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Military nodes

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Military nodes are focused on combat and class training.[1]

Potentially one of the contenders for our Military Metropolis unique benefits would be access to a kind of hero system based cross-server competition for specific archetypes, but we're still in discussions about that.[2]Steven Sharif

Military nodes enable Cazarrecompensas and reduced duration of corruption.[3][4]


Mayors of military nodes are chosen from citizens through last man standing (gladiatorial arena style) combat.[5][6][7]

  • An idea currently under consideration is to have players build out a champion that they can then fight in the arena, rather then using their regular characters. These champions can be equipped with gear and skills via quests, along with materials and gold to make the champion stronger.[8]
  • The reason for the champion idea is because the game isn't balanced for 1v1 Pvp. Utilizing champions makes arena combat more of a level playing ground.[8]
  • Arena style combat is instanced but spectators may be possible through an interface.[9]

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