2 spot testing (NDA).[35][36][37] To be announced.[36][37]
Alpha-2 (No NDA).[36][38][39] 2024.[40]
Beta Beta-1. To be announced.[34]
Beta-2. To be announced.[34]
Pre‑release Head start for crowdfunding backers at the Founder level and above.[41] 1-2 days before launch.[41][42]
Release Launch (live) release. To be announced.[34][43]
Post‑launch Major releases (DLC expansions). Quarterly or six-monthly.[44][45]
Minor releases. Monthly.[44][45]


When it comes to how MMO’s have been traditionally designed, most gamers are familiar with two distinct types of gameplay loops: the “theme park”, and the “sandbox”. The vast majority of MMO’s we’ve all seen come and go in the gaming industry have been of the theme park variety – these games put the player onto a specific path, guiding them along, with plenty of pretty sights in between the same old quest hubs, very little in divergent paths, virtually no freedom in player progression. Recently the MMO genre has seen some games of the sandbox nature come onto the scene, but despite the ultimate freedom the sandbox affords players, many are left wanting more, as there is by definition no pre built world content, no human touch, just the vastness of the “sand” for lack of a better term. Thus many MMO players often find themselves caught between the repetitive rock of the theme park or the vast dead spaces of the sandbox’s hard place. This chasm between the state of MMO gameplay loops is where we intend to inject Ashes of Creation’s Node system.[3]

In order for sandbox mechanics to mean something, there must be curated content to accompany the player’s choices. Which means, as the developers, we must create that Themebox style content but for every possible path the community may take.[46]Steven Sharif

Pilares del diseño

El diseño de Ashes of Creation se adhiere a cinco pilares principales.[47]

  1. Historia atractiva y envolvente
  2. Mundo reactivo
  3. Interacción entre jugadores
  4. Impacto de los jugadores
  5. Riesgo vs recompensa

In designing Ashes of Creation, we adhere every detail to five main pillars: Engaging and Immersive Story, a Reactive World, Player Interaction, Player Agency, and Risk vs Reward. Even in the environment, everything you as the player do will tie into these pillars, while everything your guild does, everything your server does will ultimately keep the world fresh, ever-changing, and most importantly... exciting.[47]


Ashes of Creation se ha inspirado en otros MMORPG.[48]

In terms of what came before, we're trying to figure out who did what best and take inspiration from that: Move the genre forward; keep things updated and bring it into the 21st century.[48]Jeffrey Bard
A lot of the systems in Lineage 2 were based around a concept that got lost today in mmorpgs, and that's risk versus reward. You know this idea that the more you risk the greater potential reward should be present is a complete paradigm shift away from everyone's a winner, everybody gets a participation reward, and here you go, congratulations you're a player in this game; and that's boring. It gives nothing for a person to aspire to achieve something, or to feel the bite of loss when you fail. Those are the driving forces of why people want to play games and it's a reason why new games when they come out have such a short lifespan, because they are always competing with WOW. You don't have to compete with WOW. You don't have to be a WOW killer. You can focus on something that is different from a philosophical design standpoint; and I think that's just what a lot of studios today don't want to take the risk on.[50]Steven Sharif

Scope creep (Síndrome del lavadero)

I have a very very very clear vision of all of the systems designs mechanics that are present within the game and we're sticking to that vision and we're not adding additional features and prolonging the development due to that scope creep.[52]Steven Sharif


Pre-alpha Metropolis node.[53]

Nodes are a pre-set location, wrapped in a zone of influence, in our world that can form into towns of different sizes. These sizes range from a small camp to a sprawling metropolis. The size of the towns depends on the contribution by players and how far they’ve advanced the Node. Players do not create the footprint of a Node, but within that footprint they do have the ability to own land. Players who are part of the government for a specific Node will have the ability to modify building types and services further, but for the most part, a Node will grow along its own specific path (think about this more as NPCs building these towns out, rather than PCs individually putting buildings and walls up). A Node’s contribution area is larger than the actual town itself, allowing for players to adventure while building upon the town. We call the contribution area the Node’s “Zone of Influence,” and it’s the area where players help to advance the Node they are in.[54]

En cada servidor hay localizaciones de desorrollo o evolución cuidadosamente colocados, llamados Nodos.[3]

We have moved from a 103 nodes to 85 nodes; and there's a few reasons for that. One, when we were doing the calculations behind how- in Alpha 2 and in the game- we want these vassal structures to exist, we had more nodes than what felt meaningful and we wanted to condense some of that those curated story arcs and hooks into the environment and realm around the areas to be more bountiful at a lesser node value: meaning bringing down the node count so that we can increase the richness of each of those nodes more than what was at 103.[62]Steven Sharif

Nodes are the heart of the world, they create the ebb and flow of life. At their core, Nodes are pre-set points in the world, wrapped in a Zone of Influence and surrounded by geographic areas that change over time based upon player participation. The world map is divided into regions, with each region containing multiple Nodes. As a Node advances, it influences the types of content within itself and the surrounding areas. Players do not create Nodes, but if they are a part of the government for a specific Node, they have the ability to influence diplomacy, and modify building types/construction and services within that Node. There will be 103 Node locations at launch, each with its own impact on the narrative and development of the world.[58]Margaret Krohn

Nodes exist all throughout the world and the location of said node will determine its type; but this type will be... seen at the first stage of development when the first stage when a node propagates real-time assets in the world; is basically these NPCs, these merchants that come into an area and they offer services and/or of stores or whatever the deal may be. You will see the flavor of the node from those merchants. So if it's a military node you'll see military people. If it's... an economic node you'll see merchants. If it's a scientific one you'll see scholars; and if it's a divine one you'll see priests and clerics. So players will have a very firm understanding of which node is which type in order to know how they want to progress.[64]Steven Sharif

Los nodos se dividen en cuatro (4) tipos de nodo; cada uno de los cuales posee una especialización única.[58]

  • Los jugadores serán capaces de identificar el tipo de nodo desde su primera etapa de desarrollo (Expedición) en función de los PNJs que haya.[64]
Tipo de nodo.[58] Especialización.[58] PNJs.[58]
Nodos religiosos Fe y habilidades/mejora de equipo Sacerdotes
Nodos económicos Comercio y mercaderes Mercaderes
Nodos militares Combate y entrenamiento de clases Guardias
Nodos científicos Artesanos y construcción Académicos

Ashes of Creation allows you, the player, to decide the fate of the world around you. With each Node Type, you can change the flow of resources and goods in the world. Will you grow the largest Economic Metropolis and help guide the riches of Verra, or will you choose another path unlocking new stories filled with allies and enemies?[65]

Los tipos de nodo están predefinidos y serán los mismos para todos los servidores.[58]

For example, if a level 4 Scientific Node is destroyed, it will become a Level 0 Scientific Node. It will never be any other Node Type other than a Scientific Node. The location of these Types relates to the influences of the area around the Node.[58]Margaret Krohn

Los tipos de nodo afectan a diferentes servicios y sistemas en cada nivel de avance del nodo.[58]

Los tipos de nodo serán definitivos durante la fase de testeo Beta.[66]

Beta testing will require that the node types be definitive; and that's because of how node types are integrated into the relating and corresponding neighboring points of interest and those quest lines. So it's not something we can swap very easily.[66]Steven Sharif

Fases de los nodos

Illustration of node advancement from Naturaleza (escenario 0) to Metropolis (escenario 6).

Nodes advance by collecting experience from the actions of players nearby. As players complete content inside of a Node’s Zone of Influence (the area around the node), they contribute that experience toward the Node’s development. The experience given to the Node may then be modified based on certain Events and Accomplishments. When a Node reaches the experience required, it undergoes the process of advancing to the next stage. There are a few exceptions where a Node cannot advance even though it has the required experience - most commonly, a Node can not advance if a Node is a Vassal of another Node and would advance to the same stage as its Parent Node.[67]Margaret Krohn

Los nodos disponen de siete (7) fases de avance, con niveles de experiencia para cada una de ellas. Cuando un nodo alcanza la experiencia requerida de la fase en la que se encuentra, avanza a la siguiente fase.[58]

Fase del nodo.[3] Símbolo Nombre alternativo.[68] Tiempo estimado de avance.[3] Sistema de alojamiento.[69]
0. Naturaleza -
1. Expedición Expedition symbol.png Encrucijada Algunas horas -
2. Campamento Encampment symbol.png Refugio Bastantes horas -
3. Aldea Village symbol.png - Algunos días Casas pequeñas
4. Pueblo - Bastantes días Casas medianas
5. Ciudad - Algunas semanas Casas grandes
6. Metrópolis Metro Bastantes semanas Mansiones

Avance del nodo

La actividad de los jugadores, ciudadanos y no ciudadanos, como (questear, recolectar, raids, etc.) dentro de la ZOI de un nodo contabiliza para el avance de ese nodo en particular (progresión) a una fase superior.[67][3]

El avance de un nodo desbloquea sus ventajas únicas, aunque puede bloquear el avance de los nodos vecinos hacia sus siguientes fases, al incrementar su anillo de influencia.[70]

  • Los nodos avanzan hacia su primera fase muy rápido. Esto habilita algunos PNJs como vendedores o el almacenamiento de objetos.[71]
  • Cuanto más avanza el nodo, más ámplia se vuelve su ZOI.[53]
  • Los nodos menos evolucionados (conocidos como nodos vasallos) que entran dentro de la ZOI de otros nodos pueden seguir ganando experiencia, pero siempre permanecerán en una fase inferior a la del nodo dominante.[72]
  • El algoritmo de expansión de territorio tiene en cuenta la costa más cercana, los nodos vecinos y el "mapa de calor" de los jugadores en las zonas circundantes durante las últimas semanas y meses.[75]
    • Debido la forma en la que el algoritmo calcula la expansión del territorio (ZOI) durante el avance del nodo, hay una pequeña posibilidad de que nodos nodos en la misma fase terminen estando el uno cerca del otro.[76]
The way that the algorithm expands the territories takes into account a few things: One it takes into account the coast like where's the closest coast. Two it takes into account the neighboring nodes so it can take over and essentially vassal state those nodes, but what's more important is essentially the initial population based on like how players choose their races. Because we have nine different races and four different starting points that branch out, each server's population density is going to dictate essentially the first few nodes that are highly populated and then that initial seed is what's going to determine the node structure as it moves inland into the into the world essentially; and based on the performance and successes of different sieges will determine which nodes that got locked out from the previous the initial advancements what nodes can now be available to advance further. So I really think that with so many variables that are present in the equation of how nodes advance and stay existing with the more variables you have, the higher likelihood there is for there to be a significant diversion in world progression.[75]Steven Sharif
Normally the algorithm that's applied to the node territorial expansion will prevent significant nodes from being in close proximity to each other... There could be a perfect storm where all of the algorithmic progression of territory leads to having these nodes very close to each other because there's certain requirements that should that need to be available to satisfy node vassal takeovers; and it's possible that two nodes would never take each other over as vassals and end up close together and spanning their territories in opposite directions: The Tale of Two Cities thing.[76]Steven Sharif
  • Un nodo no recibirá experiencia de los nodos dentro de su ZOI hasta que ese nodo no haya alcanzado su límite.[72]
  • Los ciudadanos de un nodo pueden contribuir al avance de otros.[77]
  • El porcentaje de experiencia que ganan los nodos será equitativa entre los cuatro tipos de nodo.[78]
    • El porcentaje exacto de experiencia que otorga obtener objetos o matar enemigos no se hará público de forma explícita para evitar "explotar" el sistema.[79]
Different people have different resources invested in nodes progressing and it would be a little "gamey" if you could know exactly what was necessary at that point because that would disincentivize people from participating.[79]Steven Sharif

La mejora del nodo mostrará una serie de animaciones y efectos visuales (dentro del área del nodo).[80][67]

  • Los jugadores serán desplazados a zonas seguras si se cruzan con nuevos objetos generados durante el avance del nodo.[80][81]
  • Los recursos aparecerán al rededor del nodo y el sistema mostrará una serie de caravanas llegando al nodo con esos recursos. Estas caravanas no podrán ser atacadas.[80]
  • Algunos PNJs comenzarán con actividades de construcción.[80]
  • Los jugadores fuera del nodo podrán ver como el aspecto del nodo va cambiando a medida que avanza hacia su nuevo nivel.[80]
The Development Area of a Node is where civilization will appear as the Node advances. As the Node Stage increases, different buildings, NPCs, and services will become available in the Development Area. The higher the Node Stage, the more complex and populated the Development Area becomes. Development Areas will also vary depending on the Node Type - Economic, Military, Scientific, or Divine.[67]Margaret Krohn

Asedios de nodos

Asedios de nodos (Pre-alpha footage).[82]

As some areas in the world grow, others will fall. This is the foundation of the living, breathing world that is Ashes of Creation, where players will have the ability to make important decisions that matter in the longevity of an area becoming a city, or whether to siege a rival town. Rise above the ashes, create the world around you, and be a part of the story that unfolds because of your actions and decisions.[67]Margaret Krohn

Los asedios a los nodos permiten a los jugadores destruir nodos.[67] Esto facilita el camino para el avance y acceso al contenido bloqueado de los nodos circundantes. Debido a esta dinámica, los conflictos e intrigas políticas juegan un papel muy importante en la estructura del mundo.[3]

  • Asediar un nodo no será una tarea sencilla para los atacantes. Las ciudades y las metrópolis dispondrán de una ventaja defensiva considerable.[3]
  • No habrá asedios de prueba, o prácticas de asiedio, aunque si que habrá sistema que simularán algunas de sus mecánicas.[83]
If you own a home in a node and you don't want to see that home destroyed, you need to defend that city![85]Steven Sharif

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Alpha-2 solo PvE ranger combat.[88]

Combat is the most tactile system in the game. It's the thing you will experience most often; and outside of the systems and mechanics that are going to be present for the overarching core gameplay loop, combat needs to feel responsive. It needs to not feel floaty. It needs to feel mobile. It needs to be fluid. It needs to give a feeling of satisfaction. The audio components, the effects components, the animations themselves, the types of skills and those types of things: All of those are really our objective in fine-tuning the approach for our combat in Ashes of Creation.[89]Steven Sharif

El combate en Ashes of Creation se centra en la estrategia y la táctica.[90]

  • El combate es el sistema con el que más se interactúa en el juego. Es necesario que se sienta cómodo, móvil y fluído. Necesita dar una sensación desatisfacción.[89]
We are taking our time when it comes to the quality of this game; and what that means is the additional bells and whistles: the more polished look of animations and visual effects; and as we expand on this idea of combat with class rotations, all this stuff is going to get is going to come together into a very tactile, kinetic style of combat and that's our goal.[91]Steven Sharif
  • El combate está basado en animaciones para garantizar que sea impactante y entusiasme.[92]
    • Los efectos visuales y de sonido son una parte importante a la hora de sentir la inmersión en el combate.[93][94]
    • Los efectos de cámara como el movimiento de la pantalla y el desenfoque radial, se emplean para "garantirzar esta inmersión sin que quede exagerado".[95]
We're building a singular tool that all of the teams can use to build abilities and tweak their sound effects, visual effects, animation design, engineering: All using the same tool grounded in animation to build these abilities.[94]Keenan Reimer

Se implementará un sistema de combate mejorado durante y después de las pruebas de la Alpha-1.[96][97]

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Hybrid combat

Ranger hybrid combat in Alpha-2.[101]

Part of what we're exploring with this approach of our hybrid combat is offering the player the functionality to utilize either tab targeting or a reticle-based action camera mode; and there are benefits to each; and both of them are providing the player what they feel most comfortable with playing. All of our attacks are going to be stat opposed unless they're a templated attack, in which case there will be certain bonuses and/or stronger applied chances for certain types of CC effects to be applied or potentially evasion and accuracy aspects of it. These are all things that we plan to to test throughout alpha two to see where the player base lives in those two options of the action or tab target based attack modes. The important part here is that this is still a work-in-progress. This is meant to give you a look at where our approach has now been living over the past several months when it comes to combat based off of what we learned in alpha one, what player feedback has been along the way and how we can create a compelling system of combat between these very different classes and weapon types.[102]Steven Sharif

El combate híbrido hace referencia a la elección entre el combate "tab target" y el "action combat" en Ashes of Creation.[103][104][105][106]Un botón de selección (por defecto Z, pero se puede vincular a otra tecla) permite al jugador alternar entre los modos de action combat y tab target.[107][108][109][110]

  • La cámara en el action combat está vinculada a la retícula del jugador.[111][112]
    • Es probable que haya una tecla de acceso rápido que, al mantenerla pulsada, permita mover libremente la cámara en el modo de acción.[112]
    • En el futuro, el usuario podrá elegir entre diferentes apariencias de retícula.[113]
  • Las habilidades tab target requieren un objetivo bien con fijado suave o duro.[111]
    • El fijado suave (soft locking) se produce cuando la retícula se desplaza sobre un objetivo en modo de acción. Su placa de objetivo aparecerá ligeramente en gris para indicar que se trata de un objetivo con fijación suave (soft-lock). Si la retícula se aleja del objetivo o el objetivo se aleja de la retícula, el objetivo se pierde.[111]
    • El fijado duro (hard locking) se produce cuando el jugador utiliza el botón derecho del ratón sobre un objetivo con fijado suave. La retícula ya no aparecerá en gris para indicar que el objetivo está bloqueado. A diferencia del bloqueo suave, si el objetivo se sale de la retícula no se pierde el objetivo. En el modo de acción, la tecla Tab seguirá pasando de un objetivo a otro en función de la prioridad de proximidad.[114][111]
  • Atacar sin un objetivo (disparar a ciegas) es posible en el modo acción para las habilidades con plantillas. Si un jugador se mueve en la trayectoria del proyectil puede ser golpeado.[115][116][111]

Q: What the benefits are for tab versus action. I feel like a lot of people feel like tab is just easier so why would I use action?

