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Castillos del gremio

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Guild castle Alpha-1 early preview.[1]

With five Castles in the world, and each having been owned by different civilizations from the far-flung past of Verra, you can expect that each Castle has its own character. Different terrains and different layouts will result in each Castle having its own advantages and disadvantages. Just because you have managed to take one Castle will not mean that your strategies will pan out in the next. Commanders will have to take into consideration the lay of the land, time of day, weather, and even seasons into account when forming their battle plans.[2]

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Five guild castles exist in Ashes of Creation.[3][2][4]

While the hard structural environment is static and not able to be- you're not building a castle if you own a castle, you're inheriting a historic ruined castle that is representative of the past because it has some tie-in to specific types of powers that we haven't gotten into from a lore perspective yet but we haven't expressed to the community. That's something that we're going to leave for the community to find out when they play. But when you place mercenaries and you place those blockades and you place those traps, that affects the level design of the castle according to the strategy you might use to defend it.[3]Steven Sharif
These Castles are occupied when players arrive on Verra, and their current inhabitants will have to be removed before any player can claim them. Castles will be dangerous and high-level raid zones until they can be cleared, and the first group of players to do so will gain the Castle as their reward.[2]

Zonas de castillos


Los castillo de gremio ejercen influencia sobre una zona de castillos a su alrededor.[18]

Castle taxes

Castles have direct power over the Nodes that belong to it, but also have soft power across the entire region it belongs to. All Nodes belonging to that region pay fealty to the Castle in the form of taxes paid directly to the Castle. The Monarch sets the rate, and can use those proceeds to upgrade defenses, maintain the Castle’s direct Nodes, or provide buffs and benefits to the citizens of that region, as the magnanimous ruler that you are.[2]

Castillos del gremio impose a tax on all revenue for the nodes within its region.[23][24]

Castles have the ability to allocate taxes collected from nodes under them toward certain benefits that go back to the node. Or they can be more selfishly governed that treasury more towards the guild that owns it and that obviously is going to have some political implications, because it could- if you're not using it for the benefit of the people in the region they might rise up and help take you out from that that position of owning that castle.[23]Steven Sharif

Benefits of guild castles

Guild castle concept art.[2]

It's a reciprocal relationship between the castle and its nodes essentially. There are benefits granted to citizens of the castle; and the longer that the castle remains in the hands of its incumbent guild, the stronger the benefits become overall. But at the same time that represents a greater incentive to attack the castle because the rewards will get greater over time also.[1]Steven Sharif

Castillos del gremio provide benefits and trophies for guilds that capture and control them.[1][30]

  • These benefits increase the longer a guild holds its castle.[1]

There are levers and dials that are present to both the owners of Castles as well as the elected officials of Nodes that during their administration they have the ability to impact and influence the region around them.[31]Steven Sharif

Guild castles exert a King or Queen's presence over nodes within their region.[1][31][32]

Nodos de castillo

One of the 5 guild castles is located on an island, depicted with its 3 adjacent castle nodes.[12][13]

Should you be deft enough to take a Castle, you’ll now be responsible for managing it. Castles will have their own Nodes associated with them, and developing and defending those Nodes will determine the state of your Castle during the next siege. If you’ve done a good job managing your kingdom, then you’ll have more and better options available for deployment during the next siege. If you let your populace fall to ruin, you may have to rely solely on your own devices.[2]

Los castillos del gremio tienen tres nodos en las proximidades.[4][33]El gremio debe desarrollar esos nodos para mejorar las defensas del castillo.[4] Será posible, pero muy difícil, que un solo gremio desarrolle por completo estos nodos. Es probable que necesiten ayuda de la comunidad en general.[34]

Once the castle is owned by a guild that's when the supporting castle nodes start to come online and spawn each week prior to the fourth week castle siege. They'll have to form alliances, they'll have to get support, they'll have to get resources, they'll be able to allocate funds that have been collected through taxation in order to strengthen the defenses as well as hiring additional NPC mercenaries.[36]Steven Sharif

Los nodos de castillo suben de nivel a través de misiones por parte del gremio propietario o gremios de la alianza.[33]

  • Subir de nivel los nodos del castillo es más rápido en comparacón con los nodos normales.[15]
  • Al final de cada semana previa a los asedios a castillos hay un periodo de tiempo en el fin de semana donde las caravanas generadas por PNJs comienzan a moverse hacia uno de los nodos de castillo llevando los impuestos del castillo desde los nodos que están en el dominio del castillo.[1][37]
    • Durante este tiempo, es deber del gremio propietario, sus alianzas, y ciudadanos de estos nodos a escoltar estas caravanas al nodo de castillo.[1]
    • Los enemigos del gremio tienen incentivos para atacar esta caravana recogiendo las ganancias de la caravana y sabotear la recogida de impuestos, lo cual, reducirá las capacidad defensiva de los nodos de castillo y, por consecuencia, a los propios castillos .[1][33]
    • Los ciudadanos de estos nodos están bajo la influencia del castillo y están automáticamente registrados como defensores de estas caravanas y no pueden participar en ataques contra estas.[1]
  • Al completar estas misiones, se desbloquean servicios y funciones que son útiles al gremio ocupante y sus aliados además de potenciar las defensas del castillo.[33]

If they fail to to level up those nodes or complete those quests within the three prior weeks before the declaration week, then the castle will be at a disadvantage.[33]Steven Sharif

