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Social animations

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There are interactive social animations and emotes.[5]

Some animations will be agreed-upon emotes that you can initiate with other characters.[7]

Alpha-1 emotes

Social animations and emotes available during Alpha-1 testing.[8]


Ashes of Creation Apocalypse emotes

Founder's dance

The Founder's dance is a backer goal reward from the El verano de la financiación campaign.[9]

  • All backers receive the Phoenix Polka and celebrate with your fellow backers.

Chat emoji

Emoji agrega un toque adicional ya sea para el chat o la representación de personajes.[10] Los paquetes Emoji estaban disponibles en las campañas de Kickstarter y El verano de la financiación en el nivel Explorer y superiores.[10]

Habrá emoji de rol como tirar dados.[11]

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