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Asedios de nodos (Pre-alpha footage).[1]

As some areas in the world grow, others will fall. This is the foundation of the living, breathing world that is Ashes of Creation, where players will have the ability to make important decisions that matter in the longevity of an area becoming a city, or whether to siege a rival town. Rise above the ashes, create the world around you, and be a part of the story that unfolds because of your actions and decisions.[2]Margaret Krohn

Los asedios a los nodos permiten a los jugadores destruir nodos.[2] Esto facilita el camino para el avance y acceso al contenido bloqueado de los nodos circundantes. Debido a esta dinámica, los conflictos e intrigas políticas juegan un papel muy importante en la estructura del mundo.[3]

  • Asediar un nodo no será una tarea sencilla para los atacantes. Las ciudades y las metrópolis dispondrán de una ventaja defensiva considerable.[3]
  • No habrá asedios de prueba, o prácticas de asiedio, aunque si que habrá sistema que simularán algunas de sus mecánicas.[4]
If you own a home in a node and you don't want to see that home destroyed, you need to defend that city![6]Steven Sharif

Siege defenses

Alcaldes will be able to allocate resources to bolster node siege defenses.[8][9][10]

Equilibrio de los asedios

There are points of balance that we want to incorporate, such as the defense mechanisms that the defenders have, the types of buffs that are acquired through completing killing the bosses, or capturing control points, the stages before a siege when it comes to those node progressions in the preceding weeks: Those are all going to be balanced considering all things being equal between the two sides. But obviously we're not going to control the state of gear acquisition that one side might have as an advantage over the other. There might be a much better geared team over there. There might be a much better coordinated team. There might be a higher number of individuals who are part of the attacking or the defense. Those are components that we aren't necessarily going to put on railroads so-to-speak. But the aspects of design that we can talk about like the hit point health of a particular wall or door, or mercenaries that can be hired; what's their cost, what's their damage output: Those are things yes we're going to balance. But obviously anything that's player dependent or that has player interaction and activity and determination you can't always balance; and you don't want to balance. Those aspects you leave those to the players.[15]Steven Sharif

Declaring a node siege

Asedios de nodos are declared directly by any player[16] who completes the prerequisites for the siege initiation.[17] Sieges are started via a siege scroll, which is acquired through a quest that scales in difficulty with respect to the level of the node. A substantial investment is required to attain the siege scroll.[18][2][19]

  • Siege scrolls are specific to the node that is named on the scroll.[20]
    • The lifetime of the scroll begins when the node is named on the scroll.[20]
      • Currently, if the scroll's lifetime is less than the siege cooldown remaining on that node, the scroll will be wasted, but this may change in future.[21]
    • The Mayor is notified when their node is named on a siege scroll.[20]
    The method right now is when you complete a quest line and you're going to receive the scroll, you must stipulate the node that that scroll is valid for and then there is a lifetime on the scroll.[20]Steven Sharif
    • It was previously stated that siege scrolls were specific to a node stage.[22]
  • Once the siege scroll is brought to the node and is activated, the declaration period begins and a countdown is initiated for players in the region to see. This countdown runs for a number of days equal to the stage of the node being sieged.
  • Once the countdown is complete, the siege begins.[2]
    • Node citizens that renounce their citizenship during the declaration period may incur penalties.[25]
  • Siege scrolls are not able to be modified after they are obtained.[26]

The questing that is incorporated as part of attaining that particular scroll is very particular to the type of scroll you're attempting to acquire and that is inclusive not just of the materials required as part of that questing but also the time associated with completing that quest, because we want there to be a reciprocal relationship between how much time it takes to stand up a node of the particular size and the types of quests that are required in order to attain the siege scroll. So there won't be a method by which you can first attain a scroll for a lower level node and then increase or augment or change that scroll after you've completed the quest. You'll have to go through a new quest again for the type of level of node you want.[26]

