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Alpha-0 Underrealm environment.[1]

One of the aspects of the Lore behind the Tulnar was that in the pantheon of gods that exist- having foretold the future through the Goddess of Fate to the Goddess of Creation- these areas in the Underrealm were created in to allow for refuge for which the gods knew would be left behind that couldn't make it to Sanctus. So that was a pre-thought there in the creation of the Underrealm to facilitate that realm where refugees could seek.[2]Steven Sharif

Alpha-0 Underrealm Sharptooth cat mob concept art.[1]

We plan to have the Underrealm really pervasive throughout the game itself, a part of the open world. It will introduce some unique elements such as the type of monsters you see, the type of crops you can grow and houses you can have.[3]Steven Sharif

The Underrealm is a rich environment where bio-luminescence abounds in the fauna and flora that exist here. These deep caverns and underground valleys provide new destinations for civilization to develop. Bringing the node system into the depths of the world may awaken darker creatures than the surface.[4]

  • The Underrealm is estimated to be 100 km2 in area.[5]
    • The underrealm is not contiguous across the entire map. There will be areas that are obstructed by chasms or other features.[6]
    • The location of Underrealm entrances throughout the world is focused around natural geographic choke-points that exist above ground. This provides alternate subterranean routes that can be used by caravans, raids, and other player activities.[6]
    • Not all entrances to the Underrealm will be open at the same time. This can shift dynamically (based on node states) that cause different routes to open up, which may be more or less advantageous than other routes.[6]

The expansiveness of the Underrealm itself is quite large. It does persist across across a lot of the playable game area that's above ground. So there are alternatives in the Underrealm for passages and traversal throughout the world.[7]Steven Sharif

We've also talked about node states affecting what openings are open and what things are closed. So not all entrances to the Underrealm will be open at the same time. So that configuration can shift and different routes will open up and be more advantageous than other routes.[6]Jeffrey Bard

Underrealm environment

Alpha-0 Underrealm environment.[1]

Underrealm environments are vast.[8]

  • Caravanas should be able to operate as they do above ground.[8]
  • If there's insufficient room for Dragones, another mount type may be utilized.[8]
  • Burrowing mounts are being considered as an alternative to flying mounts in the Underrealm.[9]

One of the important aspects of color play is going to be the distinguishing factor between different Underrealms and the regions that exist in the world: Their color influences set them apart from different regions.[10]Steven Sharif

Seasons above ground will affect the Underrealm.[8]

  • This will not be a one-to-one correlation: for example, it won't snow in the Underrealm.
  • Tunnel flooding and other effects will be related to the weather above ground.

The seasons above ground will kind of inform what happens underneath. I mean, it's not going to be a direct one-to-one correlation right, not like it's going to be raining in the underworld, but you will see the effects from above happen down below: You might find tunnels being flooded.[8]Jeffrey Bard

Underrealm resources

Recursos will be different in the Underrealm.[8]

  • This will affect Farming and Animal husbandry professions.
  • Since players may only have one Freehold, they must choose their Artisan specializations accordingly if they wish to place it in the Underrealm.

Underrealm nodes

Underrealm nodes and nodes directly above them are considered adjacent but do not exist in the same ZOI.[11][12][13]

  • There will be "bleed over" between underrealm nodes and surface nodes in terms of influence and interaction.[12]
    • There may be visual queues above ground that indicate influence from underrealm nodes in that area.[12]

That might be a little bit of a departure from our design in the past. I know originally you know like two-plus years ago we were discussing how those would be independent of each other, but I think as we further defined the layout of the world map itself you know it made more sense for those to have some interaction and influence that's combined.[12]Steven Sharif


Alpha-1 early preview roading.[17]

Our road system in-game is essentially driven by pre-placed routes that lead to this main artery of what was once the ancient highway system of Verra; and from there there are roads that become exposed when nodes advance; and we call those veins. They come off the main artery and then as nodes advance there are points of interest as Jeff was discussing earlier. These POIs that exist around the world and some of them share coverage with multiple nodes, but depending on which node advances to the stage that activates the point of interest it'll create these capillary roads so to speak that then stem off of the node itself. So you go from the main artery ancient road that's large- that kind of runs through different zones and whatnot- and that breaks down into the veins that lead to the specific encampments and villages and towns that then spawn off separate capillaries that lead to the points of interest in these areas that are hunting grounds. Those are not exposed initially and they come online as players advance the world.[18]Steven Sharif

Roads in Verra are both pre-generated and player influenced.[18]

  • The largest roads are referred to as arteries. These are remnants of what was once the ancient highway system of Verra.[18]
  • As nodes advance smaller roads, referred to as veins, connect the arteries to the nodes.[18]
    • Roads will upgrade as nodes advance. Different roads will dictate the speed and type of caravan required (off road vs on road).[19]
  • Depending on the stages of node advancement, capillary roads will stem off the node to connect to points of interest.[18]
  • Roads or pathways are not worn into the landscape by repeated traffic over the same area.[18]

Different seasons and events may affect access to various roads.[20][21][22]

