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Scars in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[1]

The cool thing about this character creator is that it's not just intended for your character. It has application with NPCs that you might hire.[2]Steven Sharif

We're gonna use similar tech for implementing things like Animal husbandry.[3]Zachary Mallet

Kaelar Alpha-2 character creation (first pass).[4]

This tech is 100% created in-house at Intrepid and is not metahuman.[5]Steven Sharif

We'll be adding many, many more customization options to the character creator.[6]Cody Peterson

El creador de personajes (o sistema de personalización del personaje) permite a los jugadores establecer la apariencia dentro del juego de los personajes, PNJs contratados; y criaturas principalmente creadas mediante la profesión cría de animales.[2][7]

El creador de personajes de Ashes of Creation está 100% desarrollado por Intrepid Studios y no es MetaHuman.[5]

Algunas características adicionales del creador de personajes incluyen.

  • Habrá funcionalidades o características desbloqueables para personalizar el personaje.[11]
You have that scar because you participated in this siege, or these many sieges; or you have this tattoo because of your of a cultural background, or because of a quest that was accomplished where you're able to get that.[11]Steven Sharif
  • La posibilidad de guardar y compartir personajes con otros personajes..[1][12]
The beauty of it is that you can save your character- and we already have some of those features available- and load them; and in the future we want people to be able to share those characters amongst each other.[1]Margaret Krohn
  • La posibilidad de deshacer cambios (Ctrl + Z), incluyendo cambios que fueron hechos hace varias ediciones.[13][14]
  • La elección de animaciones básicas para el personaje será posible en un futuro.[15]
    • La creación de ciertas animaciones, como guiñar un ojo, estarán disponibles siempre y cuando no interfieran con el proceso de personalización.[16]
  • Ajustar el fondo y su iluminación es una posible funcionalidad en el futuro.[16]
There's going to be a lot of environmental controls that are offered to the character creator so that people can set it up their scene the way they want to grab screenshots or to grab recordings or whatever they want to do.[17]Steven Sharif
  • La asimetría, refiriéndose a la posibilidad de manipular diferentes partes del cuerpo como pueden ser el pelo, la barba, y los ojos.[18]
Asymmetry is going to be functionality that's possible in manipulating either different components of the body or different features like hair. The beard we saw a little bit of that blending with highlights that you can do. Margaret talked a little bit about the eye asymmetry that you can include. Obviously those are going to exist within certain parameters that we want to define on a per-race basis, but it is something that we think is cool.[18]Steven Sharif
  • Los adornos del cuerpo, como los piercings, se permitirán respetando siempre los límites culturales del personaje.[19]
  • Los desarrolladores están valorando la posibilidad de permitir tatuajes cargados por los jugadores.[20]

El objetivo de este creador de personajes es estár al mismo nivel, si no mejorar con creces el de BDO.[21][22]

Aspecto del personaje

Facial adjustments in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[23]

There is a great variation that's going to be available from a character standpoint when creating your character, especially around the face. Whether it be the shape of the jawline, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, the lips. You know we want to provide a lot of options and an agency to the player to customize their character appearance.[24]Steven Sharif

El aspecto del persoanje puede ser personalizada en el creador de personajes (CC)[26] y dentro del propio juego en las peluquerías/barberías.[11][27]

We want there to be a lot of room for people to manifest their own identity, to role play how they want to from an appearance standpoint. There's going to be parameters within which you will be able to customize a character. We want the culture and the identity of the races to exist in a range that makes them easily identifiable from other players and other cultures. So, because of that, we have to have a spectrum you can exist on. There will be a lot of hair variants you can do, body art tattoos that you can apply. You'll be able to play with the scales of the facial structure, the bones, the height, width, the body fat percentage. You'll be able to add body hair on different parts of the body. If you want to have hair on your feet, you can dial that up.[28]Steven Sharif
  • Los modelos de los personajes están pensado para ser realistas.[29]
  • El jugador verá un personaje genérico antes de poder empezar la personalización..[30]
  • Los diseños de los personajes tendrán influencias de una gran variedad de culturas como la europea, africana y asiática.[31]
  • No habrá Lolis en el juego.[32][33]
  • Las barras de desplazamiento junto a otros controles, como paletas de colores, ofrecerán una cierta flexibilidad en la personalización; pero habrá ciertas limitaciones basadas en la raza, género, y las pautas artísticas que los desarrolladores decidan.[34][35][32][36][37]
There's going to be constraints to the sliders, so that was one of those big questions as work began on the character creator: How much agency do you want to allow pulling like the lower lip all the way down in this weird deformed look, or having like [an] offset cheek that's just asymmetrical to the side of the face. There's not going to be the ability or agency to create those types of weird character things. However you will have the ability to move, slide, change, grow, decrease all those components, but they'll be kept in a more reasonable and presented way in the same sense you won't be able to change the appearance of the dwarven, nor the Dünir or the Niküan races to, in my opinion, create what would be traditionally considered a Loli character.[32]Steven Sharif

Aspecto del cuerpo

Vaelune, Dünir and Empyrean Alpha-1 early character model 3D renders.[38]