Sieging will require a similar amount of resources and time to what it took to develop the node being sieged.[27]

A node siege may not be declared for 21 days following a node advancing to any stage.[28][29]

  • This was previously stated to apply only to nodes advancing to Aldea (escenario 3), not higher stages.[30]

There are new functionalities and mechanisms that come online when a node advances and you want to provide both time for elected governments to take place, which then have direct consequences and choices to be made over defensive capabilities and also gives provides time for that node to collect and receive resources through taxation and/or quests for its citizens to participate in, so that it has available treasury funds and/or resources to allocate towards defensive structures and other types of defensive systems. So it would make sense that if there were to be an occurrence where node advances within that window, that window is reset again for the new stage because there are new correlating services and functions available.[29]Steven Sharif

During the declaration period, individuals or guilds can register to attack or defend providing they meet the criteria.[18][19]

  • The player who originally declared the siege cannot exclude anyone from joining the attack.[18]
  • Citizens of the node or provincial nodes being attacked are automatically registered as defenders.[31]
  • Players do not need to be citizens of the node in order to register as defenders, but they cannot be citizens of a node that is at war with the node they wish to defend.[32]
  • Citizens of allied nodes cannot register to attack.[33]

Many services are shut down during the siege declaration period, and instead are replaced by preparation quests or services for the siege.[34]

That incentivizes even further the necessity of players to contribute to the defense of a city. It also elevates the need for that city to politically gain allies among other nodes so that they can protect the collective goods of the citizens.[37]Steven Sharif

  • During the siege virtually all services are suspended.[34]
  • If a node levels up during the declaration period, the level up will affect the node system for neighboring nodes, but the leveling wont occur until a short time after the siege.[40][41]

Horario de máxima audiencia del servidor

Los eventos de PvP basados en objetivos como los asedios a nodos, los asedios a castillos, las guerras de gremios, y las guerras de nodostendrán lugar en un horario de máxima audiencia en algún momento entre las 15:00 y las 21:00, hora del servidor. Esto está sujeto a pruebas.[42][43][44]

  • Las guerras de gremios y de nodos pueden declararse en cualquier momento, pero los objetivos sólo aparecerán durante el horario de máxima audiencia.[45]


Goblins attacking a Pueblo (escenario 4) node due to a triggered event.[46][47]

Enemies can only really grow stronger as the node grows, becoming outposts essentially for exiled or rivals of the existing order.[48]Steven Sharif

There will be local, regional, or global (server-wide) announcements/notifications of important events.[48][49]

Event notifications will utilize different methods depending on the stage (scope and level) of the event.[48]

  • Local events
    • Local events (such as caravan PvP)[53][54][55] may prompt players via the UI asking if they wish to participate or not.[48]
    • Other local events may offer audible or visual cues without any UI notifications.[48]
    • Local events that have not been addressed may start to expand regionally or even globally.[48]
One important thing to note about events in general is notifications are sent to the players. Players can opt into these events in a similar way that you would into a quest. You're going to be presented with a 'would you like to participate' but they might not always be that way. You might hear trees falling in the forest and that may be an audio cue to tell you something's happening over there. It's out of the ordinary. This is not normally an audio cue that I hear in this area and i'm gonna go investigate that thing. So it might not just be always that UI window represented with a 'participate or not' but I'm going to go investigate and in that sense it could be stage driven. So you might have the more local stage where it is just the visual or audio cues and you get to go participate in that stage; and then when it advances, or if you don't answer the problem in time, then it starts to expand regionally and then it might send out particular notifications to either citizens of the node from which it falls under its purview or even broader than that. It could be global driven events and then it could have things that are are visual cues that are really big like a giant blizzard that's affecting the zone, because the event hasn't been addressed; and that can affect the crop rotations or it can affect passages and roads and how caravans move. There's a lot that the predicate system informs to the event system and then the event system reacts to those types of predicates.[48]Steven Sharif
Whether it be like a siege or a triggered event against a city or like a unique dungeon opportunity... those types of things are going to involve notifications. Especially to the citizens of the city; where you'll be informed of an impending event. Basically it will give you time.[52]Steven Sharif
  • Regional or global events
    • Wider events may be broadcast regionally or even globally.[48][49]

