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Exploración in Alpha-1.[1]

We want to put things in the world that are dynamic, so there are reasons to keep going out and keep exploring.[2]Akil Hooper

Players will be rewarded for exploring.[4][5][6]

Exploration is a huge part of the game and there are a lot of systems that are dedicated to rewarding exploration..[5]Steven Sharif
It's widespread how exploration can affect many different progression paths within the game; and it's not just about visiting an area once and never coming back, because timing matters as well.[5]Steven Sharif
It'll be easy for you to get lost in AoC. That is our goal from an exploration standpoint.[7]Steven Sharif
Q: Since travel times are important, what is there to discover that will distract you from going straight to your initial destination? What makes traveling adventurous in Verra?
A: Aside from threat and opportunity, which are probably the two biggest distractions that you can encounter while traveling through Verra- those come in different forms: Threat. in the form of monsters and events. Opportunities, in the forms of resources and POIs. There's also achievements that are based around exploration. There's treasure maps that can be found. There's a lot of different things that intersect with travel: The movement of resources. The storage of those resources. In which locations, what are available to be sold and purchased at different locations. They might make you detour for. All of those things contribute to why I would go somewhere and instead change my direction.[4]Steven Sharif

Caza de tesoros

La caza de tesoros no es "cartografía" exactamente , pero sí implica mapas que ayudan a localizar tesoros ocultos por todo el mundo.[5][10][11][12]

  • Los tesoros (y los mapas del tesoro) permitirán a los jugadores obtener beneficios económicos de la exploración.[5]
  • Cuantos más tesoros encuentre un jugador, mejores mapas podrá crear.[12]
  • Las pistas se dan a través de los rumores, la interacción con diferentes PNJs el acceso a posibles lugares de excavación.[12]
  • La búsqueda de tesoros será una "forma de vida" más que una profesión.[11]

También se pueden obtener tesoros pescando y explorando el contenido naval.[13][14]


Verran map scroll.[15]

Verra was created to house four separate... divine races and they're called divine races because the remaining seven gods imbued their characteristics within each of these different races. They didn't put all of them into one and make the same mistake. They had focuses really that these races took essentially.[16]Steven Sharif

El nombre del mundo de Ashes of Creation es Verra[17]

Continentes de Verra y sus localizaciones:

Océanos de Verra:

  • The Fortunic Ocean.[15]
  • The Umbral Sea.[15]
  • Tradewind Sea.[15]
  • The Avaric Ocean.[15]

Monumentos/Puntos de interés

200 foot tall Pyrian statues in Alpha-1.[21]

Los puntos de interés están repartidos por todo el mundo, lo que permite a los jugadores determinar su posición en el mapa.[21]

From a lore perspective these statues have been around for a long time; and they are representative of the civilizations that existed once on this world before.[21]Steven Sharif

Major visual landmarks. You can look all the way across the horizon have an idea where you're going or where to meet friends or where to meet just based on these huge landmarks in the world.[21]Mat Broome

Travel times

So why is travel important? We've talked about this in the past, the reasons why. We've all existed in games where teleportation is very easy to use and sometimes that can be a detriment because you may have activities like a caravan run that's happening and one person sees you from a certain guild and they do the raid callout to their guild "everyone open your portals and come here within a split second and we're going to just mob this group". No, well instead that opportunity doesn't exist. If you want to provoke or to gank an operation of another guild, you need to have foreknowledge. You need to prepare. You need to place your forces around that area; and that is an important aspect. In addition, it makes that travel meaningful. If you are having to spend time to move to a location, you're going to think about what can I do along the way? Why am I moving to that location? How is it more beneficial for me to be in that location versus where I am now? This is also in association with the fact that you are a citizen of a particular node and that node needs your assistance within its vicinity; and if you want to move outside of that vicinity there should be a really good reason for that and there's lots of great reasons for it.[22]Steven Sharif

Tipo de viaje Corriendo.[23] En montura.[23]
De un extremo a otro de un nodo de Metropolis (escenario 6) 2.83 minutos 1.67 minutos
Desde el centro de un nodo hasta el centro de su nodo vecino 5 minutos 3.5 minutos
De los puntos más septentrionales a los más meridionales de un continente 75 minutos 50 minutos

Historia en el servidor

El historial de cada servidor será registrado y se encontrará visible para los jugadores en la biblioteca de los nodos.[25][26]

We're gonna keep track of the history of the world so that we can tell people the story up to the current day. A player who's brand new, who's come in at the six-month mark can take a look at each server, what each server has done, how each server has tackled the storyline; and they can decide for themselves what community they want to join; what version of the world that they want to take part in.[26]Jeffrey Bard
info-orange.pngParte de la siguiente información no ha sido confirmada recientemente por los desarrolladores y es posible que no esté en la hoja de ruta de desarrollo actual.
  • Los escribas pueden recopilar y registrar información sobre los acontecimientos del mundo tal y como los han vivido y desde su punto de vista.[27]


En la fase de Aldea (escenario 3) el edificio exclusivo del nodo científico es la Biblioteca. Los jugadores pueden usar la Biblioteca para acceder a información, incluyendo (pero sin limitarse a) lo siguiente:[25]

Los registros de información en la biblioteca pueden caducar tras un periodo de tiempo (por ejemplo, una semana). Después de lo cual se requerirán nuevos informes para actualizar la información existente.[28]

You'll get that shroud of war functionality for the week after a report but if it doesn't receive a follow-up report after that expiration period then it will not be updating real time.[28]Steven Sharif

Easter eggs

Alpha-2 easter eggs

Alpha-1 easter eggs

  • Hay una referencia al sargento Landry, que ofrece misiones en el área de inicio de la isla Alpha , como un "easter egg (Huevo de Pascua) de referencia al original".[35]

Alpha-0 easter eggs

There may or may not be a pair of sandals; if found will grant you some major boon or benefit... You might need a utility skill to find them.[36][37]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse easter eggs

There is a sandal out there. We will also have prizes and achievements for finding the sandal.[38]Steven Sharif


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