So many options coming down the road. Our character team continues to refine our customization options![39]Steven Sharif

  • Ajustes preestablecidos del cuerpo:.[40]
    • Tono corporal: Sobrepeso, delgado, musculado.[41][42]
    • Porcentaje de grasa del cuerpo.[28]
    • Estructura ósea.[35][28]

Aspecto de la cabeza

Alpha-2 character creator hair and beard customization (first pass).[49]

Every hair color uses the accent and the fill differently, but usually the fill is the root color and the accent is the tip color.[49]Zachary Mallet

  • Barba.[53][54][28][55]
    • Mentón.[53]
      • Longitud del mentón.[53]
    • Mejillas.[53]
      • Longitud de las mejillas.[53]
    • Labio.[53]
    • Color principal.[53]
    • Color de detalle.[53]
    • Todo(color).[53]
    • Las barbas de las mujeres enanas no serán las mismas que las de los hombres. Será una barba algo más trenzada y no tan voluminosa[28]

Aspecto del rostro

Vek presets in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[56]

Heads will be relatively proportional to the body size, with some limited variability.[57]

  • Rasgos faciales.[59]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de la frente.[59]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de las cejas.[59][44][8]
    • Ajustes preestablecidosde los ojos.[59]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de las orejas.[59]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de las mejillas.[59]
    • Ajustes preestablecidos de la boca.[59]

Detalles del aspecto

Puede que se aplique una "apariencia predeterminada" durante los asedios u otras grandes batallas para mejorar el rendimiento del cliente.[63][64][65]

Character blending

Blending in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[9]

This is more of a large scale macro tool that you can select a couple of presets and then you can get certain features from one preset or different features from a another preset. So you place down your presets and then you can click and drag and morph between those different presets.[9]Zachary Mallet

Character blending allows the combination of two or more presets from the character creator. It allows users to click and drag to morph between the different presets to create customized characters without spending time adjusting each angle of every body part.[9]

Character sculpting

Sculpting in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[66]

Clayton and I tag-teamed on this one. We really wanted to give players that feeling that they were grabbing and pulling and sculpting their own character; especially with more minute details. I mean, it would have been easy to give character- players 100 sliders, but it feels better to have a much more tactile response, like clicking and dragging and pulling all these points around.[67]Zachary Mallet

Sculpting micro adjustments with the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[10]

Zach mentioned how much variation we achieve through the customization features. A lot of that is achieved through what Steven is playing with right now: with these dots that are appearing; and the reason why those are dots instead of the little plates that you see highlighted on the character is because these are actually changing the shape of the character's features altogether. Plates are used for moving things around and it sort of maps exactly to your input; and that's why that pick map or the plates feel so nice. Then you can click on those dots and drag those around and actually change the shape of a feature altogether.[10]Clayton Stamper

Sculpting provides the ability to customize different segments of any part of the body in the character creator.[66]

  • Plates are used for moving features around.[10]
  • Dots are use to change the shape of the character's features altogether.[10]


  • Adjusting the length and proportions of limbs.[66][41]
  • Sizes of calves and thighs.[66][41]
  • Adjustments will allow a character to appear more feminine or masculine.[44]

Apariencia Tulnar

Tulnar character model concept art of the three base influences.[68]

There's a number of minor races and major races that all sought refuge within the Underrealm and we talked about how this particular player character race was going to have a pretty unique approach when it comes to character customization because with that background there comes different species influence in the race itself and we want players to be able to dial up or down those influences as they see fit between the humanoid, the simian or mammalian, and the reptilian influences; and as you dial those things up, your base body- if it exceeds a certain percentage threshold- will assume the form and stance of one of three primary types of influences that exist for the Tulnar. And now what you're going to see is those three distinct influences and you can be of course a hundred percent in one if you wish and you'll be very similar to what you're going to see here from the concepts; or you can mix-and-match and you can blend between the different influences.[69]Steven Sharif

La raza de los Tulnar no tienen subtipos. En su lugar, los jugadores podrán cambiar mucho la apariencia de su personaje en base a las tres "influencias"; o crearle en base a una mezcla de estas tres:[69][70][71][72][73][74]

Las razas tienen una apariencia sobretodo humanoide.[75]

  • Hay componentes felinos y animales que pueden ser customizados cuando se crea un personaje Tulnar; pero los Tulnar no son lo mismo que los furries.[32][71]
  • Los Tulnar tipo Catgirl y Loli no podrán ser creados.[32]
Tulnar do not equal furries, but there are definitely some bestial components that you can scale up when you're creating your Tulnar character, so you could max that setting I guess. Whether or not that would give you what you would think of as a furry, I guess it's going to be up to your interpretation of what a Furry is.[71]Steven Sharif
Q: Will character creator allow us to make Tulnar that might look somewhat like Kobolds from Pathfinder or DnD?
A: I wouldn't say exactly, but there's definitely elements of Kobolds that you could incorporate in a character creator with the Tulnar, yes.[77]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.
  • Los Tulnar mamíferos podrán tener rasgos como hocicos, pelaje o rodillas invertidas.[78]
  • Los Tulnar reptilianos pueden tener ojos más circulares, así como cambiar la forma de su cabeza o la piel escamosa.[78]

Objetos cosméticos

Los objetos cosméticos permiten a los jugadores personalizar sus personajes dentro del juego.[8]

  • Color de los ojos.
  • Color de la piel.
  • Color del pelo.
  • Peinados.
  • Tatuajes.
  • Cicatrices.