Siege alliances

When a siege begins, temporary alliances are formed among attackers and defenders.[58]

  • For node sieges, citizens of the node or provincial nodes being attacked are automatically registered as defenders.[31]
  • There are many reasons to participate as an ally in the attack or defence of other nodes.[59]
    • Titles.
    • Items.
    • Materials.
    • Money.
    • Social bonds.

Many incentives exist that can benefit your node and yourself personally by participating in the attack or defense of cities. These range from titles, to items, to materials, to money. Additionally, aiding others may help you strengthen bonds when your assets are threatened.[59]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation podrá tener contenido específico que gire entonrno a las alianzas.[60]

  • Rutas de progresión para alianzas.[60]
  • Servicios comunes compartidos de Clanes entre miembros de una alianza.[60]
  • Las alianzas pueden cambiar sus relaciones con los nodos.[60]

Content that revolves around alliances specifically and progression within the development of that alliance; and the ability to share some common services between guilds that are part of that alliance. I think that additionally allowing alliances to toggle certain relationships with nodes as an interaction is beneficial. That's going to provide an interesting dynamic for players who are either members of the particular node that has the relationship established or members of the Alliance. So I think that obviously building systems is is about creating the channels by which these players can form bonds and the more layers you have around those channels of bonding between the different guilds or players, the more sustainable that relationship.[60]Steven Sharif

Siege participation

Non-registered combatants are not permitted on the siege field in castle or node sieges.[61]

  • Players may choose to respawn at their HQ as long as they are registered.[64][67]
    • Non-registered guilds are not granted the ability to take ownership of the castle if victorious.[64]

Lower level characters will have usefulness in mass combat that does not depend on their level, such as manning siege weapons, helping repair fortifications, bringing proximity-based buffs to key positions, using stealth or scaling walls. These types of things are relevant to the tide of battle and do not require the player to be max-level or have high combat stats.[69]

Siege mechanics

A siege occurs over several phases.[70]

  • Certain siege mechanics may be gated for specific size groups during sieges.[71]
  • There will not be a deserter debuff for leaving a siege before it is complete.[72]
  • More will be revealed in an upcoming blog entry.[70]

Siege weapons

Trebuchet siege weapon in Alpha-1 castle sieges preview.[73]

It wouldn’t be a castle siege without siege weapons. These are massive machines of war that enable attackers to bring down the walls, and defenders to keep their keep safe. Crafters can bring their own powerful schematics to the battlefield, or you can order baseline siege weapons from your friendly neighborhood siege master NPC. The Castle’s defenders will be able to deploy their own defensive weapons and turrets based on how well they maintained and defended their own Nodes. The sky will be illuminated with fire and fury.[74]

Siege weapons and siege vehicles are able to be utilized during sieges.[76]

Part of this endeavor of sieging a player-held location (or non-player-held location) is time to prepare; and that includes gathering and crafting these mega weapons or collecting the resources: Whether it be gold or specific quest items to purchase from NPCs.[11]Steven Sharif
Anything that you want to bring into existence in the world is going to be built by players: Whether that is Naves, Siege engines, Armas, Armadura, etc.[79]Jeffrey Bard

Siege PvP

Sieges don't use the PvP flagging system.[80]

Death penalties do not apply to objective-based events (such as caravans, guild wars, and node sieges).[5]

Siege NPCs

Siege NPCs, NPC guards, and mercenary NPCs serve as defense points during sieges and other events.[81][82]

  • Only combat NPCs are killable during a siege. Non-combat NPCs, such as merchants, will despawn and will respawn if the siege is unsuccessful.[81][83]