A: If you're in a massive brawl, the ability to pick and choose targets that are far in the back line that might might be more advantageous towards tab target users because they're able to click, but the reaction time to acquire a target for a cursor versus acquiring a target for a reticle is much faster and less cumbersome because it doesn't require as many actions on behalf of the user.[117]Steven Sharif

Las versiones de las habilidades orientadas al action combat y al tab target tendrán características diferentes.[102][107][118][119][120]

Skill progressions, skill point allocation is determined by the player. The player will be able to choose either more tab-target oriented skills or more action-based skills and customize their playable experience to what accommodates their preference. From a balancing standpoint for us developers, we need to make sure that certain abilities house certain functions so that there's a balance between skill shots and tab-target abilities.[119]Steven Sharif
  • Las habilidades de tab target aparecerán sombreadas si el objetivo no está dentro de un rango válido, pero las habilidades de plantilla generalmente requerirán que el jugador evalúe el rango correcto para la misma..[121]
  • Diferentes rangos de la misma habilidad pueden cambiar la habilidad de tab target a action combat o viceversa.[122]
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.
  • Puede que no sea posible especificar una configuración sólo con habilidades orientadas a la acción o al tab target. Podría haber un límite del 75% en la elección de habilidades del mismo tipo.[119]
  • En pos del equilibrio, ciertos tipos de habilidades estarán orientadas al tab target o al action combat.[123]
    • Los CCs duros pueden ser configurados dentro de las habilidades orientadas al action combat ya que son ataques más complicados de acertar.[123][119]
    • Los CCs suaves se configurarán dentro del sistema de tab target.[123]
As an example: Let's say you're playing a ranged class. You could have an action-oriented power shot in your skill tree or you could have a single target power shot that ramps up and does more damage.[120]Steven Sharif


We like to really refer to ourselves as a PvX game, because in those systems of PvP, PvE, crafting they're all intertwined: They're interdependent on each other... Our system of development really requires some interdependence there between those things. You're going to need a crafter to give you the best items. You're going to need PvPers to secure cities and castles. You're gonna need PvErs to take down those world bosses for those materials to craft.[125]Steven Sharif

Ashes is a comprehensive game. It is not a PvP focused or a PvE focused, it is a comprehensive PvX game and as a result these systems are all interconnected and have to coexist with one another with certain types of mechanisms that can provide that give and take, that push and shove.[126]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation es un juego PvX.Los jugadores se encontrarán con elementos tanto de Pvp como de PvE.[126][127][128] Es poco probable que un jugador pueda enfocarse solamente en Pvp o solamente en PvE.[128]

We're very clear with our objective and philosophy on the game and we understand that they may not appeal to everybody. But it is an important reciprocal relationship between the content that's related to PvE and the content that's related to PvP and they feed off of each other. They're catalysts for change: Their progression, their development. It's things that people can value when they see something earned and they see something lost. That elicits an emotional response from the player: That they've invested time in to either succeed or fail; and PvP allows for that element to be introduced into gameplay. And we're very clear that is our objective: That risk versus reward relationship, that achievement-based mentality. Not everybody's going to be a winner and that's okay.[132]Steven Sharif

Mundo abierto

Alpha-1 open world dungeon entrance.[133]

80% of the content that will exist in Ashes of Creation is open-world and there's a specific reason for that. So because of the way that friendships and or enemies are forged in the game and people have the opportunity to create their own friends or foes. We want that to play out from a contesting standpoint as well. So a lot of these hunting grounds or raid bosses that people are going to have opportunities to kill, they're going to be essentially contested potentially by your your enemies that you've created in the game or you can work together to create alliances in order to defend those contested zones.[134]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation será una experiencia absoluta de mundo abierto.[135]

Más o menos habrá una proporción de 80/20 entre mundo abierto y encuentros instanciados.[134][136][137]

There will be some open dungeons that have bosses at the end of the dungeons. There will be some open dungeons that just have a multitude of dungeon bosses, not necessarily world raids or something; and there will be lots of different rooms and they'll be progressive in the sense that in the earlier parts of the dungeon they'll be lower level and then at the later parts of the dungeons deeper down they'll be higher level and more difficult; and that creates again I think an ecosystem of where players across a multitude of levels have an opportunity to coexist within certain areas of the world; and that's good from a social dynamic. It's good from a recruitment dynamic. It's good from just a liveliness and relevance of particular areas. So that you don't end up with these locations that once you pass a certain level like it's empty.[140]Steven Sharif

We're probably going to do instancing only in certain dungeons and in arenas. You probably won't see instancing too much anywhere else. What you see is gonna be what you get.[135]Jeffrey Bard

El sistema de PvP flagging favorecerá las oportunidades de pvp abierto.[142]

Q: When you reach the bosses in [open world] dungeons can you be jumped?
A: For the most part if there are bosses at the end of dungeons, it is possible for you to get jumped.[140]Steven Sharif


Alpha-1 Elder Dragon of the Tundra raid boss.[143]

The environment in Ashes of Creation is a visually stunning realm, with fantastical beasts and creations designed to both inspire awe and instill fear. The world is harsh and unforgiving, presenting a clear and present danger to the players. Dungeons, demons and dragons, oh MY! Our unique and adaptive AI means that an encounter with similar creatures will yield a completely different experience to adapt to as a player. Keeping you on your toes for constantly changing responses from your adversary. The world awaits its heroes.[144]

Elder Dragon of the Wood raid boss gameplay.[145]

Whenever you have a player versus environment setting you don't want a stagnant overly repetitive because its lackluster. It does not have that a component that engages.[146]Steven Sharif

El sistema de Nodos facilitará la creación de nuevo contenido PvE como misiones, mazmorras, raids y eventos de monedas de monstruo.[147]

There is going to be a lot of PvE content for all portions of the playerbase... Part of that risk versus reward: Your risk is your time you're putting in to having a chance at getting the reward and successfully completing; and that should feel good based on how much time you devote. Now I know that there's a spectrum of casual and hard-core players in the time there, what we can do, but that's why we have many different content paths that play towards how you affect the world around you.[148]Steven Sharif

El contenido PvE se adapta al desarrollo del mundo para evitar que sea repetitivo.[146]

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Alpha-1 open world caravan Pvp.[149]

Player combat in Ashes of Creation is both vast and intimate. It spans many aspects of the game itself. From great political battles held on the fields of massive castles, to open world conflicts fought for the pride of Guild Leaders. A player can choose to participate in the fate of the world by swaying the tide of battle with his or her combat prowess. Our PvP mechanics follow a flagging system, as well as static PvP zones at certain points of interest; fight for control over cities, castles, caravans, or hunting grounds. Our PvP is designed to offer the players a well-balanced and fair world to shape through the pen, or sword should they choose.[144]

El Pvp (combate de jugador contra jugador) es el catalizador del cambio en Ashes of Creation.[150] El combate entre jugadores está diseñado para ser importante, desde las batallas de caravanas hasta enormes conflictos de mundo abierto en los que se lucha por el orgullo de reyes y reinas[147]

Because players are motivated by different things, because they want something from the game that other players don't want, that's going to cause people to butt heads. Different players are going to want different experiences and the conflict between the two of them will create a bigger and better thing. Out of strife comes rebirth and that's a core symbol, it's a core theme that occurs throughout the game.[85]Jeffrey Bard
Just because our flagging system gives corruption to PKers, doesn't mean PvP won't happen. There is plenty of reason for PvP to occur open-world.[155]Steven Sharif
Q: Have you considered a high-stakes loot drop PvP zone/area in Verra?
A: We have not; and the reason for that is our current PvP systems already allow for material risk essentially that's either through the flagging system or through other event-based pvp opt-in systems as well.[164]Steven Sharif

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Pueden darse casos en donde el equipo se ligue al jugador (BoE or BoP) pero serán contadas excepciones, ya que esto no facilita los objetivos respecto a la economía.[166]

A lot of what we experienced in games that usually come before us is that many things are account bound and they're soulbound to your character... Instead very little here is character bound. Very very little. The vast majority of gear- yes you will get quest related gear as rewards- but it won't be let's say one set in one dungeon and you must run the dungeon over and over. Instead we want to really emphasize the reliance on the economy and crafters and gatherers and processors to support a majority of the gear structure in-game, combined with that of world raid bosses and dungeon bosses; not a repetitive quest line through a single dungeon.[168]Steven Sharif

Armas y armaduras no tienen bloqueo racial, pero las armaduras si que cambiarán su apariencia en función de la raza.[171][172]

Tipos de armas

Diferentes tipos de armas ofrecen diferentes habilidades pasivas y diferentes efectos por probabilidad (procs) dentro del árbol de habilidades del arma así como diferentes estadísticas.[174]

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Hay una diferencia clara entre las armas cuerpo a cuerpo y las armas a distancia.[175]

Leer más...

Tipos de armadura

Dünir tier 5 plate armor 3D render.[187] This render does not include any special effects as a result of enchanting.[188]

Tipos de Armadura en Ashes of Creation:

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Cinco de las nueve razas jugables en Ashes of Creation.[196]De izquierda a derecha: Dünir hembra, Dünir macho, Niküa macho, Vek macho, Ren'Kai macho, Kaelar macho.

Ashes of Creation ofrece nueve razas jugables.[197][198]

Raza padre Raza
Humanos Aelan Kaelar.[199] Vaelune.[199]
Enanos Dünzenkell Dünir.[199] Niküa.[199]
Orcos Kaivek Ren'Kai.[199] Vek.[199]
Elfos Pyrian Empyrean.[199] Py'Rai.[199]

Verra es un mundo lleno de ricas y diversas culturas, y durante parte importante de su historia ha sido dominada por las grandes razas: Humanos en la costa y las planicies, Orcos en las colinas y los pantanos, Elfos en los bosques y las tierras de los ríos, y los estimados Enanos en las montañas. Las grandes razas han mantenido su dominio durante incontables guerras y escaramuzas contra las razas menores de Verra. A veces pueden pasar décadas entre estos estallidos de violencia. Hay otras razas menores en Verra. Algunas de estas razas existen en aldeas improvisadas o tribus. Algunas de las aldeas más grandes entre las razas menores están compuestas principalmente por Gigantes, grupos humanos menos respetables, Gnomos y Medianos. Los Medianos no son Medianos en el sentido tradicional de la palabra, sino más bien cruzas de sangre entre otras razas.[201]Steven Sharif

Vagando por algunos de los lugares más oscuros del mundo, viven siniestras abominaciones de la creación. Muchas veces, las grandes iglesias de la civilización envían héroes del estado para eliminar a estas mortales amenazas. Actualmente, existen cuatro grandes naciones en Verra. Esto es aproximadamente 25 años antes de la caída: el Imperio Aelano, el Reino Pyrian, el Protectorado Kaivek y la nación de los Dünzenkell. Pero no siempre fueron sólo cuatro grandes naciones. Hace mucho tiempo, las razas estaban divididas en muchas más naciones y ciudades-estado.[202]Steven Sharif

En los 7,000 años de historia escrita, se ha luchado guerra tras guerra. Algunas por tierra, otras por recursos y muchas por creencias. Reyes y casas reales de alzaban y caían con los años. Algunas fueron privadas de sus señoríos hace mucho. Existen muchas ciudades-estado en Verra. Algunas son bastiones autogobernados de repúblicas y democracias. Otras son estados vasallos al servicio de sus benefactores.[203]Steven Sharif

Una vez seleccionada, la raza de un personaje debería ser final (No se puede cambiar).[204]

La selección de arquetipo principal y la selección de raza deberían ser, debido a que tienen influencias en el juego, deberían ser finales.[204]Steven Sharif

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No hay facciones predefinidas en Ashes of Creation.[205]

We present the player with these soft friction events and then that determines who your friends and your foes are.[206]Steven Sharif

Because we are non-faction based, you want to grant the user the ability to either do things that are "evil" or "good", so there has to be a plethora of choice on the evil side for them to participate in.[207]Steven Sharif


Con 8 Arquetipos para combinar, los jugadores pueden elegir entre sesenta y cuatro (64) combinaciones para crear su clase.[208][209][210]

Bardo Clérigo Luchador Mago Ranger Pícaro Invocador Tanque
Bardo Minstrel Soul Weaver Tellsword Magician Song Warden Trickster Songcaller Siren
Clérigo Scryer High Priest Templar Oracle Protector Shadow Disciple Shaman Apostle
Luchador Bladedancer Highsword Weapon Master Spellsword Hunter Shadowblade Bladecaller Dreadnought
Mago Sorcerer Acolyte Battle Mage Archwizard Spellhunter Shadow Caster Warlock Spellstone
Ranger Bowsinger Soulbow Strider Scion Hawkeye Scout Falconer Sentinel
Pícaro Charlatan Cultist Duelist Nightspell Predator Assassin Shadow Lord Shadow Guardian
Invocador Enchanter Necromancer Wild Blade Spellmancer Beastmaster Shadowmancer Conjurer Brood Warden
Tanque Argent Paladin Knight Spellshield Warden Nightshield Keeper Guardian

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Ashes of Creation utiliza el tradicional sistema de la trinidad con los roles de Tanque, DPS y Soporte.[211][212]

We have our eight base archetypes; and the trinity is a pretty strong influence with regards to the eight base classes. However the area in which we actually begin to play with that line between the trinity is in the secondary classes that you can pick. That's where we begin to blend those spaces and allow people a little bit of influence over their role and whether or not they fit perfectly within a particular category within the trinity.[213]Steven Sharif


Religious temple in a Metropolis node.[53]

Estamos hablando de un panteón, no necesariamente de religiones separadas. Hay todo tipo de opciones y sobre quien es el mejor dios, o quien es el dios que se identifica mejor contigo.[214]Jeffrey Bard

Hay seis religiones principales así como una religión Tulnar/en el Reino Subterraneo[215][216][217]

