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Parcelas in Alpha-1.[1]

The whole goal of the freehold system is to give everything a purpose and not just have it be like "oh this is my pretty design", but it's a design towards something for your character- towards something for the world.[2]Jeffrey Bard

Las Parcelas son zonas de alojamiento de jugadores de un tamaño considerable que se pueden ubicar dentro de la zona de influencia (ZOI) de una Aldea (escenario 3) o superior.[4]

  • Las parcelas están limitadas a una por cuenta.[5]
  • Las parcelas tienen un tamaño aproximado de half an acre|medio acre.[6]
  • Las expansiones y mejoras estarán disponibles a medida que el nodo avance allows.[6]
  • Las parcelas no se pueden vender a otros jugadores.[8]
  • Se requieren planos para la construcción de los edificios de las parcelas que sirven para procesar recursos y convertirlos en bienes procesados.[9][10][11][12][13]
    • El mejor nivel de procesado solo se puede realizar en parcelas, por lo que obtener una parcela requerirá un gran esfuerzo.[14]
    If a player wants to achieve a freehold they can achieve the freehold, however the amount of effort resources and time that's required in order to achieve that freehold is a large amount. It is something that is a monumental achievement for you to to get that freehold; and the reason why is because freeholds tie in very heavily to the processing artisanship aspect. Some processing can be done in nodes, but the best processing is done on freeholds; and we want to make sure that there's a little bit of a throttle or gate on the amount of effort that's necessary to achieve that influence over the processing market.[14]Steven Sharif
    Just because the freehold is very difficult to attain doesn't mean that you don't have a space for housing and furniture that you can achieve through our apartment system or an inn or the static in-node housing. Those are alternate methods as well but they do not have that aspect of the best processing is done on the freehold.[9]Steven Sharif

El sistema de parcelas interactua con otros muchsos sistemas del juego.[15]

Freehold placement

Parcelas may be placed anywhere within the ZOI of a stage 3 node (or higher) so long as they are not in close proximity to any of the following:[17]

Freehold plots will require a certificate from the parent node in order to place the plot.[21]

  • The current design allows placement of freeholds anywhere in the ZOI of the node that the certificate was purchased from, including its vassal nodes. This may change as the result of testing.[22]
Depending on where you achieved- where you procured the certificate from, as long as it is either in the parent or the vassal area, it could be a part of either. You give that declaration when you lay down the freehold. But like I said, that may change because we are actively defining a different approach on some of the vassal systems.[22]Steven Sharif

The more advanced a node is, the more freeholds can be built within its ZOI.[4]

  • Ample space will be available to place freeholds in the ZOI of a village node.[23]

Collections of freeholds placed together are considered part of their parent node and do not become a separate node, other than via roleplay.[24]

Freehold benefits

Player housing offers a number of benefits:[8][25] Each different type of housing offers different benefits.[26]

Parcelas offer the following additional benefits.

Freehold buildings

Freehold buildings can be placed on a freehold plot.[4][36]

Buildings will require blueprints and materials.[21]

  • Basements in freehold buildings are to be decided.[37]

Freehold buildings will not change in terms of footprint (within a specific tier of that building) but may increase in height.[7]

  • Certain buildings will have multiple tiers, with different footprint sizes. For example: Small, medium, large, to mansion-sized homes.[7]
    • A mansion sized home may occupy up to 50% of a freehold plot.[7]

Freehold building architecture is based on the blueprint for the building.[38]

  • Cosmetics can also be applied to a blueprint based on the type of building.[38]
  • Players are not locked into any particular race for freehold blueprints.[39]

The way we look at it is the freehold is your space so we want you to be able to make it look the way you want it to.[38]Jeffrey Bard

Freehold building placement

There may be a grid-based system that freehold owners can use to place items/props and buildings on their freehold plot.[40][6]

  • Players will need to manage how these are arranged to maximize adjacency bonuses.[6]

Depending on where your place you're freehold, you're gonna have different environmental tiles available to you and those will kind of enable or buff existing structures that you place in your Freehold... I don't know that we would put like fish farming just for a freehold that's on a river. What we would probably do is give you a buff to fishing in that area. That kind of a thing. So there'll be more buffs for existing things rather than necessarily a special buildings just for that area. But again we're not fully baked in on that system yet, so it's very possible though we end up going down that direction.[41]Jeffrey Bard

Naming buildings

Buildings will be able to be named. The custom name will appear as floating text when it is targeted.[42]

Housing decorations

Los jugadores pueden decorar sus viviendas y otro tipo de edificios.[45]