También hay disponibles cosméticos que crearan efectos dentro del juego.[79]

Racial skins

Racial skins enable a player to change their character's racial appearance.[80][81]

  • Racial skins transform the race of the character to that skin. The original racial appearance of the character is entirely replaced.[82]
  • Racial skins can be toggled on and off.[81]

You're changing your race over to that, which means that you won't look uniquely different if you were a Vek angel or a Human angel.[82]Steven Sharif

Racial skins are not costumes. This means that armor and character customization is possible on these.[83]

  • Skin color customization.[84]
  • Racial skins appear along with any costume appearances.[85]

There are plans to create other racial skins.[86]

  • Some potential future ideas include undead and werewolf (lycan) skins.[87]


Vestments of the Runecarvers pre-order pack cosmetic costume.[88]

The costume cosmetics that are included in each month's pre-order set are indeed a full piece, and when you put it on it will cover your entire appearance. You will not be able to mix and match/toggle those pieces individually (other than your helmet) when you're wearing the entire costume. This is partially why there is a separate category for accessories - those are able to be worn/equipped on a more individualized basis, so you can mix and match to your liking![89]Sarah Flanagan

Costumes are available for purchase from the cosmetic store.[90]

Full costumes do not mix and match pieces.[95]Steven Sharif

Armor appearance

Alpha-1 female plate armor 3D render.[104]

We want to be realistic with the application of particular types of armor, such as plate armor. In this regard for the different sexes there's a fine line that has to be drawn between accentuating the form of the sex as well as making it somewhat realistic and actually applicable to the environment.[104]Steven Sharif

Se pretende que el equipo tenga una apariencia realista.[105][106]

  • Mo habrá armas sobredimensionadas.[107]
  • Las armaduras no tendrán un aspecto excesivamente sexual.[106]
    I'm more of the mind that it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini plate armor, just in like reality, if you're going to have armor, it should be protective. I think from a fashion statement is enjoyable for some people, but it's a an immersive issue.[105]Steven Sharif
    • Algunas armaduras y disfraces revelarán más que otros, pero no habrá desnudos en el juego.[108]
    There might be sliders, but there are not gonna be naked sliders.[108]Steven Sharif

Las armaduras adoptarán unaapariencia racial.[109] Las armas escalarán su tamaño en función de la raza.[110]

Each race is getting its custom geo pieces, which then will share thematic components such as color palette, attachments, design filigree. Those types of things will get shared across the geo but generally you're going to see unique races with unique geo.[111]Steven Sharif

  • Los cosméticos pueden ser usados por todas las razas, pero puede que haya ligeros cambios para que se vean bien con las diferentes complexiones corporales de cada raza.[100]

Los jugadores pueden cambiar el color del equipo usando tintes.[112][113]

Se puede configurar que se vea el casco o no.[114]

  • El peinado puede quedar oculto si se activa la visualización del casco.[115]

Los "efectos de partículas" se usan para denotar la importancia y la rareza de algunas armas.[116]

Los artesanos pueden influir en el aspecto de los objetos que crean.[117][118]

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Las armas se pueden enfundar.[119]

Ranuras de apariencia / Transmogs

El equipo tendrá ranuras de apariencia (Transmutación/Transmog/ranuras de cosmeticos) que se utilizarán para copiar la apariencia de un objeto (en algunos casos).[120][121]

  • Hay ciertas reglas a la hora de aplicar cosméticos a objetos específicos a diferencia de los disfraces, que no tienen restricción de nivel.[97]
  • El jugador puede activar o desactivar las ranuras de cosméticos.[122]
  • Puede que se aplique una "apariencia por defecto del jugador" durante los asedios u otras batallas a gran escala para mejorar el rendimiento del lado del cliente.[63][64]
Cosmetics, whether purchased from the shop or earned in game, are an important component of MMORPGS I personally enjoy; and there's a lot of collectors out there who spend a great deal of time either in-game achieving these things or spend money purchasing them from the cosmetic only marketplace; and we don't want to demean or reduce that achievement or that expenditure. So it's going to be situational where the default appearance will be applied and can be activated.[63]Steven Sharif


Se pueden desbloquear estos extras como piezas de adorno de la armadura para crear un aspecto personalizado.[123]

  • Habrá cientos de estos accesorios disponibles, desde un pequeño broche, hasta la placa frontal de una coraza.[123]


Los desarrolladores pretenden tener el creador de personajes disponible para los jugadores antes del lanzamiento de la Alpha-2.[124][21][125][126]

We aim to have the character creator in the hands of players before the release of Alpha Two.[124][21][125][126]


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