  • La religión pretende ser algo inspirador, no algo estético.[218]
  • Elegir una religión permite a los jugadores recorrer un camino más iluminado u oscuro mediante las elecciones de sus misiones y otras acciones.[219][220][214]
    • Los jugadores no podrán adorar a Los Otros en los templos, pero ciertas misiones abrirán ciertas formas de adoración más oscuras.[221]

Habrá diferentes misiones. Ciertas acciones que los jugadores podrán tomar para, quizá, perseguir el lado más oscuro del metaverso, por decirlo de alguna manera.[219]Steven Sharif

A veces, en el pasado, los juegos han tratado de evitar enfatizar demasiado en la religión por los posibles paralelismos que pueden ocurrir entre lo que está en el mundo real y este reino de fantasía. Realmente no comparto esta teoría. Creo que la religión juega un papel muy importante en la historia de Ashes of Creation y se trata en gran medida, de esta idea casi monolítica del bien contra el mal; así que ese es realmente el quid de lo que será la narrativa general del juego. No estoy tratando de encasillar a los jugadores en "todos tienen que ser buenos"; como dije antes, habrá oportunidades para que los jugadores puedan desviarse de ese camino, si así lo deciden.[215]Steven Sharif

La religión Tulnar es una combinación de las creencias religiosas de las razas principales, así como de las creencias paganas de las razas menores a lo largo del tiempo, ya que coexistieron juntas en El Reino Subterraneo.[222]

The progression of the Tulnar- while they are still the staples of what were once the primary deities of the good pantheon remained for the Tulnar, over the time they existed and evolved into the society that they are at the return to Verra. It's much more similar... to the way the Creole religions advanced, with using components of Christianity as well as Voodoo and other smaller, more "paganesque" religions; and incorporated them into one. To that degree, you can correlate the way that society around the Tulnar has this almost combination of what were pagan beliefs from the minor races as well as the introductions of the major beliefs and religions from the major races, because they all came together in the Underrealm and survived in that regard. So you’re gonna see naturally a combination of those two things.[222]Steven Sharif

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info-orange.pngEsta sección contiene información de las pruebas Alpha-1. Se actualizará cuando haya nueva información disponible.
Personaje stats and attributes.[224][190]
Estadística Base Clérigo nivel 1 Mago nivel 1 Tanque nivel 1
Salud.[225][226] Salud 224
Maná.[225] Maná 293
Poder.[225][224][190] Poder 10
Destreza.[225][224][190] Destreza 10
Constitución.[225][224][190] Constitución 10
Voluntad.[225] Voluntad 12
Sabiduría.[225][224][190] Sabiduría 14
Mente.[225][224][190] Mente 13
Bono de daño físico.[225] Poder 13
Physical Disable Modifier.[225] Poder 12
Bonificación del daño crítico físico.[225] Poder 12
Cooldown de habilidades físicas.[225] Destreza 6
Physical Critical Rate Bonus.[225] Destreza 6
Physical Evasion Bonus.[225] Destreza 7
Physical Accuracy.[225] Destreza 192
HP Regeneration.[225] Constitución 3
Physical Defense Mitigation.[225] Constitución 7
Physical Disable Defense Constitución 7
Physical Block Chance.[224][190][227] Constitución 17
Magical Attack Damage.[224][190] Voluntad 24
Magical Critical Damage Voluntad 23
Magical Disable Chance Voluntad 13
Magical Casting Speed Sabiduría 6
Magical Cooldown Modifier Sabiduría 7
Magical Critical Rate.[227] Sabiduría 7
Magical Accuracy Sabiduría 8
Mana Regeneration Mente 3
Magical Defense Mitigation Mente 8
Magical Disable Defense Mente 8
Magical Block Chance.[224][190][227] Mente 18

Los jugadores tendrán una gran influencia en la distribución de sus estadísticas.[228]

You will have significant agency over the allocation of your stat progression. Yes, some of that will be baked-in based on the archetype selection, but a large portion of that will come down to your itemization selection, your selection of tattoos, and other ancillary types of augments and benefits you can apply to specific items, such as socketing.[228]Steven Sharif

Ciertas estadísticas pueden tener rendientos decrecientes, pero no habrá límites (caps) estrictos.[229]


Habrá un número suficiente de huecos disponibles de personajes para alts.[230][231]

There will be a comfortable level of character slots available to players because we are a subscription model game.[231]Steven Sharif

Creador de personajes

Scars in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[239]

The cool thing about this character creator is that it's not just intended for your character. It has application with NPCs that you might hire.[240]Steven Sharif

We're gonna use similar tech for implementing things like Animal husbandry.[241]Zachary Mallet

Kaelar Alpha-2 character creation (first pass).[242]

This tech is 100% created in-house at Intrepid and is not metahuman.[243]Steven Sharif

We'll be adding many, many more customization options to the character creator.[244]Cody Peterson

El creador de personajes (o sistema de personalización del personaje) permite a los jugadores establecer la apariencia dentro del juego de los personajes, PNJs contratados; y criaturas principalmente creadas mediante la profesión cría de animales.[240][245]

El creador de personajes de Ashes of Creation está 100% desarrollado por Intrepid Studios y no es MetaHuman.[243]

Algunas características adicionales del creador de personajes incluyen.

  • Habrá funcionalidades o características desbloqueables para personalizar el personaje.[249]
You have that scar because you participated in this siege, or these many sieges; or you have this tattoo because of your of a cultural background, or because of a quest that was accomplished where you're able to get that.[249]Steven Sharif
  • La posibilidad de guardar y compartir personajes con otros personajes..[239][250]
The beauty of it is that you can save your character- and we already have some of those features available- and load them; and in the future we want people to be able to share those characters amongst each other.[239]Margaret Krohn
  • La posibilidad de deshacer cambios (Ctrl + Z), incluyendo cambios que fueron hechos hace varias ediciones.[251][252]
  • La elección de animaciones básicas para el personaje será posible en un futuro.[253]
    • La creación de ciertas animaciones, como guiñar un ojo, estarán disponibles siempre y cuando no interfieran con el proceso de personalización.[254]
  • Ajustar el fondo y su iluminación es una posible funcionalidad en el futuro.[254]
There's going to be a lot of environmental controls that are offered to the character creator so that people can set it up their scene the way they want to grab screenshots or to grab recordings or whatever they want to do.[255]Steven Sharif
  • La asimetría, refiriéndose a la posibilidad de manipular diferentes partes del cuerpo como pueden ser el pelo, la barba, y los ojos.[256]
Asymmetry is going to be functionality that's possible in manipulating either different components of the body or different features like hair. The beard we saw a little bit of that blending with highlights that you can do. Margaret talked a little bit about the eye asymmetry that you can include. Obviously those are going to exist within certain parameters that we want to define on a per-race basis, but it is something that we think is cool.[256]Steven Sharif
  • Los adornos del cuerpo, como los piercings, se permitirán respetando siempre los límites culturales del personaje.[257]
  • Los desarrolladores están valorando la posibilidad de permitir tatuajes cargados por los jugadores.[258]

El objetivo de este creador de personajes es estár al mismo nivel, si no mejorar con creces el de BDO.[259][260]

Aspecto del personaje

Facial adjustments in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[261]

There is a great variation that's going to be available from a character standpoint when creating your character, especially around the face. Whether it be the shape of the jawline, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, the lips. You know we want to provide a lot of options and an agency to the player to customize their character appearance.[262]Steven Sharif

El aspecto del persoanje puede ser personalizada en el creador de personajes (CC)[264] y dentro del propio juego en las peluquerías/barberías.[249][265]

We want there to be a lot of room for people to manifest their own identity, to role play how they want to from an appearance standpoint. There's going to be parameters within which you will be able to customize a character. We want the culture and the identity of the races to exist in a range that makes them easily identifiable from other players and other cultures. So, because of that, we have to have a spectrum you can exist on. There will be a lot of hair variants you can do, body art tattoos that you can apply. You'll be able to play with the scales of the facial structure, the bones, the height, width, the body fat percentage. You'll be able to add body hair on different parts of the body. If you want to have hair on your feet, you can dial that up.[266]Steven Sharif
  • Los modelos de los personajes están pensado para ser realistas.[267]
  • El jugador verá un personaje genérico antes de poder empezar la personalización..[268]
  • Los diseños de los personajes tendrán influencias de una gran variedad de culturas como la europea, africana y asiática.[269]
  • No habrá Lolis en el juego.[270][271]
  • Las barras de desplazamiento junto a otros controles, como paletas de colores, ofrecerán una cierta flexibilidad en la personalización; pero habrá ciertas limitaciones basadas en la raza, género, y las pautas artísticas que los desarrolladores decidan.[272][273][270][274][275]
There's going to be constraints to the sliders, so that was one of those big questions as work began on the character creator: How much agency do you want to allow pulling like the lower lip all the way down in this weird deformed look, or having like [an] offset cheek that's just asymmetrical to the side of the face. There's not going to be the ability or agency to create those types of weird character things. However you will have the ability to move, slide, change, grow, decrease all those components, but they'll be kept in a more reasonable and presented way in the same sense you won't be able to change the appearance of the dwarven, nor the Dünir or the Niküan races to, in my opinion, create what would be traditionally considered a Loli character.[270]Steven Sharif

Aspecto del cuerpo

Vaelune, Dünir and Empyrean Alpha-1 early character model 3D renders.[276]

So many options coming down the road. Our character team continues to refine our customization options![277]Steven Sharif

  • Ajustes preestablecidos del cuerpo:.[278]

Aspecto de la cabeza

Alpha-2 character creator hair and beard customization (first pass).[287]

Every hair color uses the accent and the fill differently, but usually the fill is the root color and the accent is the tip color.[287]Zachary Mallet

Aspecto del rostro

Vek presets in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[294]

Heads will be relatively proportional to the body size, with some limited variability.[295]

  • Rasgos faciales.[297]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de la frente.[297]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de las cejas.[297][282][246]
    • Ajustes preestablecidosde los ojos.[297]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de las orejas.[297]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de las mejillas.[297]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de la boca.[297]

Detalles del aspecto

Puede que se aplique una "apariencia predeterminada" durante los asedios u otras grandes batallas para mejorar el rendimiento del cliente.[301][302][303]

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Rime and Regal‎ pre-order pack cosmetics.[304]

We are very transparent in the business model of subscription with cosmetic only marketplace... I respect and understand the opinion of rather having a box price in-place of cosmetics, but that is not the direction I’ve decided to take. After weighing the benefits to the game and its population, I believe a lower barrier to entry is healthier in the long run, and the steady content release and quality of the product will sustain the retention for subscription and in-turn provide a healthier content release strategy for Ashes.[305]Steven Sharif

Los cosméticos ofrecen una gran variedad de personalización en Ashes of Creation.[306]

All skin cosmetic items are cosmetic items only and do not grant the user any other benefit. The lore text is flavor text, and background of the creatures and items in the world of Verra.[304]
  • Los cosméticos, tanto desde el punto de vista de calidad como de cantidad, se pueden conseguir a través del juego.[308] Los cosméticos que se pueden conseguir en el juego estarán a la par, y en el caso de las skins legendarias incluso por encima, de los objetos de la tienda.[309][310][305]
I want to make sure that equitable cosmetics both from a quantity and quality standpoint are achievable through in-game achievements. Time, effort should let you be happy with what you can accomplish.[308]Steven Sharif
In my opinion quality of cash shop cosmetics should be equal to in game achievable cosmetics, but offer a diverse selection of unique looks.[311]Steven Sharif
The most grand looking cosmetics will be from in-game achievment only.[312]Steven Sharif
From an armor standpoint, we cut armor sets up into many different pieces. These pieces can sometimes be used as part of other sets, that may include helmets, wrists, gloves etc. So while you will not see an achievable white version of the corvid castigator set in the game for example, you may see its shoulder piece used in another set, or its leggings, or wrist piece used in another set (not every piece as to form the whole set, but perhaps a couple pieces). This would be difficult to notice at first glance, due to the material, texture and color variation used, but this modular approach to content creation makes achieving a wide variety of looks achievable for an MMORPG of our size.[309]Steven Sharif
While the exact same skin will not be available again in the future once it's gone from the Shop, these skins are all variants of creatures that you can expect to see across Verra - so perhaps you will find one with a similar style in-game![314]Sarah Flanagan
  • Los cosméticos pueden ser usados por todas las razas, aunque puede que haya ligeras variaciones para que queden bien con las complexiones corporal de cada raza..[316][317]
  • No habrá cosméticos de mascotas con aspecto de furry.[318]
It's important to remember, Ashes is a NO-BOX COST subscription only game, with an optional cosmetic marketplace. This achieves a few things from a monetization model. Having a lower barrier to entry for players to try the game when they don't have to fork out $60 for the box price is good, our box price is 0$. This also places an emphasis on the game's retention and our continual updates and content creation to keep players playing and staying subscribed (a put your money where your mouth is sort of philosophy for us as a company). It also means players don't have to spend $60 every time there is an expansion.[309]Steven Sharif
Is there an answer that satisfies everyone? Nope. And that's ok. We are open and transparent with our philosophies and business model. You know what you are getting with Ashes and to me, given my experiences in other games, it is a nice breath of fresh air.[309]Steven Sharif
I know there have been quite a few questions regarding cosmetics over the years. As we get further along in development, we'll be providing more specific information regarding what specific buildings, items, etc., you can place each cosmetic on. We'll update this for all past items.[321]Margaret Krohn

Conseguir cosméticos

Algunos cosmetics se puedenobtener dentro del juego:[323]

Algunos logros pueden desbloquear ciertos cosméticos.[323]

No todos los cosméticos se pueden obtener a través del juego. Estos, se podrán conseguir a través de la tienda de cosméticos.[323]

Cash shop cosmetics will be limited in quantity, limited in time for purchase. They will be unique, but you will also have extremely difficult to gain cosmetics in game as well as unique cosmetics that look great and better... There will be a lot of cosmetics that are achievable in the game because that is a very fun aspect of MMO play.[324]Steven Sharif

Objetos cosméticos

Los objetos cosméticos permiten a los jugadores personalizar sus personajes dentro del juego.[246]

  • Color de los ojos.
  • Color de la piel.
  • Color del pelo.
  • Peinados.
  • Tatuajes.
  • Cicatrices.