PNJs mercenarios

Los PNJs mercenarios pueden contratarse para participara en situaciones basadas en objetivos.[85][14][86]

  • Hay varios niveles de PNJs mercenarios que se desbloquean en función de la inversión hecha en su progresión. Los niveles más altos de PNJs mercenarios se conocen como héroes.[87][56][85][14]
  • Los jugadores pueden asignar PNJs mercenarios, pero no los controlarán, de la misma manera que las mascotas.[86]
There are mercenary NPCs that can be assigned to players. We've discussed about that before and those will follow generically... a pet system even adopted majority of the pet system with the added bonus of objective based points of interest that you can assign them to. But we don't want to inundate the field with these mercenaries they'll be few and far between. They'll be assigned specifically like let's say for example as the mayor of a node during a siege you'll be able to assign these two specific players that are citizens within your node and then they'll have those they'll spawn during the during the node siege; or vice versa and the castle siege guild leaders can assign mercenaries that are available based on the progress of those subsidiary nodes around the castle siege whether or not you have those available to your defense or your attack.[86]Steven Sharif


Dragones are epic flying mounts with strong battle abilities, such as AoE breath attacks, swooping flyby attacks, and others.[88][89]

The dragon will have a lot of capability in PvP. It's primarily its purpose, because as it relates to Castles and the sieges they're in, or Nodes and the sieges they're in. We want dragons to have large scale ramifications against player raids.[89]Steven Sharif

Siege instances

There may be instanced locations within otherwise open-world castle and node sieges, where specific groups can participate in small, short duration objective-based battles that will affect the overall outcome of the siege.[7]

What we were talking about was how during castle sieges or node sieges, you're going to have certain instanced locations where it's only going to be a group that's designated to participate versus another group while the siege is happening. And I know in the past we talked about well how do you plan to incorporate these more objective-based waypoints as part of these larger events; and say that not only is it going to be a complement of numbers or in the overall grand battle perspective, but there's also going to be opportunities for smaller more niche groups to participate in more focused objective capturing. And a part of that is going to be small very short, ten minute long instanced battles where groups can go and participate against other groups that are defender versus attacker; and the outcome of which will influence certain aspects of the overall battle while that's still occurring in the background.[7]Steven Sharif

Siege objectives

Each node has a number of districts, depending on its stage.[70]

  • Districts are taken by defeating a "raid boss" guard NPC in that district.[70]
  • If attackers take over a district, they gain that district as a respawn location.[70]
  • Attackers can kill the quartermasters to increase the respawn times of the defenders while reducing their own respawn times.[90][70]

Defenders can assault the outposts of the attackers to hinder them.[70]

  • Destroying the headquarters of the attacking army is a victory condition for the defenders.[90][91]

Attackers may not be capable of deleveling a node. Instead they may carry out precision attacks to disable specific service-oriented buildings within the node. These buildings can be targeted with siege weapons and bombs.[92]

As the attackers are sieging a city they have obviously a win condition- a win objective- but additionally there can be casualties from a structural standpoint during that process. So let's say if the... attackers were to not succeed in completely destroying the node they could still affect damage across multiple types of buildings that are present within the node, which disables services for that those citizens and also will require some type of reconstruction effort on behalf of the citizens.[93]Steven Sharif

Completing a siege

A node siege will last for up to two hours.[70]

  • Defenders will be required to hold a central point in the node for the duration of the siege or they must destroy the hedquarters of the attacking army.[90][38]
  • Attackers will need to gain access to the node then reach a central point where they must channel a 5 minute cast on the defender's flag. This cast can not be interrupted by CC but can be interrupted through death of the caster.[90][38]

If the node survives, there will be a cooldown before the node can be sieged again:

If the node still exists after the siege has ended, citizens will need to obtain the resources needed to rebuild any damaged infrastructure.[92]

