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Alpha-2 commissions board user interface at the Miraleth node.[1]

This is a commission board. Every mode has many different commission boards depending on what service buildings are installed there; and commissions are basically these teeny tiny little single objective quests that are like appetizers or quick little digestible things to help you get out into the world and start progressing both your character and your node contribution.[1]Skott B

Commissions (previously called Tasks) are simple types of system-generated quests with singular objectives that enable characters and nodes to gain XP.[1][3][4][5][6][7][8]

  • Commissions are posted on commission boards, which refresh approximately every 30 minutes (subject to change based on Alpha-2 testing). Everybody in the node can access these commissions.[9][1]
    • Commissions are assigned rarities, which scale the rewards for their completion. More developed nodes will offer rarer commissions.[1]
The rewards basically grow quite a lot depending on the rarity of the commission that gets dealt; and these get dealt for everybody... You can improve your chances of getting rare commissions for your node depending on how you develop your node.[1]Skott B
  • Commissions respond to (and can influence) different conditions in the world, such as weather, time of day, story arcs, and events. Commissions will attempt to lead players into areas where relevant content can be found.[9]
Every 30 minutes or so the board will refresh. The server will query a bunch of different information about the world; and this is from ranging from story arcs that are active, story arcs that have been completed, weather, time of day- a whole bunch of different range of factors. The board will attempt to deliver commissions that are relevant to these areas and they will try to lead you into areas where more content can be found.[9]Tyler Carroll
Mayoral commissions are specifically chosen by the mayor, which is similar to the regular commission system, but that system is more system generated.[5]Chris Justo

List of commissions/tasks

info-orange.pngEsta sección contiene información de las pruebas Alpha-1. Se actualizará cuando haya nueva información disponible.
Quest Location Quest giver XP reward Steps
Breach Bark And Bite Miraleth
Ponder Spire Pond Miraleth
Recover Stolen Supplies Miraleth
Rest Well, Furry Friend Miraleth
Rubblemaking Miraleth
Scatter The Horde Miraleth 800
Snuff The Ritual Fires Miraleth
Task: Perimeter Patrols Zona de inicio del Alpha-1 Lieutenant Griori 1,700 4
Task: Predator or Prey? Zona de inicio del Alpha-1 Lieutenant Griori 1,700 2
The Oakenbane Overlook Miraleth 1,500

Mayoral commissions

Alpha-2 Mayoral commissions.[10][11]

Mayoral commissions serve as a strategic decision base for the mayor. What issues am I facing? What issues do I believe I will face? How is this aligning with my strategy? And then how will my citizens help me help participate in accomplishing these goals so that I'm best set strategically for what I intend to do with those commissions?[12]Steven Sharif

Mayoral commissions are simple types of quests with singular objectives that are able to be initiated by mayors.[10][11][13]

  • There will be a cap to the number of commissions that can be accepted by a single player.[5]
  • Mayoral commissions can be conducted by both citizens and non-citizens, but only citizen contribution will generate mandates for the node.[5][11]
Q: Is participation always going to be greater for larger nodes by default, or can a small node with close to 100 participation still greatly benefit from them?
A: That's gonna come down to what commissions the mayor is initiating. Level three nodes aren't going to be initiating mayoral commissions that require thousands of players to participate, because they don't have access to those; where Metropolises that have a huge citizenship base will get access to those kinds of commissions. So the rewards will be proportionate to the node level and the expected amount of citizens.[14]Chris Justo


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