  • Se podrán mostrar objetos valiosos, como logros y trofeos.[25]
  • Los personajes podrán interactuar con elementos del mobiliario, como sentarse en sillas o tumbarse en camas.[49]
  • Los jugadores no podrán alterar aspectos estructurales como ventanas y paredes.[28]
  • Es posible que haya objetos decorativos que representen armas únicas disponibles en el juego.[50]

Los muebles de calidad se pueden fabricar en el juego según la habilidad del artesano.[51]

  • Los objetos de decoración con funcionalidad dentro del juego estarán restringidos por completo a los creados por la profesión de Carpintería.[28]

Your ability to craft more luxurious furniture comes with how much of a master craftsman you've become in the furnishing profession... This isn't like you know, I want my house to look good, I got to fork over 50 bucks in cosmetics... Players can craft in-game based on their dedication and focus in that aspect the artisan tree.[51]Steven Sharif

Freehold building skins

Themed freehold skins were offered as Kickstarter and El verano de la financiación rewards and are sold through the cosmetic store.[52][53]

I had a meeting with the Design Team the other day (as they are working on further details for the Freehold System) to help clarify some of the answers to the questions y'all have been asking, and they will be sending me information. Once I receive this, I will be working on a content update to reflect that information, and going forward, we will provide those details on each individual cosmetic item. Updating all the past items to provide more clarity on what in-game item types you can place the cosmetics on will take time once this process begins, so please bare with us as we start from present to past items, updating their information.[56]Margaret Krohn

Freehold professions


Horno that can be placed on a freehold.[13]

Procesamiento is one of the artisan classes in Ashes of Creation.[13]

That's going to be very important as you get to very late game processed materials that are required. Because some of these things might have days to process within a station, but if you have spent the time and done the work to advance that processing station you could cut that down considerably, perhaps even greater than 50 percent; and that's going to have a significant impact on your ability to either control markets or to create goods.[11]Steven Sharif
  • There will be a preparatory phase to provide the building with needed fuel or other materials to process the required grade of materials.[10]
Processing as it stands for Alpha-2's implementation is that there is a certain amount of prep work that's required first for the industry-specific component, which is the building. That prep work might be finding a certain amount of lumber to light the fire in kiln or whatever, to a certain temperature in order for you to process a certain grade of ore; and that grade of ore being malleable then into an ingot; and that produces that ingot so-to-speak. Now, in that process there's a gathering component, there's a preparatory phase, there is a time-related component.[10]Steven Sharif
  • There will also be time-related and gameplay elements that require the player to interact with the processing building. These elements act to throttle for the introduction of processed materials from raw gatherables into the economy.[10]
There's also possibilities that the machine you're using itself has some type of gameplay layer- should the kiln get overheated, and you have to throw some water on it or something. There are elements there in that process that we want to mimic this gameplay opportunity for players to interact; and not just be a time-sink. But time-sink is also a component of it as well, because that's the throttle for the introduction of processed materials from raw gatherables into the economy.[10]Steven Sharif

Progresión de las parcelas (Freehold)

Los edificios del freehold pueden subir de nivel en función de la duración y productividad del mismo freehold.[62]

We want there to be progression in many systems and part of the freehold progression is that when you establish these base buildings the longer and more productive you are and exist with that freehold, the more opportunity those buildings will have to both level up: offering new bonuses, new abilities, new capabilities; and just surviving in this world is a feat in and of itself, so it's rewarded by allowing progression with those things.[62]Steven Sharif

Business chains

There's no reason why you couldn't license your name to somebody else who also has a freehold and who also has an Inn and work together.[63]Jeffrey Bard


Las tabernas ofrecen servicios por niveles.[61]

Cuanto más tiempo esté la taberna en funcionamiento, y más clientes atienda, más rápido subirá de nivel.[64][61]

Q: What benefits do players receive for taking on the role of a tavern owner?
A: You will get noticeability with regards to your creations because that will be displayed to the characters that consume those things; but, in addition, you can get certain types of itemization rewards depending on the number of patrons that you serve. You can also reap economic rewards, such as gold from the inn that you are selling your goods at. And then you can unlock access to certain types of recipes and or vendors based on the level of reputation you build up in that particular node.[64]Steven Sharif

Freehold farms

Alpha-1 freehold farm.[3]

Crops are intended in Ashes to be a rotational profession that is dependent on having the appropriate seedlings and/or any of the necessary tools.[57]Steven Sharif

Freehold expansions and upgrades are available as node progression allows. Some of these improvements affects the size of freehold farm plots available for crop planting.[6]

  • Artisan freehold features are also affected by adjacent terrain features. For example: building next to a river provides a nearby source of clean freshwater, and will have a positive effect on crops.[65]


Alpha-1 Fishery on a freehold plot.[3]