También hay disponibles cosméticos que crearan efectos dentro del juego.[325]

Apariencia del equipo

Alpha-1 female plate armor 3D render.[326]

We want to be realistic with the application of particular types of armor, such as plate armor. In this regard for the different sexes there's a fine line that has to be drawn between accentuating the form of the sex as well as making it somewhat realistic and actually applicable to the environment.[326]Steven Sharif

Se pretende que el equipo tenga una apariencia realista.[327][328]

  • Mo habrá armas sobredimensionadas.[329]
  • Las armaduras no tendrán un aspecto excesivamente sexual.[328]
    I'm more of the mind that it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini plate armor, just in like reality, if you're going to have armor, it should be protective. I think from a fashion statement is enjoyable for some people, but it's a an immersive issue.[327]Steven Sharif
    • Algunas armaduras y disfraces revelarán más que otros, pero no habrá desnudos en el juego.[330]
    There might be sliders, but there are not gonna be naked sliders.[330]Steven Sharif

Las armaduras adoptarán unaapariencia racial.[331] Las armas escalarán su tamaño en función de la raza.[332]

Each race is getting its custom geo pieces, which then will share thematic components such as color palette, attachments, design filigree. Those types of things will get shared across the geo but generally you're going to see unique races with unique geo.[333]Steven Sharif

  • Los cosméticos pueden ser usados por todas las razas, pero puede que haya ligeros cambios para que se vean bien con las diferentes complexiones corporales de cada raza.[316]

Los jugadores pueden cambiar el color del equipo usando tintes.[334][335]

Se puede configurar que se vea el casco o no.[189]

  • El peinado puede quedar oculto si se activa la visualización del casco.[336]

Los "efectos de partículas" se usan para denotar la importancia y la rareza de algunas armas.[337]

Los artesanos pueden influir en el aspecto de los objetos que crean.[338][339]

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Las armas se pueden enfundar.[340]

Ranuras de apariencia / Transmogs

El equipo tendrá ranuras de apariencia (Transmutación/Transmog/ranuras de cosmeticos) que se utilizarán para copiar la apariencia de un objeto (en algunos casos).[341][342]

  • Hay ciertas reglas a la hora de aplicar cosméticos a objetos específicos a diferencia de los disfraces, que no tienen restricción de nivel.[320]
  • El jugador puede activar o desactivar las ranuras de cosméticos.[343]
  • Puede que se aplique una "apariencia por defecto del jugador" durante los asedios u otras batallas a gran escala para mejorar el rendimiento del lado del cliente.[301][302]
Cosmetics, whether purchased from the shop or earned in game, are an important component of MMORPGS I personally enjoy; and there's a lot of collectors out there who spend a great deal of time either in-game achieving these things or spend money purchasing them from the cosmetic only marketplace; and we don't want to demean or reduce that achievement or that expenditure. So it's going to be situational where the default appearance will be applied and can be activated.[301]Steven Sharif

Añadidos extras del equipo

Se pueden desbloquear estos extras como piezas de adorno de la armadura para crear un aspecto personalizado.[344]

  • Habrá cientos de estos accesorios disponibles, desde un pequeño broche, hasta la placa frontal de una coraza.[344]

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Ashes of Creation logo.[345]

Ashes of Creation es una referencia directa a la historia. Sin revelar demasiado, el fénix será un símbolo persistente a lo largo de la primera fase de la historia, y el mundo que habitarán los jugadores es un mundo perdido hace mucho tiempo que ha sufrido una calamidad devastadora.[346]Jeffrey Bard

El Fénix es el avatar celestial de la Diosa de la creación. Su sacrificio protegió a la gente de Verra durante el apocalipsis.[347]Steven Sharif

Hay diferentes partes del Lore en Ashes of Creation.[348]

Estos arcos narrativos conducen a uno o más arcos de misiones.[348]

  • Es posible que algunas historias estén relacionadas con un camino más oscuro o malvado, si un personaje así lo elige.[214]

We're keeping lore very close to the chest and the reason for that is because it is very rich. It is diverse. It will have applications outside of just the MMORPG. We intend to take it much further, but I want it to be something that the players get to reveal themselves, that's not just handed to them and then the experience is lost. They should feel when they're experiencing this that it relates to them on a personal level.[349]Steven Sharif

It is about mythology and discovering what truths mythologies are talking about and finding out what really happened on this world so long ago; and that's part of that discovery process; and we want people to feel that throughout the game, not just in terms of lore but in terms of the world itself.[350]Jeffrey Bard

Arcos argumentales

Depiction of Laria Lemonte, an important character in Ashes of Creation lore.[351]

Los arcos argumentales impulsan la narrativa que se desarrolla en un servidor en concreto. Dentro de estos arcos argumentales hay puntos específicos que pueden cambiar para contar diferentes historias basadas en los parámetros del mundo.[352][353][348]

Within the context of these story arcs, there are specific points that they can pivot to tell a different story. That different story can be based on predicates that are in the world: from a player decision standpoint, from a cultural representation standpoint, from situational to which node gets developed. There's a lot of different components that interact with the way the dialogue and narratives play out on a particular server; and what that means is- and I've said this from the beginning many sandbox MMORPGS, they do not create as much curated content as theme-park MMORPGS; and their excuse for doing that is because they incorporate player-driven mechanics. But that's a bit of a cop-out and it's the opposite approach that we've taken with Ashes of Creation; and the reason for that is, if you give the player a door and there's nothing behind that door then opening the door is meaningless. So what we have to do is we have to create a very functional story arc system that provides content in many different ways, but is behind a door of world progress or world development that is then executed by the player population. And that's how we construct our narrative systems.[353]Steven Sharif
Even player driven mechanics will still have story components. There will be a reason why the player driven mechanic is available or required of the player; so every system that's created touches a story.[354]Steven Sharif
Every stage a node develops it's unlocking narratives, storylines, it's changing the spawn population of the area around it, changing what bosses exist, it's triggering events where you may have legendary dragons attack the city. It's basically writing the story of the server based on the actions and determination of the players. So, you may experience a dungeon one month earlier and have a completely different story that relates to this location the next month, because something has changed either geopolitically or from the node standpoint.[356]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Algunos arcos argumentales se pueden desbloquear a través del sistema de tablón de anuncios.Para poder acceder a las misiones de los arcos argumentales será necesario cumplir ciertos requisitos.[357]

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Se puede progresar a través de diferentes vías.[358][359]

The way that Ashes is constructed is there are multiple paths of progression from a from a PvX perspective, a wide net perspective that players have interest in; and you're not going to be able to become the master of everything. So you're going to have to pick and choose, but even picking and choosing that gives you a place within that aspect of the world at a place that's going to be something that you can build up a reputation around.[358]Steven Sharif

The game hosts a wide array of progression paths, and some of those paths will grant additional paths to augmenting your threat generation. This can be in the form of enchantments and stats ... and even in the form of augments granted from societies and religions. Gear and skills choice are also a big component.[362]Steven Sharif

Multiple playstyles should be relevant and viable. Additionally, you have a spread between casual players and hard-core players; and most of us exist somewhere on that spectrum. The progression path in a society or religion is more conducive to the time we have to play. Whereas, someone else may be playing several hours a day, and they have a better opportunity for the raid/level progression that might require some more dedication. So we want to have these different progression paths available to accommodate the different times in our lives that we have to play the game. And all of those types of progressions will make us relevant in some way shape or form to the general world.[363]Steven Sharif

Having the ability to gain power at a sacrifice... That's a way to reach a horizontal type of progression. It may not be entirely, because there could potentially be a meta if balancing isn't done correctly; but the objective there is to make sure we have both vertical and horizontal progression in the game.[364]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 early iteration of the level-up effect by Jim Sanders.[365]

One of the cool abilities we all love seeing and gives us a major dopamine response is when our character levels up.[365]Steven Sharif

La subida de nivel no seguirá el típico camino lineal, aunque si que existen mecánicas clásicas para subir de nivel.[366][367]

  • Algunos niveles pueden ofrecer más recompensas que otros.[371]
I think you can emphasize some levels more than others and that's a great way to do progression. But I think ultimately that you should see a reward for your progress or effort spent.[371]Steven Sharif
As part of our ideals as a game we're not going to give boosts away. We're not going to auto-level up a character. You have to spend time acclimating yourself to what this game is, to what the world that you're part of is; and that's an investment- a time investment; and that plays towards our ideas of risk-versus-reward; and I've always said our game's not going to be for everybody and that's okay.[372]Steven Sharif
If I have a skill that does a thousand damage to a target of equal level I don't want my skill to do zero damage to a target that's five levels above me.[374]Steven Sharif
  • Un jugador podría, en teoría, subir a máximo nivel en un único nodo, siempre que ese nodo estuviera en un nivel lo suficientemente alto, aunque no sería el medio más eficaz para subir de nivel.[375]

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End game

No tendremos el típico end-game en Ashes of Creation.[376]

Part of the whole experience with nodes is that there is no real end-game, in that the world is constantly shifting every day. Month one is going to be really different from month two; and that's for the level 50s and level 1s.[376]Jeffrey Bard

We want the game to be a living game, which means that all content should be relevant at all times. I’d say that we try to make as little distinction between the leveling up experience and the end game experience as possible. The whole journey is important to us, in order to maximize the fun people have during different stages of the game.[377]Sarah Flanagan

Nivel máximo

Se espera que el límite de nivel en el lanzamiento sea nivel 50.[378]

  • En el momento del lanzamiento, los desarrolladores prevén que el nivel máximo se podrá alcanzar en unos 45 días si se juega entre 4 y 6 horas al día.[379][380]
  • En la versión Alpha-1 la progresión fue hasta el nivel 15.[381]
  • En la Alpha-2 se espera una progresión hasta el nivel 35 (sujeto a cambios).[382]

Los personajes de nivel inferior tendrán una utilidad en los combates masivos (como los asedios a los nodos) que no depende directamente de su nivel, como por ejemplo manejar armas de asedio, ayudar a reparar fortificaciones, aportar buffs basados en la proximidad de posiciones clave, usar el sigilo o escalar muros. Este tipo de cosas son relevantes en el fragor de la batalla y no requieren que el jugador sea de nivel máximo o tengas uans estadísticas de combate elevadas.[383]

The idea is not to be a game where somebody can essentially no life for a week and be max level. The idea is to incorporate some significant chunk of time but still respect the casual player, because the way we respect the casual player is not everything is driven in our game through the adventuring progression line. Not everything is driven through your class level per-se. There's a lot of different progression paths that are available and make you relevant within certain systems and mechanics within the game; and some of those paths are more casual friendly and some of those paths are more hardcore friendly. So with regards to the adventuring class, the idea is to make sure that investment needs to be pretty significant and that the reward then is respective of that investment.[379]Steven Sharif


La repetición no será parte de la progresión en Ashes of Creation.[384]

  • No habrá misiones de "grindeo".[384]
  • No habrá misiones repetitivas a través de una sola mazmorra para obtener equipo.[168]
  • La aspiración es tener más cosas que hacer en el juego de las que un jugador tiene tiempo para hacer.[384]

AFK leveling

No habra AFK leveling (conseguir experiencia de manera automática) en Ashes of Creation.[372][373]

Queremos que este juego sea jugado. Si hay cosas que puedas hacer para no jugar y seguir progresando, hemos hecho algo mal.[373]Jeffrey Bard

Escalado por nivel

Los niveles, las estadísticas, o las habilidades no se escalarán para que los jugadores de bajo nivel puedan participar en encuentros con jugadores de mayor nivel.[385][376]

Programa de mentores

Habrá un programa de mentores en el que los jugadores de nivel superior podrán beneficiarse de hacer grupo y/o ayudar a los jugadores de nivel inferior y hacer que ubiquen dentro del juego.[376]

There will be activities that are present for higher level players to mentor lower level players. Let's say you have a friend who joins later on and you still want to do things with them, there will be things to do. Will he be able to enter a dungeon of your level and participate? No, because we don't want to inflate or deflate characters and manipulate that type of skill or power. We want that to be something that makes sense for them in a progression standpoint.[387]Steven Sharif

The mentorship program provides individual quests that can be initiated by the mentor based off of what node that they are part of. So these are like quests that are determined by either certain buildings and/or organizations or the mayor; and there are specific ones that are available for mentors to provide mentees; and they can also participate in some of those quest lines as well: Whether that be leading your mentee through a dungeon or providing a location for them to arrive with you at, or escort quests for the NPC caravans. These types of things, when done together with your mentor, will provide benefits both for the mentor and the mentee as well, so you're incentivized to participate with new players.[386]Steven Sharif

Progresión de clases

Si un luchador eligiese ser mago como arquetipo secundario, el luchador se convertiría en "Spellsword". Ésta combinación crea aumentos que pueden ser aplicados en habilidades de su árbol de habilidades primario. Los luchadores tienen la habilidad Embestida que les permite embestir a sus objetivos; y una vez los alcanzan, infligirles una cierta cantidad de daño con una posibilidad de derribarlos. Un aumento en destello puede ser aplicado a la habilidad embestida, lo que teleportará al jugador al objetivo; eliminando así el tiempo de la carga de la habilidad.[388]

La progresión de clase no tiene nada que ver con la progresión de artesanía del jugador.[393]

Los eventos del mundo no afectan directamente a la eficacioa de la clase pero puede haber efectos secundarios en términos de disponibilidad de equipo, encantamientos o tatuajes.[394]

Progresión de armas

In-game achievable sword and polearm 3D renders.[395]

Power creep is a balance issue... When it comes to gear progression specifically, the idea is to create an open market that is not heavily dependent on soulbound items; and having many item sinks and gold sinks within that economy that allows for the potential degradation and loss of assets within that closed economy; and not introduce items from the market that companies put in from a pay-to-win perspective or from a pay-to-convenience perspective that undermines the economy that players have built. That is a huge mistake that companies have made in the past and that lends to the imbalancing of what designers maybe have actually balanced well.[396]Steven Sharif

Las armas tienen su propio progreso.[397][398]

Q: Are weapons balanced towards a proficiency system (i.e. the longer I use a sword, the better my damage will be), or will it be a normal RPG stat system with no long-term scaling?
A: We will not be using a proficiency system as described, but players will have passives available in their skill tree that will increase effectiveness of certain weapons. Becoming a master of swords will be something that is possible, just not in that particular manner.[377]Sarah Flanagan

Ashes of Creation is all about providing many progression paths... The reason why we don't like the term endgame is because with the amount of progression that's available with the amount of diversity and player agency that impacts the world... We want the weapon system [to] add an element of that as well... You can determine special effects that proc from currently the combo system; you can determine ancillary effects that proc based on enchantment types; you can power stone weapons to add different either elemental types of damage and/or energy that play rock-paper-scissor with player defenses ... and then you can skill tree out how those effects that are granted ... you can make them better you can branch them off into a different direction.[407]Steven Sharif

Progresión de mascotas

Las mascotas de combate se podrán subir de nivel y dispondrán de equipo.[409][410]

  • Las mascotas de combate incorporarán parte del poder de su dueño de forma que la progresión de poder sea horizontal.[411][412][413]
    • El poder se presta a la mascota cuando es invocada y se devuelve al jugador inmediatamente cuando la mascota desaparece.[414]

Las invocaciones del invocador (Mascotas de invocador) si que añaden poder al invocador cuando son invocadas.[411]

  • El equipo no está disponible para las invocaciones del invocador.[409]

Combat pets, which can be acquired by any archetype- and this is essentially an item that exists within your backpack- you cast the item to summon your pet. When it is summoned it's not intended to be a vertical gain of power, because when you make combat pets a vertical power gain, then it becomes a no choice solution: you must have a combat pet if you want to play efficiently- you must have a combat pet; and I wanted to steer clear of that because the way I wanted to approach combat pets was more of a horizontal power choice; meaning: depending on the type of encounter you're facing, depending on the threat assessment you have, a combat pet might be relevant, or it might not. One combat combat pet might be more relevant than another combat pet and that's part of your gear acquisition, your item chase to attain this more comprehensive selection of combat pets that you can have available to you and can be summoned in the event that you want to engage an encounter with a different aspect of your power curve: Not vertical, but horizontal.[411]Steven Sharif

Progresión de las profesiones

Dentro de cada una de las tres vías de artesanía (Recolección, procesado y Elaboración) hay diferentes profesiones. Un personaje sólo puede dominar una de estas dos vías principales y hasta dos (2) profesiones dentro de esta clase de artesanía (sujeto a pruebas).[415][416][417][238]

When it comes to complete mastery, we're really identifying around two or three right now, but that's something that gets play tested- something gets iterated upon.[416]Steven Sharif
  • Un personaje podrá alcanzar una competencia de nivel 3 o 4 en las profesiones que no domine.[416][418]Steven Sharif
Players will have the opportunity to dabble in all of the professions at a very beginners level and then that gives them an understanding of what that profession feels like and then allows them to pinpoint the direction that they want to go in to master particular professions.[418]Steven Sharif
  • En función de las pruebas, se puede decidir limitar los certificados de dominio de una profesión a un valor máximo.[419][420]
Becoming a master Crafter or a master Processor or a master Gatherer should be a significant time investment and resource investment; and because of that it should also be something that when you achieve that status it's like people on the server know who you are.[421]Steven Sharif
  • El dominio de estas profesiones no se limita a fabricar un objeto. Conceden muchas cosas como titulos, acceso a objetos, rebajas y misiones. [422]
  • Previamente se decía que, con un esfuerzo considerable, un jugador podía dominar todas las profesiones dentro de una clase de artesanía. [423][424] Esto se cambió más tarde para que un jugador pudiera dominar algunas, pero no todas las profesiones dentro de esta clase de artesanía.[425][426] Esto se cambió para poder dominar hasta dos o tres profesiones dentro de una clase de artesanía que se domine (sujeto a pruebas).[416] La postura actual es poder dominar hasta dos profesiones.[415]