  • Pathways that are open during summer may be closed during winter.[22]
  • Seasonal affects may cause obstacles or blockages to the transit of goods via caravan.[20][21][23]
    • Some events may cause specific roadways to be blocked off.[20]
    • Obstacles may present barriers on roads that players must remove to allow transit of goods.[22]
  • Water turning to ice in winter, enabling players to walk over the water but blocking access to what is underneath.[22]
    • Ice will make roads bumpy and slippery.[24]

Underrealm routes will open or close dynamically (based on node states).[6]

Arrendamientos may not be placed in close proximity to roads.[25]


Arte conceptual del Subreino.[4]

La sociedad Tulnar funciona más como un sistema de castas, donde tus características físicas y la mezcla de razas de tu linaje determinan en cierto grado tu posición en la sociedad. Así que cuando los jugadores creen su personaje y decidan si poseen influencias reptilianas, mamíferas o humanoides; deberán tener en cuenta que eso determinará la recepción que tendrán contigo ciertos NPCs, así como tus interacciones con otros jugadores Tulnar.[26]Steven Sharif

Los Tulnar son una raza jugable en Ashes of Creation.[27][28] Los Tulnar huyeron al Subreino para escapar de la corrupción que asoló Verra.[29]

  • Los Tulnar son una combinación de las cuatro grandes razas y muchas de las razas menores que se quedaron en Verra después del apocalipsis.[30][31][28]
    • Anteriormente se había mencionado que eran tres razas diferentes.[32]
  • Tulnar significa "los olvidados".[28]
  • Los Tulnar no están limitados al Subreino (no hay facciones).[33]
  • Los Tulnar comen muchas cosas![34]
  • Los Tulnar no son resultado de la corrupción.[35]

¿Fue la creación de los Tulnar un efecto de la corrupción o es sólo el resultado de la cruza entre múltiples razas mayores y menores que sobrevivieron en el Subreino después del apocalipsis? Ellos no son el resultado de la corrupción, por lo que no se tomó en cuenta ese factor durante su creación.[35]Steven Sharif

The Tulnar race will be in place before Alpha-2. Concepts and early works are expected at that time.[36]

Área de inicio Tulnar

AshesOfCreation 69.jpg

Los Tulnar tienen un área de inicio que no incluye una puerta divina.[37]

Los Tulnar tienen la opción de empezar en cualquiera de las puertas divinas. Pese a que se encuentra en el Subreino, su civilización ya ha comenzado a explorar la superficie.[38]Steven Sharif

A diferencia de las otras razas, los Tulnar no están regresando a Verra. En vez de eso, ellos regresan a la superficie desde el Subreino por primera vez en generaciones.[29]


Concept art showing the citizens of Verra escaping a besieged city through a divine gateway.[40]

In Ashes of Creation there is a primary antagonist that exists within the overarching storyline and these antagonists are The Ancients. When the Apocalypse occurred and the Harbingers arrived in on Verra and those conduits opened from the center of those Harbingers, the Ancients flowed out of these Harbingers and started really conquering the Verran planet. But more importantly their desire was to essentially manipulate and pervert the creation of the gods as an affront to their endeavors; and in doing so they created monstrosities essentially any portion of nature just was completely manipulated by their corruption, which is the negative aspect of Essence.[41]Steven Sharif

Long ago, the world of Verra was besieged by a great calamity (also called the Fall, the Apocalypse, and the Exodus), brought about by the primary antagonists of the world: The Ancients and The Others.[41][42]

  • The apocalypse began with comet-like celestial bodies called Harbingers arriving on Verra. The Ancients flowed out of the conduits that opened at the center of the Harbingers and started conquering the planet.[41]
  • Their desire was to pervert the creation of the gods (the Seven) as an affront to their endeavors; and in doing so they created monstrosities by manipulating nature with corruption, which is the negative aspect of The Essence.[41][43]

Granted by divine intervention from the Goddess of Creation[44], much of the population fled Verra through towering gateways, seeking refuge in a world void of magic.[40] The world of Sanctus.[45]

Soon after the exodus, the gateways dimmed and became dormant. Centuries turned to millennia, burying them beneath myriad calamities. Over eons, history became legend, then even the great legends were at last forgotten.[40]

The Tulnar is a combination of four major races and many minor races that were left behind on Verra after the apocalypse.[30][31][28]

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World size

480 km2 (square kilometers) is the approximate world size at launch.[48] This includes water and land content.[49]

  • Water area is considered playable area, but the exact area of land versus water is not known at this time.[50]

I don't know the exact the exact amount that is land versus water but the water is playable area as well and it's gonna have content...[50]Steven Sharif

480 square kilometers; which is pretty large comparatively to other MMORPGs out there. Now that does not include the lapped spaces: So that is the Underrealm and the portion of the world that it encompasses, which could probably easily take up an additional hundredish square kilometers I would imagine.[5]Steven Sharif

  • It is anticipated that a mounted player can traverse the entire map in a matter of hours.[51]

The Alpha One map will be many islands and mainland area, roughly 100sqkm.[56]Steven Sharif


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