Destrucción de nodos

Nodes can be destroyed starting at Level 3 - Village Stage, and are destroyed through sieges. Sieges are started via an item which is acquired through a quest that scales in difficulty with respect to the level of the Node which is being targeted for the siege. Once the item is brought to the Node and is activated, the declaration period begins and a countdown is initiated for players in the region to see. This countdown runs for a number of days equal to the level of the Node being sieged. Once the countdown is complete, the siege begins. There is a cooldown between sieges, and players must wait a certain amount of time after an unsuccessful siege before a new siege can be declared. The higher the Node level, the longer the cooldown between sieges. If a siege is successful, then the Node is brought down to Level 0, and anyone who was a citizen of that Node is no longer a citizen.[2]Margaret Krohn

Los nodos pueden ser destruidos apartir del nivel de Aldea (escenario 3) después de un asedio exitoso contra ese nodo.[2]

  • Después de que un nodo haya sido destruído, los restos del nodo entrarán en un "estado" de ruinas y pasará a ser una zona de pvp abierta durante tantos días como el nivel del nodo destruído. Estas ruinas serán una zona de escombros con tesoros que los jugadores que entren en el área pueden saquear.[94][95][96][37][97]
    • Anteriormente se había dicho que los atacantes que participaran en el asedio tendrían derechos de saqueo exclusivo durante un tiempo después de que el nodo fuera destruido.[98] Any loot remaining after this period will be open for anyone to loot.[98]
    • Después de número de días igual al nivel del nodo destruído, este regresará a la fase de stage 0 (wilderness) y cualquier cambio que hubiera sufrido el terreno volverá a su estado original.[94][99][100]

Escenarios destructibles

En Ashes of Creation, los escenarios destructibles son un elemento central de la interacción de los jugadores con el mundo.[105][106]

We want destruction to be a very core element of how players make their way through the world.[106]Steven Sharif

Habrá formas de reparar estructuras destructibles (como muros y puertas) también de reparar (o volver a fabricar) armas de asedio dañadas durante los asedios.[107]

Destrucción de edificios de nodo

Destructible castle.[108]

You could be more precision oriented in the decision to attack a city. Let's say it's a rival node that's trying to reach a node stage five or something and you want to disable their ability for the religious system to progress so you target the temple during the attack, or you want to disable their scholars academy from reaching a higher level so that your nodes can; or you want to disable multiple buildings that allow for experience and quests to be undertaken by its citizenship, which prevents them from keeping up in pace of experience gained with your node. These can be more precision oriented and don't have to effectualize an actual takeover of the node.[109]Steven Sharif

Los edificios de nodo (incluyendolas casas de los jugadores) tienen puntos de golpe y pueden ser dañados o destruidos de diferentes formas.[105][96]

Si un edificio sufre más de, aproximadamente, un 25% de daño, cualquier PNJ o servicio ofrecido por ese edificio no estará disponible hasta que el edificio haya sido reparado.[96]

  • Los jugadores deben reparar los edificios dañados (o reconstruir los destruidos) para reactivar los servicios de esos edificios en particular.[105][96][92]
    • Los ciudadanos necesitarán obtener los recursos necesarios para reparar y reconstruir las infraestructuras dañadas.[96][92]
    • Los edificios más avanzados requerirán más recursos para ser reparados. Es probable que losalojamientos dentro del nodo requieran una menor cantidad de recursos para su reparación.[111]

Los edificios que sufren daños significativos se destruyen y aparecen como escombros en el terreno que ocupaban.[105]

  • El gobierno del nodo debe limpiar cualquier escombro de las parcelas antes de poder reconstruir cualquier edificio. Cualquier requisito previo para la construcción del edificio debe cumplirse de antemano.[105]
    Buildings also live within a prerequisite system. So in order to build down the tech tree of what these buildings provide, as the node grows larger to access stronger building types, you may get a kink in that chain if it's destroyed and you'll have to stand that back up in order to support the service again.[105]Steven Sharif
  • Si el nodo es destruido por un asedio, el campo de escombros que quede contendrá botín que los vencedores del asedio podrán saquear.[95][96][37][97]