La progresión de artesanías dentro del árbol de habilidades, se basa en la experiencia (repetición de tareas) dentro de una rama, así como de la realización de ciertos hitos dentro de cada rama.[427]

  • Elegir una de estas vías específicas dentro del árbol de habilidades, da al jugador la oportunidad de especializarse en un área determinada. Esto fomenta la inter-dependencia del jugador, mejorando la experencia en la artesanía.[428]
When we reference not being masters of all that doesn't mean you're not a master within your own one of the three artisan types, which is crafter or gatherer, processor. You will be a master of one of those, you will not be master of the other two.[417]Steven Sharif

Progresión de las religiones

Hay vías de progresion de los jugadores dentro de una religión.[429][218]

  • Los jugadores solo pueden seguir a una religión a la vez.[429][218]
  • La progresión de las religiones se basa en misiones que sólo se ofrecen a los seguidores de esa religión.[429]
  • Las religiones tienen un sistema de clasificación basado en el rendimiento del jugador en estas misiones, así como en el número de misiones completadas.[429][430]
  • Al cambiar de religión se perderá el progreso en la religión anterior del jugador.[429][218]

It depends on their dedication to the religion itself; their performance when it comes to certain religion's religious objectives; their contribution to the development of that religion within the world. There's a lot of different markers that we use at each stage to determine how they progress within the religion.[431]Steven Sharif

Progresión naval

Las clases de marinero (también denominadas artesanía de barcos, habilidades de marinero o naútica) poseen diferentes árboles de habilidades similares a los árboles de habilidades de las clases de artesanías. A medida que un jugador gana experiencia en este tipo de habilidades, se vuelve más hábil en su uso.[432][433]

The benefits of having Mariner expertise is not just related to activities you can do on the ships, but will also incorporate skills that become available when you're piloting ships as well. There's a few things that Mariner classes provide: interaction with attachments on the ship, driving the ship itself, utilizing the ship's components—like furling the sails or not—as well as repairing ships when damage is taken—the speed at which you can do it, the health you regenerate when you do it.[432]Steven Sharif

Las zonas y su progresión

Las mazmorras, raids, jefes de mundo, enemigos, misiones, eventos, recursos, narrativa y cualquier otro contenido dentro de la ZOI de un nodo tendrán un nivel de dificultad variable; pero escalará con el avance de ese nodo y de su influencia racial.[435][436][58]

We don’t have a strictly level 25 zone. Instead, that zone might have some level 10 creatures near the road, some level 20 creatures deep in the forest, and some level 30 creatures up the mountain. These ratios will change based on the Nodes that inform them, becoming generally more dangerous as the Node grows. All this civilization attracts the attention of Things-That-Should-Not-Be. This does not mean that wilderness areas are safe, by any means. Some may be safe-er, but all will have dangers that even the most experienced traveler needs to watch out for.[437]Steven Sharif

Progresión de gremios

Guild perks UI. Alpha-1 captura de pantalla. Credito de imagen: Guild:Overlord

As you're leveling up the guild and you're getting these points to either allocate towards expanding the guilds member count or allocate towards adding certain passive abilities that your guild members can gain by being guild members. You're also going to see as you're leveling up the guild through different type of quest-based, participation-based, node-based, organization-based systems and ways that those quests hook into the world. You're also going to see perhaps some augment abilities at the upper tiers of the guild levels become unlocked for certain members that have a classification of officer or knight, will have access to those different types of augment abilities that might get unlocked should you go down the non expansive member lane; and the idea there is to offer these benefits to smaller groups.[438]Steven Sharif

La progresión de los gremios se consigue miediante la participación en diferentes sistemas.[438]

Cuando el gremio progresa, se otorgan puntos de habilidad que el gremio puede asignar para desbloquear aspectos de su árbol de habilidades, como habilidades pasivas, aumentos y número de miembros.[438][440][441]

  • Las habilidades pasivas aumentan determinadas estadísticas relacionadas con la capacidad de un miembro del gremio en el combate u otros aspectos del mismo, como puede ser la economía.[438]
  • Los aumentos pueden aplicarse en los niveles superiores de la progresión del gremio.[438]
    • Esto se aplica a los gremios que han optado por no expandir la capacidad de miembros del gremio.[438]
    • Beneficia a los miembros del gremio con una clasificación de oficial o caballero.[438]
  • Los miembros del gremio no necesitan ser ciudadanos del mismo nodo para beneficiarse de las habilidades pasivas y de los aumentos.[442]
  • El tamaño del gremio puede ser reemplazado por la progresión del gremio.[438][443]
    • Cuanto mayor sea el límite de miembros del gremio, menos opciones de habilidades estarán disponibles para ese gremio.[444]
    • Las alianzas de gremios pueden ser una parte clave para crear un "gremio" más grande.[443]
  • La sala del gremio se puede desbloquear en una determinada etapa de avance del gremio.[440]
  • Los gremios no pueden reajustar sus puntos de habilidad una vez asignados. Esto está sujeto a pruebas.[445]
It's not always going to be combat. You could have an economic focus guild. You could have a trade oriented guild; and there's all sorts of things that you can put together and give your guild its own identity.[438]Jeffrey Bard

Progresión de las organizaciones sociales

Un jugador progresa en una organización social cumpliendo tareas o misiones.[446] Existen rutas jerárquicas que pertenecen a líneas de misiones específicas para la temática de la organización.[446] Estas misiones pueden ser cooperativas o enfrentadas contra otros nodos en función del estado de guerra de los nodos.[447]

  • Sabotaje.[448]
  • Espionaje.[448]
  • Intriga.[448]
    • Por ejemplo, un gremio de ladrones puede tener objetivos y misiones para conseguir un determinado objeto que permita a los jugadores avanzar dentro de la organización.[446]

Social organizations are going to have questlines that players participate in which some will include sabotage, espionage, intrigue... While it's not necessarily player versus player in the combat sense, it is player versus player in pitting communities in those organizations against each other in a competitive atmosphere, where only some things can be accomplished by certain communities; and not everybody can succeed at a particular task. So, I think that that's a unique way to involve meaningful conflict that doesn't necessarily have to relate to PvP, because obviously we have a lot of PvP systems in the game and and there are many ways for players to participate in player versus player combat; but we also want to make sure that from a progression standpoint, from a system standpoint there are going to be abilities of individuals to follow these questlines, these tasks that will pit organizations against each other, specifically from an organizational standpoint.[448]Steven Sharif

  • Las organizaciones sociales desbloquean aumentos.

You're gonna see augments being used a lot throughout a lot of our systems. When we're talking about the guild system, when we're talking about social organizations, when we're talking about religions. A lot of those things are going to affect how and what you have available to augment your skills with.[449]Jeffrey Bard

Progresión de las alianzas

Ashes of Creation podrá tener contenido específico que gire entonrno a las alianzas.[450]

Content that revolves around alliances specifically and progression within the development of that alliance; and the ability to share some common services between guilds that are part of that alliance. I think that additionally allowing alliances to toggle certain relationships with nodes as an interaction is beneficial. That's going to provide an interesting dynamic for players who are either members of the particular node that has the relationship established or members of the Alliance. So I think that obviously building systems is is about creating the channels by which these players can form bonds and the more layers you have around those channels of bonding between the different guilds or players, the more sustainable that relationship.[450]Steven Sharif

Progresión de las parcelas (Freehold)

Los edificios del freehold pueden subir de nivel en función de la duración y productividad del mismo freehold.[451]

We want there to be progression in many systems and part of the freehold progression is that when you establish these base buildings the longer and more productive you are and exist with that freehold, the more opportunity those buildings will have to both level up: offering new bonuses, new abilities, new capabilities; and just surviving in this world is a feat in and of itself, so it's rewarded by allowing progression with those things.[451]Steven Sharif

Las tabernas ofrecen servicios por niveles.[452]

Cuanto más tiempo esté la taberna en funcionamiento, y más clientes atienda, más rápido subirá de nivel.[453][452]

Q: What benefits do players receive for taking on the role of a tavern owner?
A: You will get noticeability with regards to your creations because that will be displayed to the characters that consume those things; but, in addition, you can get certain types of itemization rewards depending on the number of patrons that you serve. You can also reap economic rewards, such as gold from the inn that you are selling your goods at. And then you can unlock access to certain types of recipes and or vendors based on the level of reputation you build up in that particular node.[453]Steven Sharif

Progresión de las monedas de monstruo

Existe un sistema de progresión que nivela las habilidades de monstruo de un jugador en función de las frecuencia con la que participa en eventos de monstruo.[454]

In Ashes of Creation a large portion of world events revolve around the environment reacting to the player. This means that as players are exploring the world and developing civilization around them the environment is responding to this encroachment by spawning dynamic events and creatures to attack those developing cities. These events occur in 3 different types: the Legion level the Elite level and the Epic level.[455]Steven Sharif

Conforme los nodos avanzan, también lo hace el nivel de los monstruos.[456] Hay niveles de eventos, que definen el nivel de los monstruos que se generan.[457]

  • El nivel de la moneda de monstruo determina lo poderoso que es el monstruo.[458]

Equilibrio del juego

The way that the systems are being designed from a balancing standpoint we're taking into account how we would like the nodes to change per-se how often and we've designed attrition systems for certain cultures that may have more dominance over others. These are things that in Alpha and Beta we will be testing and watching and making sure that our objective is achieved from a gameplay standpoint and if it's not we'll come back and recalculate.[459]Steven Sharif

Equilibrio de los asedios

There are points of balance that we want to incorporate, such as the defense mechanisms that the defenders have, the types of buffs that are acquired through completing killing the bosses, or capturing control points, the stages before a siege when it comes to those node progressions in the preceding weeks: Those are all going to be balanced considering all things being equal between the two sides. But obviously we're not going to control the state of gear acquisition that one side might have as an advantage over the other. There might be a much better geared team over there. There might be a much better coordinated team. There might be a higher number of individuals who are part of the attacking or the defense. Those are components that we aren't necessarily going to put on railroads so-to-speak. But the aspects of design that we can talk about like the hit point health of a particular wall or door, or mercenaries that can be hired; what's their cost, what's their damage output: Those are things yes we're going to balance. But obviously anything that's player dependent or that has player interaction and activity and determination you can't always balance; and you don't want to balance. Those aspects you leave those to the players.[460]Steven Sharif

Equilibrio de las clases

El equilibrio en Ashes of Creation está enfocado en el grupo, y no en el combate 1vs1"[461][462]

There will be match ups in 1v1s where one class will be superior to another; and that application should be a rock-paper-scissors dynamic. We want there to be counter-play between the different classes... Instead it's going to be a group focused balance, where as long as you have the diversity of classes present, that's going to be an equal level playing field. It's going to be very dependent on skill and strategy.[462]Steven Sharif
From an engagement or encounter perspective, obviously we do a finger-in-the wind balance pass, but a lot of that stuff from our encounters team doesn't get done until populations are in place and those encounter designs get a little bit more time to bake.[463]Steven Sharif

Las sesenta y cuatro (64) clases están divididas en ocho arquetipos primarios. El equilibrio de las habilidades activas solo hace referencia a estos ocho arquetipos primarios. [461][464]

  • Hay cuatro grupos primarios de aumentos asignados a cada arquetipo base. El equilibrio de estos aumentos hace referencia a los cuatro grupos de aumentos para cada uno de los ocho arquetipos.[465][466][208][464][467]
Even though augments do radically change the way your active skills provide you abilities, there's still a primary focus on the base archetype itself and not the 64 whole classes.[461]Steven Sharif
We're not really talking about 64 true classes, we're talking about eight classes with 64 variants... There isn't as much variance between the 64 classes as you might expect. It's not like there are 64 different versions of... radically different classes.[461]Jeffrey Bard

Ciertos arquetipos secundarios son capaces de reducir las diferencias frente a sus "counters".[468]

Certain archetypes are capable of moving the gap between their counterpart per-se. If I am a Tank archetype and a Mage is my counter, I can take a Mage secondary and bridge the divide slightly; and then move my identity that direction ever so slightly.[468]Steven Sharif

Escalada de poder

Los desarrolladores pretenden limitar el aumento de poder mediante la degradación de objetos, la falta de vinculación de equipo, y la ausencia de pay-to-win o pay-to-convenience.[396]

Leer más...


La eficacia de las clases, habilidades y equipo dependerá del adversario o del reto. Habrá builds óptimas para diferentes retos y grados de dificultad. Este diseño pretende evitar que hay un meta evidente o que haya muchas builds cortadas por el mismo patrón en Ashes of Creation.​[394]

  • Los niveles de dificultad crecientes inspiran una progresión de poder vertical más tradicional, común en otros MMO.[394]

Oftentimes you just have a very vertical power scale and that determines chase, but when you have a variety of relevance across certain types of adversaries and that variety changes over time because of player activity- and then that affects the economy and the crafter system and who was producing what for what demand- and everything gets shaken up. That's a very fun environment to exist in. It presents a more dynamic situation rather than a quote-unquote cookie-cutter type selection.[394]Steven Sharif


Synergies exist between class skills, weapon skills, passive skills, proc effects, and status conditions.[469][470][399][400][401][402][403][404][405][406][397][377][407] These synergies also apply to active skills from other characters.[469][471]

Q: How much do you intend for those sort of synergy things to be done within one class, one character's kit, versus how much do you intend for them to be working with the other characters, the other archetypes and specializations to promote their things, or to also make sure you don't step on their feet and accidentally promote something they're trying to maximize?
A: When we talk about status conditions or keyword conditions and the promotion of those effects, there is going to be the bread and butter that each class kid has access to; and when they're creating the type of rotation with their ability system, they're going to want to emphasize those interactions that amplify or promote a particular type of status condition. So they'll have within the kit to their own interactions that they'll be able to leverage. But then in addition to that, they're going to have keyword status effects that help to either promote other classes' keyword status effects, or are the executed promotions of other classes initial status conditions. And when you think about the intent of the design: the intent of the design is that players are servicing themselves from a solo perspective when they want to go out and solo grind and solo experience and fulfill the quests. But when they come together to form a party to encounter group content, or a raid to encounter raid content: that the interconnectivity between those classes synergizes with these keyword promotions and/or effects; and there's a way to execute on that, that is successful and is effective, or a way that's not. And that's the skill ceiling/skill cap that requires interaction and cooperation and synchronization between, because there are limited time windows in which those keywords can get emphasized or executed upon when utilizing the ability.[469]Steven Sharif
When you think about it, it's very much a musical endeavor. When you think about a symphony or a concert, those instruments working with eachother to formulate this highly effective and very visceral experience of this music chain. When you accomplish that in combat, it's going to be noticeable; and that's the desire, is let's reward- let's dopamine hit when players are effective in their skill when executing on these ideas.[472]Steven Sharif

Modelo de pago

Precio de la caja (compra inicial)

No hay un precio de compra asociado a la caja inicial en Ashes of Creation.[473]

Nobody should feel that they have to back the project to see it come to life. It's coming to life regardless of that. You do it because you want to support us and that's fine; and if you don't want to, that's also fine as well. We want to hear your voice and we want you to be part of the community, so that's a very important aspect. Nothing we offer in the pre-order packages are power driven. They don't give any competitive advantage to an individual who backs the game.[474]Steven Sharif

Modelo por suscripción

Game time is currently purchasable in Pre-order packs.[475]

This allows us to avoid the pay to win mentality many free-to-play games employ, as well as maintain a steady flow of new content for all our players.[476]

Ashes of Creation (MMORPG) es un juego basado en pago por suscription.[476]