Ser miembro de un gremio ocupante te convierte automáticamente en guarnición de los nodos de castillo y del propio castillo.[4]

Asedios a castillos

Alpha-1 castle siege gameplay.[39]

Throughout Ashes of Creation, the player has an opportunity to participate in massively multiplayer siege warfare. Since castles are likely the world’s most limited resource, it will be a task to secure and hold them. Involving hundreds of players on a single battlefield, our sieges will employ many moving parts and intricate design features. Because of the difficult nature of taking and keeping a castle there are great rewards available to the players for their efforts. Castles will allow players to exert control over nearby lands and allow for the development of unique buildings in the nearby towns.[40]

Los gremios participan en asedios a castillos en un intento por capturar y ocupar uno de los cinco castillos de gremio en Ashes of Creation.[4]

  • El objetivo mínimo es que haya 250x250 jugadores en un mismo campo de batalla. Se espera que, con el tiempo, pueda aumentarse a 500x500.[44][45][46][47]
  • Habrá sistemas que imiten algunas de las mecánicas de los asedios, pero no habrá asedios de práctica.[48]
  • Es posible que haya zonas instanciadas dentro de los asedios a castillos y nodos de mundo abierto, donde grupos específicos puedan participar en pequeñas batallas de corta duración basadas en objetivos que afectarán al resultado general del asedio.[49]
    • Anteriormente se había afirmado que los asedios a castillos podrían o no ser (completamente) instanciados en el juego final.[8]
    • Los asedios a castillos durante el Alfa-1 se producían en una zona de mundo abierto a la que se podía acceder a través de un PNJ teletransportado.[9][10][8][11]

Un gremio que capture un castillo será dueño de ese castillo durante un mes antes de que vuelva a ser asediado.[50][15]

Each week leading up to the siege week... is a week that's dedicated to one of the three castle dedicated nodes. So around the castle there are three nodes. They represent week, one, two, and three; and then the fourth week is the siege against the castle. Those can only be elevated up to stage three. We've discussed this in the past and there's definitely information out there on the community ran wiki.[50]Steven Sharif
  • En las tres primeras semanas que un gremio ocupe un castillo tendrá que subir de nivel cada uno de sus nodos de castillo hasta la fase de aldea mediante misiones.[50][15]
    • Cada uno de los tres nodos de castillo tiene un asedio al final de cada una de estas tres semana.[15][38]
  • La cuarta semana es la semana de la declaración de asedio, en la que otros gremios tienen la oportunidad de colocar su bandera de declaración o apuntarse como defensor del castillo.[50][15]
  • En función de lo bien que el gremio defienda sus nodos del castillo, mejorarán las defensas del castillo.[15][38]
  • Diferentes armas de asedio otorgarán a los atacantes la capacidad de destruir muros, puertas y secciones del castillo para acceder a la zona del torreón interior.[33]
  • Cuando los castillos cambian de manos (trás un asedio), algunos impuestos se quedan en el castillo y otros en el gremio.[29]
There will be benefits to attracting people... even if they're not in your guild or alliance – a feudal like system, where you can attract other players who are just independent of this whole politic. They will have things to do there - benefits to receive - and there will be a reciprocal relationship between who you can attract, what they do for you; and how that benefits you and them.[15]Steven Sharif

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Kings and Queens

Leaders of guilds that occupy guild castles are referred to as Kings and Queens.[52]

Establos reales

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Establos reales are a type of building in Ashes of Creation.[54]

  • Castles come with a royal stables.[54]
  • Alcaldes can choose to build royal stables within their node. Once chosen, the community will need to build the stables through quests.[54]
  • Royal mounts must be mounted in a royal stables in order to fly.[54]

The royal mounts will be the only class of mounts that can fully fly in the world; and they are will be needed to be mounted while in a royal stables. Royal stables are a building that can be built in a node if elected to be built by the mayor and supported by the community building it up through the quests to do so; and castles come with a royal stable as well. So once you have a royal stable and you become that Mayor or King or Queen, you may then mount the creature there and then take it wherever you wish.[54]Steven Sharif

Guild housing

The term "guild housing" refers to guild buildings and not guild owned player housing.[55]

Sala del gremio

Las Salas de Gremio sirven como punto de encuentro para un gremio, ofreciendo una serie de beneficios y opciones de personalización.[57]

  • Una sala de gremio solo alberga a un único gremio.[63]

¡Las salas de gremio son la máxima expresión del poder de un gremio! En Ashes, estas estructuras servirán como puntos focales para un gremio, ofreciendo a cualquier gremio que las construya una gran cantidad de beneficios, así como opciones de personalización.[57]


info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Sala del gremio unlock actions a guild can perform within a node.[64]

Fortalezas del gremio

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Fortalezas del gremio are siegable guild halls within Ashes of Creation. These are different from nodes and castles.[62]

  • Guild fortresses are objectives in guild wars.[61] These are contested on a regular basis.[58]
  • The developers will decide if guild fortresses will be implemented in the game or shelved.[58]
The fortress design is also something that might be on the shelf. We haven't decided yet. We're going to look into it, but the idea behind the fortress is that this is a competitive guild hall so to speak where you have to contend for it on a regular basis so to speak; or can be taken from you necessarily. Whereas the guild hall is a structure similar to freehold structure can only be taken through successful sieges against a node per-se are not taken but destroyed.[58]Steven Sharif


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