Impacto en las viviendas de los jugadores

El diseño de las viviendas de los jugadores así como las decoraciones son guardados y se pueden volver a colocar de nuevo si la vivienda es destruída durante el asedio al nodo.[113][114]

  • Los planos se envían por correo al jugador para emplearlos en el futuro en una nueva localización.[2]
  • Las parcelas destruídas pueden perder materiales.[2]
  • Los certificados servirán de seguimiento de los principales hitos (por ejemplo Hornos y Haciendas).[113][114]
  • Una posible idea de diseño es que, artículos como los muebles se coloquen en cajas a las que se puede acceder desde el interior de la nueva vivienda.[115]

Impacto en los alojamientos persistentes

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Después de un asedio a un nodo, el alojamiento persistente se verá reducido o destruído dependiendo del avance del nodo.[113]

  • Si la vivienda fue comprada en una fase superior que la del nodo actual se destruirá; de lo contrario la vivienda se verá reducida.

Impacto en apartamentos

Los apartamentos pueden ser destruídos bajo las siguientes circunstancias:[113]

  • Si el alcalde decide destruír edificios de apartamentos, todos los objetos y diseños se mandarán por correo al propietario.[116]
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Impacto en parcelas

Las parcelas podrán ser atacadas por cualquier jugador[117] durante las dos horas siguientes [2] de un asedio satisfactoruio contra su nodo madre.[118]

  • Los jugadores y sus aliados podrán defender su parcela durante este período de tiempo.[118]
  • Diferentes estructuras y guardiass se pueden conseguir para defender la parcela durante este tiempo.[118]

Después del período de dos horas de combate abierto después de un asedio a un nodo satisfactorio, cualquier parcela que quede permanecerá durante un perído de gracia de apenas una semana donde otro nodo puede tomas posesión de la zona de influencia de la parcela.[117][2]

  • El propietario de la parcela deberá iniciar una misión para que su parcela sea adoptada por un nuevo nodo si es que existe.[117]
  • Al terminar el período de gracia, si la parcela no está dentro de la zona de influencia de un nodo en fase 3 (Aldea) o superior, será destruído.[119]
  • Los jugadores que se han registrado como defensores de su nodo no pueden saquear sus propias parcelas destruídas.[120]

If a siege is successful, then the Node is brought down to Level 0, and anyone who was a citizen of that Node is no longer a citizen. Freeholds within the Zone of Influence are subject to a period of vulnerability. These Freeholds can be destroyed by other players during a period of roughly 2 hours after a successful siege. Destroyed Freeholds are subject to material loss, and blueprints for them are mailed to the player to utilize for future placement in order to allow the player to keep their Freehold’s layout and structure. Once the vulnerability period is complete, any remaining Freeholds will exist under a grace period for roughly 1 week where another Node may take over the Zone of Influence of the Freehold.[2]Margaret Krohn

Reconstrucción del nodo

Un nodo que ha sido destruído por un asedio exitoso se puede desarrollar de forma diferente en función de las siguientes influencias:[121][122]

Node politics

No habrá mecánicas relacionadas con guerras civiles en los nodos, pero si que habrá margen para conflictos internos; como puedan ser socavar el liderazgo del actual gobierno o interrumpir las rutas comerciales.[123]

We want consequences to matter and if that person got elected then you need to work within the means of the mechanics to get them unelected.[124]Steven Sharif

Impact of monsters and world bosses

Monster coin events (Bosses) cannot destroy or delevel nodes.[125] They can disable certain buildings, services and NPCs within a node.[126][127] Asedios de nodos are the chief mechanic for destroying nodes.[125]