  • Las suscripciones comenzarán en el momento del lanzamiento o, sujeto a cambios, el usuario podrá elegir activar su suscripción para que empiece en un momento determinado.[483]
I think a sub cost provides both the barrier of entry to prevent, some not all, but mitigate some gold selling bots and whatnot because there's a cost associated with playing the game, but it's also not too high that it gets on the greedy side or prevents a lot of players from participating and trying the game; and then if the game is good then people will continue to subscribe and that subscription provides funding and revenue for the developers to continue a significant content creation and expansion rollout for the game.[310]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse era free-to-play.[485][486]

There is no P2W in Apocalypse or the MMORPG![486]


Las expansiones de DLC ([[[Release schedule|lanzamientos]] posteriores al lanzamiento del juego) se planifican con una periodicidad mensual, trimestral o semestral.[44][45]

  • el nuevo contenido se introducirá principalmente a través del sistema de nodos. El objetivo es que el contenido existente siga siendo relevante junto con el nuevo..[490]

Because of the modularity of a lot of the systems that we're working on, it's not too hard to iterate and implement new things... We're planning on going on a quarterly/ monthly cycle to continue to push out new content.[491]Jeffrey Bard

The quarterly cycle for the big content is good for us and then, as you said, those modular components to our mechanisms in the game allow for us to introduce smaller content patches that can be seen in real time in the world.[491]Steven Sharif

We don't intend to a wordsmith around future charge for DLC content. As a subscription model, that's part of the agreement between us as a Studio and you guys: That there will be regularly scheduled updates and chapters; and that subscription is what allows you to access that content.[488]Steven Sharif

Pay to win

Ashes of Creation no será pay to win.[492][310][493]

Ashes of Creation will not be pay to win, that is our pledge to the community. One of the core principles we set forth with Ashes of Creation is a very strong desire to maintain the game's even playing field.[493]

A lot of developers and companies have come along in the past- and I've been hit by this too- and they've said we're not going to have pay-to-win and then boom they roll out some pay-to-win. We have consistently said we won't be pay-to-win and in the pre-orders that we provide and even in the Kickstarter there were absolutely zero pay-to-win components whatsoever. So not only will we talk the talk but we will walk the walk as well.[310]Steven Sharif

Because we are a non-box purchase game, meaning there is no box price to play Ashes of Creation, it is only a subscription; and that's beneficial because it reduces the barrier of entry and we want a high population obviously; but at the same time one of the ways we augment the revenue flows to sustain constant updates and new chapter releases and additional content within the game is through a cosmetic-only marketplace; and that means absolutely no pay-to-win whatsoever; and that will be adhered to forever.[492]Steven Sharif

Las ranuras de inventario, las cajas de botín RNG y las pociones de XP se consideran pay to win.[494][495][496][497]

We will not use a loot box system for cosmetics either. We currently have a cosmetic store that offers limited time, limited quantity items to help sustain game development. These items are purely decorative and do not offer any in-game benefits.[494]

My definition of pay-to-win is really anything that affects the in-game economy, the in-game action pool, your abilities and/or skills... In my opinion the inventory slots and the XP potions would be considered pay-to-win.[496]Steven Sharif

Q: Will there be RNG boxes?
A: I dislike RNG. Archeage made me loath rng monetization gimmicks.[497]Steven Sharif


Intrepid Studios autopublicará Ashes of Creation en las regiones de NA (Norteamérica), OCE (Oceanía) y SEA (Sudeste Asiático) regions.[500][501]

We have learned a lot from our partnership with MY.GAMES, and we wish our friends there all the best as we have mutually decided to part ways. Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce that Intrepid Studios will be opening European offices in Amsterdam to help support our publishing operations in the EU/CIS regions. We have recently posted open positions for our new EU offices, and look forward to hiring the best and brightest in true Intrepid fashion.[502]Steven Sharif

El MMORPG Ashes of Creation no se publicará en la plataforma Steam.[503]


Intrepid Studios no tiene previsto introducir NFTs ni ningún otro tipo de mecánica play-to-earn en Ashes of Creation.[504][505]

To be really clear, we have no plans to have NFTs in Ashes of Creation, or any other "play-to-earn" mechanics.[504]

Tienda de cosméticos (micro transacciones)

Ashes of Creation cosmetic store.[506]

There is going to be legendary cosmetics that can be earned and achieved in the game through the game systems, but that's going to take a significant amount of effort and work; and those cosmetics are going to be on-par with the cosmetics offered in the marketplace... What that does is it provides additional revenue to the company so that we can continue to fund the development of content as well and bridge the divide that not having a box cost would have and not having any pay-to-win mechanics whatsoever.[310]Steven Sharif

La tienda de cosméticos permite a los jugadores comprar cosméticos para usarlos en Ashes of Creation.[323] La tienda de cosméticos ofrece artículos por tiempo y cantidad limitados para ayudar a sostener el desarrollo del juego.[308]

Nothing in our shop will ever be pay to win as we believe this practice greatly hurts the MMORPG genre.[307]

  • Los cosméticos de la tienda ofrecerán una variada selección de looks únicos.[311]

I want to incentivize purchase in the cosmetic shop for sustainability of what expansions we have intended, since we are not a box cost. I want to incentivize purchase by offering limited items: limited time, limited quantity, so you have confidence that when you purchase them, they won't be offered later on in some other way.[308]Steven Sharif

  • Los objetos de la tienda de cosméticos no se podrán comerciar.[322] There will be no gifting mechanism for cosmetic items.[507]

I don't want cosmetic items that can be purchased from the market to be transferable... because it is in a way a transfer of money for potentially something in-game[507]Steven Sharif


Cinderhorn Steer pre-order pack cosmetic mount skin.[508]

Providing these limited options that collectors out there like when it comes to achieving and/or purchasing cosmetics. It means something I think when players make that decision to purchase or they go through the rigorous portion of achieving those things in game that it is not just everywhere around them and becomes meaningless at that point.[492]Steven Sharif

Se considera skins las mascotas, monturas, armaduras, edificios y accesorios que se venden en la tienda de cosméticos.[509]

The best skins will be in-game achievable (obviously “best” is subjective, so I’d say the most ornate and detailed/unique).[514]Steven Sharif

Leer más...

Estilo artístico

Ashes of Creation tendrá una mayor fidelidad gráfica que la mayoría de los juegos occidentales. No será demasiado estilizado ni "caricaturesco".[515]

We can push the limits a little bit on the graphical fidelity, especially using Unreal Engine 4... My desire was not to see very cartoony games. I'm not a big fan of highly stylized art.[515]Steven Sharif

Influencias artísticas

Las razas de los personajes son muy importantes. Estas son las decisiones que tomamos al principio de nuestra aventura en un MMORPG: La raza no solo se alinea mecánicamente con nuestras decisiones. Estas razas tienen mecánicas de juego detrás de ellas desde un punto de vista de estadísticas, además de visual, cultural e históricamente. ¿Cuáles son? ¿Qué representan estas razas? Así pues es importante que sean distintos. Todo el mundo ha visto juegos de fantasía con Elfos, Humanos y Orcos; casi hay una expectativa establecida detrás de lo que cada una de estas razas de tradicionales en la fantasía representan; y existe un riesgo, porque cuando estar creando una nueva IP o un nueva historia o mundo en un nuevo universo, un reino en donde las cosas no tienen que seguir la norma establecida, te puedes comtar ciertas libertades creativas para redefinir ciertos aspectos de una raza en particular; y eso puede ser algo bueno, porque es algo nuevo para los jugadores. Es algo único dentro del mundo que estamos construyendo y del entorno que tienes. Por lo tanto, lo que queríamos hacer era impulsar un poco más como se verían los Py´rai desde una perspectiva visual.[516]Steven Sharif

Los jugadores verán las distintas influencias de las culturas del mundo real reflejadas en las distintas razas del juego: No sólo influencias europeas, africanas o mesoamericanas. Estas culturas estarán presentes en muchas de las razas.[525]Steven Sharif

La idea es encontrar un componente base en el mundo real y tomarlo como punto de partida. A partir de ahí empiezas a fantasear y construir.[517]Steven Sharif

Referencias culturales

Habrá referencias culturales del mundo real, sobre todo en relación con fiestas y acontecimientos históricos del mundo real.[526]

  • No se verán fuera de lugar en términos de inmersión. Serán homenajes.[526]

There will be some real world references, particularly with regards to potentially real world holidays as well as some historical events or cultures. For example the PAX East ship that was named Eleanor that we released a cosmetic of, you know, being a reference to the Eleanor ship that the tea was thrown off of; or colonialesque look.[527]Steven Sharif

Calificación ESRB

Dead bodies in a Pre-alpha raid encounter.[528]

El objetivo es que Ashes of Creation tenga una calificación T de Adolescente (Teen), pero puede acabar teniendo una M de adulto (Mature) rating.[529]

  • Puede que haya una opción para desactivar la sangre y el gore en el juego.[530]
  • Es probable que haya lenguaje malsonante en las misiones.[531]

The antagonists in this game are definitely dark... We're not going grimdark at all, but there are parts of it that get that way.[531]Jeffrey Bard

Dificultad del juego

Ashes of Creation se situará en el nivel de dificultad más alto en lo que respecta al compromiso.[463]

People who put more time and effort into it are definitely going to get more out of it but that doesn't mean that person who logs in once a week won't be able to have fun so it's just a matter of the scale of stuff that you're going after... Running a caravan is not gonna be the same thing every time you do it. You might be able to find like a super secret path that nobody knows about... and you exploit it for a while and nobody knows and then eventually somebody sees you and suddenly that route becomes a lot more difficult so that's the way we really want that emergent gameplay to come out of those options that we give you guys; and a lot of it is gonna come down to other players making it more or less difficult for you.[532]Jeffrey Bard
There's a ton of room for difficulty on whatever scale... In a living world everything becomes much more difficult.[532]Peter Pilone

Curva de aprendizaje

Ashes of Creation será fácil de comprender pero difícil de dominar.[533]

My stance on participation trophies is that things should be hard, people should fail, the bitter taste of defeat is what makes success that much more rewarding. Helping other players learn encounter strategy, and fine tuning their play style for high end content is an important part of eliminating participation trophy. Growing together is a good thing, and that include failing together as a means to drive for success together.[534]Steven Sharif

Población objetivo

I think our target demographic, obviously we have a very high graphic fidelity in the game that's attractive to younger players, but at the same time we have a very roleplay game orientation - a a play back to that pen-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons feel that perhaps younger generations may not know but is very near and dear to the hearts of older gamers. So I think we have a broad appeal from a demographic standpoint.[535]Steven Sharif

Tipos de jugador

Ashes of Creation se adaptará a una gran variedad de tipos de jugadores, desde jugadores PVE o Pvp hasta jugadores de rol y crafters.[536]

A guy who wrote a book on game design, called Bartle, breaks gamers up into different categories. We will often talk about the different categories of gamers and trying to satisfy their needs.[536]Akil Hooper

The most compelling design argument for how those different sects of gamers interact with each other is dependant from the design standpoint of interdependencies in the systems. So, for example if as a Raider or as a PvPer you're looking for the best gear, you're going to devote your time towards leveling up and going out and participating in the things you enjoy like pvping, perhaps going for caravans or sieging cities and castles and all that type stuff. If you want the best gear, you're going to have to rely on a person who's devoted their time towards crafting potentially; and they may not be a PvPer but they have a place in your wheelhouse because you need their services. And then that crafter is going to need a person who is either a gatherer or plays the economy as a merchant in the nodes with the auction houses that are regionalized. They're going to have to work with a person who specializes in trade that takes caravans with either mercenary groups or other guilds that are PvPers between the nodes to get the resources they need. Building dependencies on different groups or factions of players that exist within a large world like this MMORPG is what solidifies the bonds that allow for them to exist either harmoniously, or at least in a way that they know you need those types of players.[536]Steven Sharif

Jugadores casual vs hardcore

Las diferentes vias de progresión en Ashes of Creation ofrecen diferentes "caminos" para los jugadores según el tiempo que tengan disponible para jugar.[537]

  • Algunas de estas vías se podrán lograr de forma más inmediata, y son más adecuadas para jugadores casuales.[537]
    • Los eventos "provocados" como las cravanas y los asedios permitirán a los jugadores casuales participar en eventos impactantes sin una inversión de tiempo significativa.[538]
    • Los personajes de nivel inferior serán útiles en las partes de los combates masivos, que no dependen de su nivel, como manejar armas de asedio, ayudar reparando las fortificaciones, otorgar "buffs" basados en la proximidad de posiciones clave, usar el sigilo o escalar muros. Todo esto es relevante para el devenir de la batalla y no requiere que el jugador tenga el nivel máximo o que tenga estadísticas de combate elevadas.[383]

There are events that are happening in the world in the game that you won't need to be a hardcore player to impact and join. For example, the triggered events from the PvE standpoint against the cities; the trades of the caravans; those natural battlegrounds that exist; the castle sieges you can login for. There is a lot of systems that are at play where a person can simply log in, participate, have fun, be impactful and then log out.[538]Steven Sharif

  • Otras vías de progresión requerirán una inversión de tiempo significativa que los jugadores casuales tardarán más en logran que los jugadores "hardcore".[537]
    • La contribución que pueden hacer un gran número de jugadores casuales trabajando juntos puede tener un mayor impacto en la progresión de un nodo que la de los jugadores "hardcore". Los jugadores "hardcore" pueden avanzar al contenido final del juego más rápido que los casuales, pero pueden carecer del número necesario para influir en los nodos en esos lugares tan rápido como la población más grande de jugadores casuales.[537]

Traditionally in MMORPGs you're going to see a larger population of casual players than you do of hardcore players; and that's just the way the cookie crumbles from a population standpoint. And because of that and the way that nodes collect experience and advance as a result of player activity, those casual players will actually have more impact on node progression than the hardcore players will: at least as I predict, because of the sheer quantity disproportionate between the two different groups of people... You may see in Ashes the smaller hardcore group of players progress further into the late-game content, right. But they don't have the numbers to influence the nodes in those locations as quickly as the more casual... larger population has near the outskirts.[537]Steven Sharif

Dificultad del PVE

La dificultad del contenido PvE, como raids y mazmorras se adaptará en función del rendimiento de la raid o el grupo contra los jefes anteriores en ese encuentro.[539]

Raid bosses are aware of the number of combatants within an area in proximity to them and that awareness is part of an indicator to which behaviors they're going to utilize as part of their behavior tree. So as it's assessing the types of combatants that are facing it, the number of those combatants, the position of those combatants, the abilities and totals of those combatants, it weighs certain actions in its behavior tree and then it acts on those actions; and in the scenario where you're bringing overwhelming odds to a particular fight, that might weigh heavier the AoE options that the boss has access to, where they're utilizing a lot more AoE abilities during an engagement due to that overage of of players. So in that sense it's a bit adaptive. It's a bit dynamic based on the encounter scenario.[540]Steven Sharif
Q: How challenging will raid boss mechanics be given the given that players may need to simultaneously fight other players while also fighting the boss?
A: It depends. The great thing about our encounter system is that it has a wide scalability from encounters that some might consider easy given their composition to encounters that some might consider impossible until they get their gear level to a certain stage. The level of interaction with other players is really predicated on the encounter itself. We may have some encounters that are in instances although the predominant portion of those will be in the open world, in which case they do have the potential being contested; and these encounters, especially the big ones that might land in contention, are giving some of the best-in-slot gear you can get in the game. So it's important that they are contested because it is a significant victory point; and one of our core pillars is risk versus reward: and the higher that risk the higher that reward should be. So those two things seem fitting and then in addition we do have the concept of winners and losers. Not everybody in Ashes of Creation is going to be a winner; and that sucks if you're not I guess, but there is opportunity for you to continue to excel and become one. But it gives much more meaning to an achievement when not everybody gets the achievement. That's our philosophy.[543]Steven Sharif