You actually see there a small pond, which is actually another type of farmable area that we're going to have available on the freehold system, which is essentially a fishery so to speak. So you know fish play an important role from a raw gatherables a standpoint, but also again because a lot of the components of the freehold system are intended to be processing of raw materials, you know the fishery allows for a focus on specific type of fish gatherables that may only be gathered through the fishery blueprint.[57]Steven Sharif

A fishery is a farmable area that can be placed on a freehold plot. A fishery allows gathering of fish that are unique to the fishery blueprint.[57]

Freehold security

A permissions system will enable an owner to grant access to specific parts of their housing.[66][67][68]

A property has a single owner.[66]

It'll be a single owner based system for those types of properties- for properties in general, but it doesn't prevent players obviously from you know collaborating and pooling resources in order to achieve certain achievements in the game.[66]Steven Sharif

Players cannot steal from a freehold under normal circumstances.[75]

  • Items stored in a Freehold may become lootable after a successful siege against their parent Node.

Players cannot Pvp while inside (the footprint of)[76] a freehold (except following a successful node siege).[77][78]

The freehold is intended to be a protected area unless there is a siege and the town gets destroyed. If the town gets destroyed, the freehold's up for grabs and it becomes a PvP area.[77]Steven Sharif
  • NPC guards may be available for hire to defend freeholds after a successful node siege.[80] NPC guards that permanently exist on a freehold are not a planned feature.[78]
Q: We were discussing in chat earlier about freeholds and whether or not a person would be safe in their home or within the entirety of their freehold from getting player killed?
A: I think our initial testing is going to revolve around the footprint of their freehold and then we'll take into consideration the metrics gleaned from that testing.[76]Steven Sharif

Permission to decorate a freehold is restricted to the owner of the freehold.[69]

  • Previously it was stated that permission to decorate but not take anything from the house would be able to be assigned to other players.[67]

Shared access

Players may grant shared access to certain freehold services to a limited number of other players, such as access to their processing centers.[81]

Freehold destructibility

Las parcelas podrán ser atacadas por cualquier jugador[82] durante las dos horas siguientes [83] de un asedio satisfactoruio contra su nodo madre.[80]

  • Los jugadores y sus aliados podrán defender su parcela durante este período de tiempo.[80]
  • Diferentes estructuras y guardiass se pueden conseguir para defender la parcela durante este tiempo.[80]

Después del período de dos horas de combate abierto después de un asedio a un nodo satisfactorio, cualquier parcela que quede permanecerá durante un perído de gracia de apenas una semana donde otro nodo puede tomas posesión de la zona de influencia de la parcela.[82][83]

  • El propietario de la parcela deberá iniciar una misión para que su parcela sea adoptada por un nuevo nodo si es que existe.[82]
  • Al terminar el período de gracia, si la parcela no está dentro de la zona de influencia de un nodo en fase 3 (Aldea) o superior, será destruído.[84]
  • Los jugadores que se han registrado como defensores de su nodo no pueden saquear sus propias parcelas destruídas.[85]

If a siege is successful, then the Node is brought down to Level 0, and anyone who was a citizen of that Node is no longer a citizen. Freeholds within the Zone of Influence are subject to a period of vulnerability. These Freeholds can be destroyed by other players during a period of roughly 2 hours after a successful siege. Destroyed Freeholds are subject to material loss, and blueprints for them are mailed to the player to utilize for future placement in order to allow the player to keep their Freehold’s layout and structure. Once the vulnerability period is complete, any remaining Freeholds will exist under a grace period for roughly 1 week where another Node may take over the Zone of Influence of the Freehold.[83]Margaret Krohn

Housing designs

El diseño de las viviendas de los jugadores así como las decoraciones son guardados y se pueden volver a colocar de nuevo si la vivienda es destruída durante el asedio al nodo.[86][87]

  • Los planos se envían por correo al jugador para emplearlos en el futuro en una nueva localización.[83]
  • Las parcelas destruídas pueden perder materiales.[83]
  • Los certificados servirán de seguimiento de los principales hitos (por ejemplo Hornos y Haciendas).[86][87]
  • Una posible idea de diseño es que, artículos como los muebles se coloquen en cajas a las que se puede acceder desde el interior de la nueva vivienda.[88]

Destrucción de edificios de nodo

Destructible castle.[89]

You could be more precision oriented in the decision to attack a city. Let's say it's a rival node that's trying to reach you know a node stage five or something and you want to disable their ability for the religious system to progress so you target the temple during the attack, or you want to disable their scholars academy from reaching a higher level so that your nodes can; or you want to disable multiple buildings that allow for experience and quests to be undertaken by its citizenship, which prevents them from keeping up in pace of experience gained with your node. These can be more precision oriented and don't have to effectualize an actual takeover of the node.[90]Steven Sharif

