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Razas, Clases
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Nodos, Economía
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Incursiones, Gremios, Combate
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Engranajes, vivienda, montajes
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PvP, Batallas, Caravanas

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Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation (AoC) is an upcoming MMORPG, set in a high fantasy open world.[1] Credito de imagen: Intrepid Studios.

Wiki is a great source.[2]Steven Sharif

Información relevante del proceso actual de desarollo de Ashes of Creation.

Historia interesante y envolvente.

Aspectos que reflejan el pasado y el presente de Verra.

Mundo reactivo

Puntos que describen cómo evoluciona el mundo de Verra según la actividad del jugador.

Ashes of Creation will be a living, breathing, reactive world. Your actions will shape the Zones of Influence, leveling Nodes to form massive Cities, and create the story of the world that everyone experiences.[5]Margaret Krohn

Interacción del jugador

Sistemas de juego y mecánicas que fomentan la interacción del jugador.

Decidimos centrarnos en la mecánica que pone en primer plano la idea de comunidad. Para que las personas interactúen entre sí de manera significativa, no solo para conquistar a un jefe de incursión, o para obtener una moneda de una casa de subastas sin rostro, sino para salvar una ciudad. Una ciudad en la que todos los residentes locales tenían una participación. Una ciudad que los jugadores habían pasado semanas o meses desarrollando; ¡La defensa de esa ciudad, el ataque a esa ciudad! O construir un mundo juntos como comunidad eligiendo nuestro propio destino con nuestros amigos. Creemos que será una historia mucho más memorable y mucho más significativa para los jugadores que cualquier cosa que se nos ocurra.[9]

Impacto de los jugadores

Son los sistemas que evolucionan y dan forma a las experiencias de los jugadores en el juego.

We will have a lot of content that is available, but those will be behind doors that are accessible through agency on behalf of the community. In a traditional sense, no we are not a theme-park, however we will probably have more content than a theme-park does, traditionally. Just because, in order for those choices to be meaningful, there must be meaningful content behind the door you choose.[11]Steven Sharif

Riesgo versus recompensa

Pre-alpha arenas.[12]

Risk is a healthy thing. Risk makes us value reward. Without risk we would not pursue certain achievements, because anybody could achieve them. Risk makes us have a sense of thrill, or have some sense of anxiety; and those are all emotional responses that get elicited when risk is present. So, risk isn't a bad thing. We like risk, not just in PvP but in PvE as well: when you can't always predict the environment or encounter you are part of, risk is something like 'Ah, I've never seen this boss do that before.' or these adds came at an ill-placed time, there's a trap here that I didn't experience before. There's a lot of elements that risk introduces that keep gameplay less stale; that keep it more dynamic; that introduce environments where the unexpected can occur. That is a good thing.[13]Steven Sharif

Actividades que premian a los aventureros osados y que fomentan conflictos significativos.

The risk versus reward relationship, when, say for instance, you've dedicated time towards building a node and other players have dedicated that equivalent time towards sieging the node, there's going to be a pitched battle between those players... They spend that time doing this because they care passionately about having access to that content.[14]Steven Sharif


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