Programa de mentores

Habrá un programa de mentores en el que los jugadores de nivel superior podrán beneficiarse de hacer grupo y/o ayudar a los jugadores de nivel inferior y hacer que ubiquen dentro del juego.[376]

There will be activities that are present for higher level players to mentor lower level players. Let's say you have a friend who joins later on and you still want to do things with them, there will be things to do. Will he be able to enter a dungeon of your level and participate? No, because we don't want to inflate or deflate characters and manipulate that type of skill or power. We want that to be something that makes sense for them in a progression standpoint.[387]Steven Sharif

The mentorship program provides individual quests that can be initiated by the mentor based off of what node that they are part of. So these are like quests that are determined by either certain buildings and/or organizations or the mayor; and there are specific ones that are available for mentors to provide mentees; and they can also participate in some of those quest lines as well: Whether that be leading your mentee through a dungeon or providing a location for them to arrive with you at, or escort quests for the NPC caravans. These types of things, when done together with your mentor, will provide benefits both for the mentor and the mentee as well, so you're incentivized to participate with new players.[386]Steven Sharif

Jugadores en solitario

Ashes of Creation ofrece opciones de juego para los jugadores en solitario.[544]

For those solo players who don't really care about finding a community to play with but they want to have one when they need it, there's going to be a lot of opportunities from a dialogue perspective, in-game chat options; you can join as part of citizenships: there's a lot of pseudo factions there- social organizations that give you an in to other players without the strong bonds that typically come with guild-oriented organizations; and I think that that's a comfortable medium between the two.[544]Steven Sharif

Desarrollo abierto

Intrepid Studios ha adoptado un enfoque de desarrollo abierto (transparente), en lugar de compartir información a través de comunicados de prensa y anuncios cuidadosamente elaborados.[547]

  • Algunas características del juego estarán más pulidos que otros antes de ser presentados.[548]
The delicate blend between a transparent development process, but also understanding that [the] majority of your player audience will not grasp, or will not take into context, what a work in progress looks like. So certain things we have to polish to the point where they're presentable; where they can be understood- again in its own context without my verbal support or Margaret's verbal support.[548]Steven Sharif
I think that we live in an age where it's easy to be transparent if you're not trying to hide something. The downside is if you're showing something that's not a completed or finished product, it is incumbent upon the viewer to understand that fact.[547]Steven Sharif
  • El objetivo del desarrollo transparente es permitir la participación y los comentarios de la comunidad sin necesidad de comprar el acceso a las fases de prueba.[474]
The whole purpose of our development process being transparent being open is that you don't have to buy a package actually to participate. You can be a voice from the community. You can observe people playing. You can give your experiences and feedback.[474]Steven Sharif
I don't answer to a board. I don't answer to a publisher. We answer to our players; and we try to be as transparent as possible with showing our progress; and showing it in a timely manner.[549]Steven Sharif
  • Ciertos aspectos del juego no se revelarán antes de tiempo para evitar spoilers.[550][551]
There are obviously going to be some aspects of the development that we will not reveal, like lore and some system mechanics in order not to spoil the game for release.[550]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation pretende estar disponible en los siguientes idiomas: Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Ruso, Italiano, Polaco, Español, y Portugués.[552][553][554][555]

  • Anteriormente se dijo que el inglés, el francés, el alemán y el ruso estarían disponibles y que el italiano, el polaco y el español se añadirían más adelante.


The current plan is for Ashes of Creation to be available in the following languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Portuguese. Although this may not be the final list of languages we support, we are still looking at which other languages into which the game may be translated.[552]

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Los servidores no estarán bloqueados por idioma.[554]

  • Es posible que haya servidores separados en la región de EU según el tipo de idioma.[553]


Ashes of Creation se lanzará para Windows PC.[558][559]

Q: Will the upgrade to UE5 affect the supported systems? A lot of people are like linux question mark.[558]

A: It's something that we'll evaluate in the future. I haven't ruled it out necessarily- would see how much work it would take to do that, but really like less than one percent of the player base is using Linux.[558]Steven Sharif


Rendimiento optimization when rendering 1300 simulated actors utilizing merged materials and meshes in Unreal Engine 5 Nanite.[561] This test was confirmed post-stream to be running on a RTX 3070.[562]

What you're seeing here showcases the new modular appearance component which can combine any set of meshes and materials into a single mesh and single material at run-time. What you're looking at is over 1300 different entities, different actors. These are simulated players essentially. Previously you saw the example they were just standing still. There was no animation, there was no effects, there was no environment and it was a thousand. This is thirteen hundred playing animations, playing effects, plus the environment which is Nanite in this example. So what you're seeing is all of these players moving around and doing something and you're seeing the frame rate at about 30 on Clayton's rig.[563]Steven Sharif

Here you see that the FPS in the top right corner is like seven or eight on average, so not too good from a rendering perspective... So by merging now you can see that the same thousand players who are wearing the same armors as previously are actually having a 300 percent increase- 300 to 400 increase- in the performance of the of the FPS. So it went from 7 to about 21 on average and that is a significant optimization point that obviously this is just the beginning of the optimization efforts.[564]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation estaba dando un rendimiento de 50-60 FPS con una 1080 Ti durante las primeras pruebas de la Alpha 1.[566]

  • El juego será altamente personalizable desde el punto de vista de los ajustes. Si no tienes el equipo necesario para jugar, puedes reducir la configuración.[567][303]
  • Se ofrecerán opciones de alta escalabilidad para ajustar el renderizado y los efectos de partículas.[568]
  • El desenfoque de movimiento se podrá activar y desactivar.[569]
There's a lot of bells-and-whistles that are intended on the client rendering side for these types of features that players will have the ability to scale up or down or off from a performance perspective.[567]Steven Sharif

Se podrá aplicar automáticamente una "apariencia de jugador por defecto" durante los sieges u otras batallas a gran escala para mejorar el rendimiento del cliente.[301][302][303]

We have taken into consideration the rendering and server performance expectations with regards to our character density for events and battles. While testing will help with these performance profiles, we feel good where it is at for the moment, and do not feel we need to compromise our design goals atm.[570]Steven Sharif

Requisitos de sistema para la Alpha

Alpha-1 stress testing, March 17, 2021.[571]

Funny story; So yesterday as we are stress/density testing with our NDA testers, I accidentally summoned 5k bears around our few hundred players. But hey, it didn’t crash! Can you spot Lt. Toast here?[571]Steven Sharif

These are fully operational NPCs. They have behavior trees, they have AI blackboards; they are functioning as an NPC would; and to my surprise, to everyone's surprise actually, the server handled it quite well: 5000 entities all within a very dense area.[572]Steven Sharif

Requisitos mínimos para la Alpha-1 de Ashes of Creation .[573] Estas especificaciones del sistema no han cambiado para Unreal Engine 5.[574][575]

  • Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Procesador: Intel Core i3-2125 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 3.3GHz
  • Tarjeta gráfica: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 270
  • Memoria: 8 GB RAM
  • Red: Broadband Internet connection
  • Almacenamiento: 50 GB of available space
  • Tarjeta de sonido: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

Especificaciones recomendadas.[573]

  • Sistema Operativ: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Procesador: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz / AMD FX-9590 4.7GHz
  • Tarjeta gráfica:: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon R9 Fury with 4GB and DirectX 12
  • Memoria: 16 GB RAM
  • Red: Broadband Internet connection
  • Almacenamiento: 50 GB of available space
  • Tarjeta de sonido: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 walkthrough.[576]

Lumen has done a great job in really bringing to to life this area. As you can see, there's light bouncing off of the surfaces and casting into the rest of the cave... I love how you can also see the detail in the costume and the cloth that we have now.[576]Steven Sharif


Unreal Engine 5 es el motor gráfico de Ashes of Creation.[576][577] El juego se desarrolló originalmente en Unreal Engine 4.[578] Migrar a UE5 requirió cierto trabajo de front-end, pero era más sencillo hacerlo en las fases alfa del juego, que más cerca del lanzamiento, o tras el lanzamiento.[579][580] Los desarrolladores esperan que la transición a Unreal Engine 5.1.1 esté completa en Febrero de 2023.[581][582] Anteriormente se había dicho que sería en Enero de 2023.[583]

What it provides in my opinion as person who enjoys PvP is it adds additional dynamics to what is possible from your opponent or from yourself. You know, if there is a ledge and jumping off that ledge is going to deal a lot of damage to me when I hit the ground and that puts me at a significant disadvantage, maybe I have an option to jump off the ledge at a point where I can mantle onto the side of a cliff or something. Now the give and take there is I won't be able to use my skills while I'm mantled. I won't be able to react easily, but I didn't have to take the fall damage per-se. Or if there's an obstruction and I'm going to take a significant reduction in speed so that I can crouch and make it past that, and now I have a effective line of sight has been obstructed as a result of that decision. I think it adds interesting elements to the battlefield and the key here is going to be making sure that it's not cumbersome- that it doesn't feel opposite of the flow of combat.[584]Steven Sharif

Nanite brings us really an entirely new approach to rendering and art workflows. Now we can render more actors with extremely high detail while eliminating the need to bake out normal map textures. For artists essentially what this means is that they can import high quality sculpted meshes directly into Unreal 5 without really having to reduce the poly count, making the workflow more efficient while simultaneously improving the quality of the art.[589]Steven Sharif

Lumen is going to greatly improve the visual fidelity and performance of the game with the reduced work and effort that's required by the art team, making Ashes of Creation much more beautiful than in UE4.[586]Steven Sharif

  • Las funciones de Unreal Engine 5 (como las "World partitions" y "One file per actor") facilitan enormemente el trabajo conjunto de varios desarrolladores.[579]
    • Las "World partitions" también permiten que los mapas de Unreal Engine 5 superen las limitaciones de tamaño de UE4 (~20 kilómetros cuadrados).[579]
Q: How does this upgrade to UE5 affect the Ashes of Creation release timeline?[579]
A: While UE4 is a great engine, there are certain focuses and technological endeavors that Epic is doing on UE5 that won't necessarily be supported by UE4; and we want to make sure given the lifespan of Ashes and how long we intend this MMO to last, that when we made this decision early on during the development process that we weren't going to exacerbate the amount of effort it would take to move over later in the lifespan or after launch.[579]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation cuenta con un back-end Unreal Engine personalizado con código propietario para permitir combates masivosen mundo abierto: como Pvp, asedios de nodo, asedios a castillos, mazmorras y jefes de mundo.[590]

  • La solución de red distribuye dinámicamente los procesos y escala las instancias de servidor necesarias para adaptarse a la densidad de jugadores en todo el mundo..[591]

One of the most important things about Epic Games as the creators of Unreal Engine is the way they've allowed developers to have access to the source code. To be able to do that makes the engine very versatile.[592]Steven Sharif

  • La actualización a Unreal Engine 5 es principalmente un cambio en la parte frontal del juego. El código propietario no se ve afectado en absoluto.[593]

Over October and November, that's when McP and the engineers began to do the base migration of our custom code-base into UE5 see where there were any major issues. The great thing about UE5 is that it's mainly focused around updating the renderer- giving access to Nanite, Lumen global illumination- those are big components. There's other great aspects of it, but really it's a front-end change and it doesn't affect our networking layer. It doesn't affect our back-end code.[593]Steven Sharif

  • Desde el 24 de enero de 2022, todos los equipos utilizan Unreal Engine 5.[594]


El mundo será el mismo en cada servidor, pero los nodos se desarrollarán de forma diferente. Diferentes servidores tendrán diferentes narrativas. Lo que sucede en un servidor pueden no suceder en otro.[595]

To answer your question about "what stops all servers from from progressing the same nodes," the answer to that question is "other players." Certain content is locked behind different nodes that develop. If we assume that at some point all of the information regarding node progression is available, not all players on a server may agree on what content they want access to, or that they want other players to have access to. Even if a certain perks from node progression are considered "best value" to players trying to solve a node meta, that doesn't mean all players on a server benefit from that in the same way. Because of this, some players make act against your best interests, because it isn't their best interest. Nodes define (and redefine) the world around you, influence points of interest, world quest lines, story arcs, drop tables, resource pools, and even spawn tables for NPCs and bosses. The cycle of nodes leveling and triggering events is something we expect to see play out in a variety of different ways, across different servers, based on how players choose to play Ashes of Creation.[596]Ry Schueller

Habrá multitud de servidores repartidos por las distintas regiones del mundo.[599]

  • Trás el lanzamiento, los usuarios podrán seleccionar su servidor en base al ping o la región que aparezca junto al servidor.[599]
  • La selección del servidor deAshes of Creation Apocalypse depende del líder del grupo. La región que haya seleccionado se aplicará a sus amigos y a su escuadrón.[599]

We'll have a multitude of servers located throughout to the various regions of the world; and those servers will be good connection points for- and will be driven by- I mean there's two types of servers I'm sorry: For the alpha-1 arena those will be driven by the party leader right; and wherever whatever region they have selected if they invite friends to their squad or whatever, they'll be able to play on that region. With regards to live launch when the server's go live, you'll be selecting a server to play on; and that will be your character's home; and that server you'll be aware of where that server is located usually by either a ping or a region that's notated on next to the server.[599]Steven Sharif

Los desarroladores pueden publicar ocasionalmente estadísticas relacionadas con la población de los servidores y la composición de arquetipos/clases, pero no habrá una página oficial que muestre esta información.[600]


Ashes of Creation se lanzará con las siguientes regiones de servidores :[601][602]

At this stage we do not have numbers on how many different servers will exist for different regions. We've said in the past 8-10,000 concurrent users per server is what we'd like to aim for. Obviously, the number of servers that exist in a region are going to be dependent on the population that's playing.[608]Steven Sharif

Se considerarán otras regiones servidoras en función del interés.[603][602]

  • Se está considerando Sudamérica debido al tráfico de esa región.[609]

Once we get closer to launch we'll update this information, which may include additional regions.[603]

Algunas regiones tendrán un precio de suscripción "armonizados", que refleje mejor sus economías locales. Estas regiones estarán separadas de las demás.[479]

  • Los jugadores podrán crear personajes en el servidor que deseen. No habrá bloqueo de regiones (fuera de las regiones armonizadas).[480]

Folks have always been able to make characters on any server they wish. We are not region locking anyone.[480]Margaret Krohn

Población de los servidores

Se impondrán límites de población en cada servidor.[610]

  • Se preveen entre 8-10k usuarios simultáneos por servidor.[611][608][612][613]
  • Al principio habrá un número limitado de cuentas registradas (aproximadamente 15,000) por servidor para ayudar a mitigar las colas de inicio de sesión.[614]
    • Este límite aumentará con el tiempo hasta unas 50.000 cuentas registradas por servidor.[614][615][616]
  • Puede haber colas para entrar en servidores con mucha población, pero el objetivo es evitar colas excesivamente largas.[616]
  • Los desarrolladores pretenden gestionar cuidadosamente la población de los servidores mediante el uso de limitadores de creación de personajes para evitar la necesidad de fusionar servidores.[615][75]
  • Los desarrolladores pueden publicar ocasionalmente estadísticas relacionadas con la población de los servidores y la composición de los arquetipos/clases, pero no va a haber una página oficial con esta información publicada.[600]

Historia en el servidor

El historial de cada servidor será registrado y se encontrará visible para los jugadores en la biblioteca de los nodos.[618][619]

We're gonna keep track of the history of the world so that we can tell people the story up to the current day. A player who's brand new, who's come in at the six-month mark can take a look at each server, what each server has done, how each server has tackled the storyline; and they can decide for themselves what community they want to join; what version of the world that they want to take part in.[619]Jeffrey Bard
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.
  • Los escribas pueden recopilar y registrar información sobre los acontecimientos del mundo tal y como los han vivido y desde su punto de vista.[620]

Instanciación de los servidores

No habrá capas de servidor (sharding) en los servidores.[621][622]