Los edificios de nodo (incluyendolas casas de los jugadores) tienen puntos de golpe y pueden ser dañados o destruidos de diferentes formas.[91][92]

Si un edificio sufre más de, aproximadamente, un 25% de daño, cualquier PNJ o servicio ofrecido por ese edificio no estará disponible hasta que el edificio haya sido reparado.[92]

  • Los jugadores deben reparar los edificios dañados (o reconstruir los destruidos) para reactivar los servicios de esos edificios en particular.[91][92][94]
    • Los ciudadanos necesitarán obtener los recursos necesarios para reparar y reconstruir las infraestructuras dañadas.[92][94]
    • Los edificios más avanzados requerirán más recursos para ser reparados. Es probable que losalojamientos dentro del nodo requieran una menor cantidad de recursos para su reparación.[95]

Los edificios que sufren daños significativos se destruyen y aparecen como escombros en el terreno que ocupaban.[91]

  • El gobierno del nodo debe limpiar cualquier escombro de las parcelas antes de poder reconstruir cualquier edificio. Cualquier requisito previo para la construcción del edificio debe cumplirse de antemano.[91]
    Buildings also live within a prerequisite system. So in order to build down the tech tree of what these buildings provide, as the node grows larger to access stronger building types, you may get a kink in that chain if it's destroyed and you'll have to stand that back up in order to support the service again.[91]Steven Sharif
  • Si el nodo es destruido por un asedio, el campo de escombros que quede contendrá botín que los vencedores del asedio podrán saquear.[96][92][97][98]

Guild freeholds

When a guild reaches a certain level, its guild master is granted a guild freehold certificate to enable placement of a guild hall.[100]

Underrealm freeholds

Recursos will be different in the Reino subterráneo.[58]

  • This will affect Farming and Animal husbandry professions.
  • Since players may only have one Freehold, they must choose their Artisan specializations accordingly if they wish to place it in the Underrealm.

Housing types

Player housing Tipo. Disponibilidad. Disponibilidad inicial. Límite.
Apartamentos Instanciado.[4] Fase de Aldea o superior.[102] 50.[23] Uno por personaje character por server.[5]
Parcelas Mundo abierto.[4] Fase de Aldea o superior.[4] Abundante.[23] Uno por cuenta.[5]
Alojamiento persistente Dentro del nodo.[4] Fase de Aldea o superior.[4] 8.[23] Uno por personaje por servidor.[5]

Real estate

Los jugadores compran las escrituras del alojamiento en el mismo nodo.[103] Los jugadores también pueden comprar y vender propiedades de otros jugadores.[4]

  • La vivienda tiene un precio base, que escalará en función del número de ciudadanos en el nodo.[104]
  • Los desarrolladores están considerando un sistema de subastas para listar las nuevas propiedades disponibles cuando el nodo avance.[106]
    • Habrá un período de gracia antes de la que vivienda esté disponible para subasta.[106]
    • A partir de ese momento se aceptarán ofertas a partir de un precio mínimo de reserva basado en el número de ciudadanos de ese nodo.[106]
    • Al final de la subasta, el mejor postor ganará la casa.[106]
  • El alojamiento persistente y los apartmentos pueden ser vendidos a otros jugadores.[8][107]
    • No hay límite a los precios para las ventas de viviendas creadas por los jugadores.[26]
    • Las viviendas de los jugadores que sond estruidas durante un asedio no pueden ser vendidas.[99]
    • Las parcelas no se pueden vender a otros jugadores.[8] Esta opción está sujeta a cambios en función de como vaya el testeo.[108]

There's no cap essentially in player originated sales. Those are determined essentially by supply and demand as it is within the game and there's no artificial barrier to how high that demand can go.[26]Steven Sharif

  • La propiedad de la vivienda puede regresas automaticamente al nodo si el propietario no realiza los pagos de los impuestos de la misma. Al nuevo comprador de la vivienda se le cobrará una penalización de "proceso de ejecución hipotecaria".[104]
  • Los jugadores no podrán salirse del espacio de su vivienda.[109]

This will allow players to transfer real property goods. This includes ... static housing, this includes apartments that they may own; and they can sell those because those will have a limited and finite quantity.[109]Steven Sharif

Los conceptos de alquiler y arrandamiento están ahora mismo bajo consideración.[109]

Some concepts that we have is going to be rental or leases that could be had allowing players to kind of lease a property for a period of time where they will have control rights over utilizing storage based on the area, controlling the furniture or access point; all that kind of stuff.[109]Steven Sharif


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