For example, if the service building that got disabled was a blacksmith's building that housed a workbench, which was the only workbench in the region capable of crafting a t5 (or tier 5), or high-tier quality equipment, then of course that would have ramifications economically, as those pieces of equipment that are already readily available would raise in prices; and because there would be a issue within the supply chain of those items being introduced into the economy, you would potentially have some supply and demand changes economically and that could span regions: that could be global even.[130]Steven Sharif

Impact on player stalls

Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying a player stall.[131]

Player stalls may not be renewed during a siege declaration.[131]

Node atrophy (deleveling)

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Los nodos acumulan cada día un déficit de experiencia basado en el niveld el nodo, llamado atrofia del nodo. The deficit is subtracted from any experience earned that day. Si queda algún déficit, se resta del reserva de experiencia del nodo.[2]

  • Un diseño anterior consistía en que los nodos podían bajar de nivel en función de la atrofia acumulada.[132][2]
There are intrinsic problems with reducing a nodes level as opposed to removing the node and it may be possible I'm just gonna say now that we don't actually atrophy nodes to delevel but rather accrue atrophy points that must be replenished over time; and if not it begins to disable services and further compound the atrophy problem; at which point when it reaches a certain atrophy point then the node would just disappear.[132]Steven Sharif

Habilidades de asedio

Las invocaciones de grupo son activadas por un líder de grupo con esa habilidad en su kit de clase junto con componentes adicionales de otras clases que formen parte del grupo.[134]

info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.

Hasta ocho jugadores con el mismo arquetipo primario pueden unirse para crear invocaciones de asedio durante un asedio.[135]

These are the types of systems that we want to put in place where groups of a single primary archetype can come together to summon these types of effects that play off of what the identity of that archetype is.[135]Steven Sharif


Summoners can collaborate together during sieges to summon larger creatures, such as Golems.[136][137][138]

We do have the concept of siege summons being a thing with multiple summoners being required in order to create that siege summon. In those situations your character becomes the summon. So you don't have an AI that takes over your previous character but instead the recipient of those additional spell effects becomes the actual summon itself.[136]Steven Sharif
  • The target of the group summon becomes the summon itself.[136][138]
    • Previously it was stated that the party-leader becomes the summon.[137]
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.
  • A siege summon will have an incremental size based on the number of summoners participating in that summon activity, with a maximum of eight.[139]
  • The number of summoners participating in the summon will determine its overall size.[139]
  • All summoners must be in the same party and the party leader must be a summoner.[137]
    • The party leader initiates the summon and then takes control of it.[137]
    • Once summoned, the party leader cannot be changed.[137]
    • If the party disbands, the summon ends. There will be a grace period to handle disconnects.[137]
    • The party may also contain non-Summoners.[137]


info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.
If eight Tank archetypes each use one of their summon wall abilities it might construct a larger wall that can divide two raids in a moment; and would require damage and block skills and abilities for a momentary lapse of battle between those two raids.[135]Steven Sharif

Guerra de nodos

El gobernante del nodo puede declarar la guerra a otro nodo e involucrar a los ciudadanos en la causa.[141]

  • Esto marca a los ciudadanos de los nodos en guerra, incluyendo a sus aliados, como combatientes.[142]
  • Un nodo vasallo no puede declarar la guerra a su nodo madre o a cualquiera de sus vasallos.[143]
  • Las guerras entre nodos se podrán declarar en cualquier momento, pero los objetivos solamente aparecerán durante el "prime.time del servidor".[45]
    • Los jugadores podrán matarse unos a otros en cualquier momento durante la guerra (no solo durante el prime-time del servidor).[45]
We have conditions that you can set between nodes with regards to either nodes being friendly with each other and acting trade alliances, or they can declare war on nodes similar to how guild wars may function in different games, where those citizens become hostile to each other based on the player government that's elected in the particular node. So those systems all cater to allowing a conflict that's meaningful and that also provides a non-imbalanced relationship between stronger guilds and not as strong guilds.[144]Steven Sharif


