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Razas, Clases
Razas, Clases
Nodos, Economía
Nodos, Economía
Incursiones, Gremios, Combate
Incursiones, Gremios, Combate
Engranajes, vivienda, montajes
Engranajes, vivienda, montajes
PvP, Batallas, Caravanas
PvP, Batallas, Caravanas

Ashes of Creation Wiki apunta a capturar el conocimiento confirmado preciso sobre Cenizas de la creación. Las páginas de 8383 en este wiki se mantienen actualizadas cada día con la información más reciente de Intrepid Studios. Todos pueden contribuir a este wiki.

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Tabla de contenido

Ashes of Creation


Información relevante para el desarrollo continuo de las cenizas de la creación.

Historia interesante y envolvente.

Topics that reflect the past and the present of Verra.

Mundo reactivo

Topics that describe how the world of Verra evolves based on player activity.

Ashes of Creation will be a living, breathing, reactive world. Your actions will shape the Zones of Influence, leveling Nodes to form massive Cities, and create the story of the world that everyone experiences.[3]Margaret Krohn

Interacción del jugador

Game systems and mechanics that foster player interaction.

We decided to focus on mechanics that bring the idea of community to the forefront. To get people to interact with each other meaningfully – not just to conquer a raid boss, or to get some coin from a faceless auction house, but to maybe save a city. A city that all the local residents had a stake in. A city that the players had spent weeks or months developing; the defense of that city, the attack on that city! Or building a world together as a community choosing our own fate with our friends. We believe that’s going to be a story far more memorable and far more meaningful to players than just about anything we can come up with.[7]

Agencia de jugadores

Systems that grow and shape player experiences in the game.

We will have a lot of content that is available, but those will be behind doors that are accessible through agency on behalf of the community. In a traditional sense, no we are not a theme-park, however we will probably have more content than a theme-park does, traditionally. Just because, in order for those choices to be meaningful, there must be meaningful content behind the door you choose.[8]Steven Sharif

Riesgo versus recompensa

Activities that reward daring adventurers and foster meaningful conflict.

The risk versus reward relationship, when, say for instance, you've dedicated time towards building a node and other players have dedicated that equivalent time towards sieging the node, there's going to be a pitched battle between those players... They spend that time doing this because they care passionately about having access to that content.[10]Steven Sharif


Welcome to the Ashes of Creation Wiki. The goal of this video is to introduce new editors to the wiki as well as provide background information for existing wiki users.

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