Tipos de servidores

Transferencia entre servidores

Las transferencias entre servidores, sin contar las fusiones, no serán posibles al principio.[624][377]

  • Los desarrolladores quieren evaluar el impacto en el alojamiento y otros sistemas cuando el lanzamiento está más cerca.[377]


info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Los eSports no son el objetivo principal, pero el juego avanzará de forma natural en esa dirección si la jugabilidad es atractiva, competitiva y divertida..[625]

If we make the gameplay compelling, competitive and fun, that naturally it will move in that direction; and then we will find the ability to support it afterwards.[625]Steven Sharif

Voces de PNJs

Los PNJs tendrán locuciones de saludos narradas.[626][627]

  • Actualmente no está previsto que las misiones sean narradas.[626]
  • Añadir locuciones al juego más adelante es un cambio bastante cosmético.[626]

Is it difficult to add voice acting later? No, it's definitely not... It's a fairly cosmetic change.[626]Steven Sharif

Voice acting is a fun luxury to have, but it is not only a costly one, but it is also one that takes a lot of logistics.[628]Steven Sharif


El compositor principal de Ashes of Creation es Bear McCreary. Su música se desvelará en la Alpha-2 y Beta-1.[629][630]

The soundtrack is going to incorporate either elements of intrigue or mystery or horror that's part of winding through that level to get to that boss, it's building up to the crescendo of the fight. Music is such an important part of setting the scene- the emotional presence of what you are doing in this immersive world. It elicits emotional responses. And we have a great composer Bear McCreary who has worked on God of War, Battlestar Galactica, Outlander, Black Sails; a lot of great franchises and great IPs; and I think he is going to do an awesome job in capturing the essence of what that emotional response should be from a player.[631]Steven Sharif
When we put out any music in our game... we want content creators to be able to create content utilizing our game. So just message us and we'll try to resolve any of those [DMCA] problems if you encounter any.[633]Margaret Krohn

El arquetipo del bardo tendrá habilidades musicales.[634]

  • Los bardos pueden tocar instrumentos musicales, como flautas y gaitas.[635][636][637]
    • Otros arquetipos también podrán tocar ciertos instrumentos musicales en el futuro.[635]
  • La creación de música personalizada (usando el lenguaje marco musical) no estará presente en el lanzamiento del juego.[638]

Game masters

Los game masters (GMs) estarán disponibles y activos en los servidores de Ashes of Creation servers.[639][640][641]

On the customer service side, we do plan to have in game GMs. We do plan to service people in the best way possible. And we will grow our service team as much as we need as our player base grows.[639]Margaret Krohn
The direction that I'm taking Intrepid as a company in is that a significant portion of the revenue created by the game goes into not only creating additional content and updates for the game but also goes into I think caretaking, as I like to call it; and that caretaking is multiple things: It's having active and present GM's on servers. It's having a an interacting community team that is always present and on-call for participating in forum discussions and streams and updates.[641]Steven Sharif
  • Habrá un sistema estándar de progresión, en el que se tomarán diferentes medidas en función de la gravedad de cada infracción. Las acciones pueden ir desde la retirada (de los objetos o monedas ilegítimas) a ser baneado por un período de timepo o de forma permanente.[641]
Following a standard approach to an escalation system where certain infractions are immediate and automatic bans and some infractions provide a path forward where action is taken that might ban the account or strip the account or provide some chat bans or the ability to play over a week or so... If you buy gold and depending on the seriousness of the infraction you could go anywhere from being stripped and to being banned for a period of time to being permanently banned.[641]Steven Sharif
  • Los bots, tramposos, vendedores de oro y RMT se enfrentarán a duras sanciones por parte de los equipos de GM y de los equipos de la comunidad.[640][642]
When a player takes their play experience to the point of harassing another player, and doing so on a repetitive basis, in order to diminish their play experience, it is a ticketable offense. If you are following around a streamer or you're following around a player and your intent is to keep them from playing the game or to force them to quit, that is a dirty player mindset. It's a bad player mindset. It's a griefer's mindset. It's not something that's desired in the ecosphere in the community of Ashes of Creation. And as a result, it is a serviceable customer service situation. That is where warnings are given and actions can be taken against the account holder of an individual whose sole purpose is to disrupt and affect negatively the gameplay experience of the game.[639]Steven Sharif
I believe that so far in development we have demonstrated the level of customer service and community engagement that will be on display after our live launch. You are right however in saying that many of these problems that can arise on the fringe of certain systems will require an active GM support team available to address problems that the user base encounters[644]
  • El programa de moderadores voluntarios continuará (post-lanzamiento).[645]

Sistemas de seguridad

Habrá sistemas de seguridad para combatir las trampas, exploits, bots, la venta de oro/transacciones con dinero real (RMT), la duplicación de objetos y otras cuestiones que afectan a la economía a partir de la Alpha-0.[646][647][648][642]

  • Estos sistemas recogen datos de los usuarios y marcan las actividades anómalas para su investigación. Esto, combinado con las funciones de información de los jugadores, genera un "mapa de calor" en tiempo real que llama la atención sobre comportamientos inusuales..[646][642]
We do have already built into the game on the outset is essentially behavioral metrics. So in the game, as a player does normal things and they acquire normal gold, that's all good and well, but if there starts to be item IDs that appear on the player account that are out of the norm, like either a large amount of gold, or significant legendary items, what it does in the back-end it flags the account for view so that we can take a look at where did this item come from. Is it coming from a known gold seller or a flagged bot, or whatever; and then we investigate. So we're going to be pretty hard on the ability for players to subvert the natural economy systems by RMT or botting.[646]Steven Sharif
  • Los bots, tramposos, vendedores de oro y RMT se enfrentarán a duras sanciones por parte del equipo activo de GM/equipo comunitario.[640][642]
It's important to note that there is a sanctity that must be protected within the game from RMTing; and let me just go into a little diatribe about this: But in games that I've played where the company or the publisher does not enforce rules, it becomes the standard that you buy gold if you want to be competitive. If you want to compete at the top tier levels in certain games, and everyone's buying gold, you almost either have to buy the gold or you're just not going to be able to compete with those people and that's a really shitty feeling to have. Excuse my French, I apologize. That is sucky; and in order for that not to be the case it is the responsibility of the publisher or the developers both to make sure that we have stringent practices from a CS- from a customer customer service perspective- to enforce our rules and to make sure that players are aware if they partake in this there is a huge risk in doing so. It's not going to be a slap on the hand. It's not going to be a "we told you once, we told you twice, we told you three, four, five six times okay. We're just taking some gold away", that thing. We have got to ensure that it is feared to do those things because that ashes has active GMS, it has active customer service, it has an active community team.[640]Steven Sharif

Doble factor de autenticación

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

La autenticación de dos factores (2FA) basada en tokens puede que esté disponible en el Alpha-1.[649]


Los addons y los medidores de DPS y amenaza no se permitirán.[650][651][652]

My decision is not to allow DPS meters nor add-ons. I feel we have adequate measures in place to prevent a majority of potential third party trackers. I know this subject has passionate voices on both sides and I respect the various opinions and positions many of you have expressed.[651]Steven Sharif
  • Los desarrolladores no quieren que se necesiten addons/mods para disfrutar del juego.[653]
  • Los desarrolladores creen que los medidores de DPS (parsers) pueden causar toxicidad y otros comportamientos negativos[650][654][652]
What role DPS meters provide in online communities that I've noticed in the past my experiences: they can be a bit toxic, they can be a bit exclusionary; and that's why we don't want the DPS meters.[650]Steven Sharif
Meters in my opinion are a removal from the game immersion; and what I mean by that isn't necessarily even the fact that having the meter takes you out of the game per-se, but it is- there's a lot of diegetic approach that you can take that doesn't rely on UI elements like a meter to indicate how you should do a thing; and when you're not utilizing those types of meters you can do different types of strategies and encounter design. You can have things that can be more subtle and aren't going to be immediately given away by a meter indicating something; and that's the type of gameplay that we think that I believe we want to emphasize; and for that reason, we're not going to be including threat meters. What we will be including however are animation indicators. We're going to be including ability indicators to show the tank "hey I might be losing aggro here." I'm observing in the world these immersive elements that are not tied to any specific type of UI, but indicate to me that this monster might be moving off to attack somebody else in a very immediate future; and now I should be using the abilities that I'm saving to regain that aggro, or to lock them down with a taunt or something. That to me is a bit more representative of the type of gameplay we want to to bring in our encounter design.[650]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.
  • Habrá integraciones disponibles para servicios de transmisión como Twitch y algunos otros servicios, pero no es algo que se ofrecerá a través de una API por el momento.[655]
  • El diseño de la API del juego aún está bajo consideración.[656]

Logs de combate

Hay logs del combate en Ashes of Creation.[657]

We will be providing combat data for individual players in their chat window, that players can filter and analyze for themselves. The goal is to mitigate and make the practice less prevalent through the ease that DPS meters provide. Also to place actionable enforcement for players who attempt to circumvent the decision by use of 3rd party programs, for which we will be monitoring.[534]Steven Sharif


December 2015 First team members were hired.[658]
February 2016 Ashes of Creation design documentation and prototyping.[659][658]
December 10, 2016 Official website was launched and project announced.[658]
January 18, 2017 Official discord was launched.[660]
May 2, 2017 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched with $750,000 funding goal.[661]
June 3, 2017 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign completed with 19,576 backers raising $3,271,809.[662]
June 2017 Game production began with a team size of 15-20.[659]
June 21, 2017 El verano de la financiación campaign launched.[663]
July 22, 2017 Summer crowdfunding campaign completed with 2,485 backers.[664]
September 1, 2017 PAX West 2017.[665][666]
November 4, 2017 Raised $16,500 for Extra Life children's hospitals.[667]
December 15, 2017 Alpha-0 released on schedule.[9]
March 19-23, 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018.[668]
April 5, 2018 PAX East 2018.[669]
August 15, 2018 Last day for purchases of Alpha-1 through Intrepid pre-order packs.[118]
August 20, 2018 At Gamescom with[670]
August 27, 2018 100 developers working on Ashes of Creation.[671]
September 1, 2018 PAX West 2018 panel.[672]
October 19, 2018 Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (previously called Alpha-1 phase 1 battlegrounds).[12]
November 4, 2018 Raised $20,518 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[673]
April 15, 2019 60 developers working on Ashes of Creation at San Diego offices (following disengagement with Malaysian art team).[674]
November 3, 2019 Raised $20,901 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[675]
August 21, 2020 Announced a mutual parting of ways with publisher[502]
October 17, 2020 Almost 3,000,000 registered accounts for Ashes of Creation.[676]
October 17, 2020 ~87 developers working on Ashes of Creation.[677]
November 8, 2020 Raised $88,546 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[678]
February 26, 2021 Official website redesign.[679]
May 5, 2021 Alpha-1 sales resumed with the announcement of the Adventurer pre-order pack.[680]
May 17, 2021 Verbal NDA was lifted from Alpha-1 testing.[681]
July 9, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA preview weekend began on schedule.[32]
July 11, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA preview weekend completed on schedule.[31]
July 14, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA month long test began on schedule.[682][683]
August 15, 2021 Alpha-1 no-NDA month long test completed on schedule.[33]
November 7, 2021 Raised $34,485 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[684]
December 23, 2021 Announced that Ashes of Creation is moving to Unreal Engine 5.[576][577]
January 14, 2022 Over 120 people working on Ashes of Creation.[685]
November 5, 2022 Raised $77,939 for Rady Children's hospital with Extra Life.[686]
August 31, 2023 Over 150 people working on Ashes of Creation.[687]


  • MMORPG con más financiación de Kickstarter.[688]
  • Séptimo videojuego más financiado de Kickstarter.[689]
  • MMO más esperado – Premios a lo mejor de 2017 de[690]
  • MMORPG práctico de acceso anticipado más esperado – MMOs World.[691]
  • Gamescom 2018: Mejor juego independiente.[692]
  • Gamescom 2018: Mejor juego online.[692]
  • Mejor MMO independiente de 2020 – encuesta de los lectores de[693]
  • MMO más esperado de 2021 en adelante – encuesta de los lectores de[694]
  • TTop 10 de los mejores nuevos MMORPG para 2021 en adelante – Forbes.[695]
  • Mejor estudio de MMO de 2022 – MMOGames.[696]


Ashes of Creation will be a franchise.[697]

Q: Given that you said that these story arcs are a module that get placed into the world, do you plan to sell or release your Ashes of Creation themed TTRPG module for other DMs to use?
A: There's a lot of things I want to do when we launch Ashes. One is, of course, a module that's set in the world of Ashes of Creation. Yes, I would love to release a throwback to the original campaign. It's very different from where Ashes of Creation is today. But I think it's- there's a lot of overlap between gamers who enjoy tabletop RPGs and MMOs and one of the benefits of telling a story through different venues, mediums and systems is that you reach a broader audience, because not all of us like the same things; and I think the story of Ashes is a rich one. And because of that, telling it through multiple mediums is definitely a desire. From a board game perspective, I'm a huge board game nerd. I love playing board games. A lot of us at the office do. I would love to tell the story of Ashes through a board game as well. I would love to tell the story of Ashes through a RTS. I would love to tell it through film and television. There's a lot of ways I think that the story can be told. It doesn't all have to be focused around the return to Verra. There's a lot of different opportunities across the many thousands of years of timeline that Verra's existed that we can tell the story and even other aspects of that.[699]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse early access trailer.[702][703]

The standalone prequel to the upcoming epic MMORPG Ashes of Creation - both a testing ground for new systems and content, as well as a unique last-man-standing action game where magic, steel, and chaos reign supreme in a high fantasy, free-to-play experience.[702]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse (also referred to as APOC)[698] was a free-to-play[485] matchmaking-based arena game with three primary modes.[704]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse utilizes action-based combat.[704][118][120]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale early access testing ended on March 10, 2020.[19]

Ashes of Creation board game

An Ashes of Creation board game may be produced post the launch of the flagship MMORPG.[710]

  • Previously this was scheduled for release at around the time of the MMORPG Beta phase.[700]
Just to be clear, a board game doesn’t impact any mmo development. They are 2 very different sets of employees.[711]Steven Sharif

It is a resource management and combat game with an action economy.[700]

  • Each player chooses a Class and attempts to build a Guild that takes over a server on Ashes of Creation.[700]
  • The more guild members, the more action tokens the guild will receive. These tokens can be spent on actions on the game board and during battles.
  • Guilds gain income by constructing Caravanas.
  • Players have a pool of resources that they keep secret.
    • Followers.
    • Gold.
    • Combat resource (gained from guilds participating in Pvp).

There are several types of combat in the game.[700]

The game comes as a complete set with an adjustable map that players construct every game.[700]

  • The map is comprised of six components that are placed together.
  • The game board is made of zones that evolve as players complete activities and actions.
  • Over forty different buildings can be built.

There game comes with six standardized characters.[700]

  • Players have a character sheet with tracked abilities and skill levels.
  • As a character levels they become more powerful.

Players compete for server firsts.[700]

The game is playable by two to five players.[700]

  • The game will last about 30 minutes per player.

There will be expansions, but the base game can be played stand-alone.[700]

  • Expansions will come with additional map tiles with new locations to gain resources from.
    • Map tiles from expansions can be switched out.
  • Expansions come with additional structures.
  • Expansions will have characters that are race-specific to Ashes of Creation.
    • Each race will have certain advantages and abilities.

The game will probably not be funded by Kickstarter.[700]

The estimated retail price is between $50 and $100 US.[700]

It is undecided if certain editions of the game will come with Cosméticos.[700]

Collector's edition

I have personally considered a limited edition hand painted Phoenix model, with a concept art book autographed by the team as part of a collectors launch package. I cannot promise this, but if I find the right company to create the quality of product I would want it may become a thing. No promises though.[712]Steven Sharif

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