For every play, there should be a counterplay. We often see Castle Sieges turn into zerg-fests, which really doesn’t capture the epic, back-and-forth battles we wish to see in Ashes of Creation. One of our key pillars is that Choice Matters[145], and that applies to tactics and strategy as well. A well-formulated battle plan should win out over stat sheets and bodies. Zergs will generally be difficult to pull off, and will be eminently counterable through siege weapons, traps, and other battlefield tricks.[74]

Los Zergs están fortalecidas por el viaje rápido. Los tiempos de viajes tan signficativos evita que el juego de zerg sea una gran influencia.[146]

Los encuentros se diseñan para tener significado en términos de jefes, habilidades y la aptitud relacionada con las composiciones, tácticas y estrategias del grupo. El Zerging no experimenta este contenido.[147] Hay diferentes maneras de hacer que una pelea sea más difícil para que grupos más grandes, sin depender únicamente de los potenciadores de estadísticas o hacer que el jefe sea una "esponja de daño".[148]

  • Los jefes de raids y mazmorras tienen mecánicas y habilidades específicas que los jugadores deben aprender y reaccionar.[148] Los Zergs que no sean conscientes de estas mecánicas o que no reaccionen a ellas como es debido, serán eliminados.[147]
  • Puede haber peligros ambientales y efectos de AoE que causen más daño según la cantidad de jugadores presentes.[148]
  • Hay un toma y daca para los gremios que quieren ver una mayor cantidad de miembros en lugar de un grupo más reducido y enfocado que puede ser parte de una alianza.[149]

We're very cognizant of the fact that we don't want to see zerging be a mechanic that's utilized by guilds to accomplish content or just to steamroll over sieges... There are specific mechanics that we are working on that will be seen through the testing phases that relate to a degree of understanding of certain systems that can't just be overrun with numbers.[149]Steven Sharif

Las mecánicas que fomentan la intriga política desempeñarán un papel en la desestabilización de los zergs.[150]

The best way that I found in games I played previously to take down a zerg is to cause drama from within... It's that conflict inside of the politicking that happens in that big organization. If we provide opportunities for division to occur then it also provides stability to keep a server healthy away from that zerg mentality also... If we approach the castle siege and we've destroyed the walls and we're in the throne room and we're about to cast on the penultimate thing and I at this time am just so excited from what's happening that I'm like "screw it I'm gonna go for it". It's gonna be mine. I'm gonna take the taxes for the next month. I'm gonna take all the gear from the castle. I'm gonna take everything... We want that political intrigue to be present in the game.[150]Steven Sharif

El juego basado en objetivos ayuda a equilibrar la mentalidad de zerg.[151]

I always feel that if you balance based on groups that in your balance focus is to incorporate features that play well from a player versus player perspective as well as a player versus environment perspective: Having support classes, having DPS and tanks that can obstruct movement and/or create bottlenecks on the field and stuff like that. I think a well-rounded raid it will perform better against a non well-rounded raid, however then you incorporate the second aspect of numbers; and that's where again mobility, organization, leadership tactics. Having objectives in gameplay that make those important helps to balance the zerg mentality that a lot of guilds can tend to have.[151]Steven Sharif

Las zonas instanciadas no juegan un papel importante en la limitación de zergs, debido a que el 80% del contenido en Ashes of Creation es mundo abierto.[7]

  • Puede haber zonas instanciadas dentro de asedios a castillos y nodos donde grupos en particular pueden participar en ciertos puntos de referencia basados en objetivos.[7]

Zerging is always a problem in a lot of these MMORPGs where you really can't control the number of participants in certain open-world systems; and in that sense instancing is a great tool that designers can sometimes use to curate a particular number of participants that you want. But the predominant amount of content within Ashes of Creation, over 80% of which is is open-world content, so instancing is very limited.[7]Steven Sharif


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